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Using 2D animation videos of the highest caliber generates significant market buzz. With Prolific Studio, you can strengthen marketing efforts and drive engagement and conversions.

2D Animation Services

Prolific Studio Offering Top-Notch 2D Animation Service Near You

Each video must support your company's goals. They are in charge of the project from the beginning, and we make sure to give you all that is outstanding.

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The Process

Make smooth, skeletal activity with the Prolific Studio creators with gear, decoration, and bone creation. You can import character parts via PSD Importer in a simplistic manner from complex craftsmanship. You can also energize the characters using keyframes or even bend in the activity timetable.

2D Inverse Kinematics also known as IK improves movement via consequently computing bone positions and revolutions expected to accomplish an objective position. By automatically computing the bone locations and rotations necessary to reach a goal position, 2D Inverse Kinematics (IK) simplifies animation.


Motion Typography

With the help of our Prolific Studios digital 2D animation team, even moving text may be transformed into a genuine masterpiece. Use exceptional animation to convey your messages to your audience artistically.


Animation of Shapes

Create popular films for your company using the power of geometry. Our form animation specialists will provide original ideas to improve your marketing outcomes.


Cut-Out Technique

In cut-out hire animation, flat figures, objects, and backdrops are made from materials like paper or cloth. Use this technique to appeal to your audience with unique content.


Animated Frame by Frame

Utilize our skilled frame-by-frame hire animation designer to produce wonderful and superior videos. With high-quality content, you can enhance your marketing initiatives, boost engagement, and boost ROI.

Why Hire 2D Animators for Your Business?

Make content that may be shared. Choose the Prolific Studio, and you can turn a 2D video into a viral hit. Increase Your Marketing Activities Videos are six times more effective in marketing and advertising campaigns.

Increased Participation Engage your audience with information that is spectacular. Obtain More Clients Use the best 2D animation of the highest quality in your marketing campaigns to expand your audience and boost your performance.

Main Components

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2D Animation: Why Prolific Studio?

Professional animation artists for hire

We have more than 40 creative professionals on staff so that we can manage projects of any complexity. For your company, we can offer qualified 2D animation services because our staff members are equipped with the necessary abilities and knowledge.

Excellent Client Retention

More than 65% of our clients return to us. Our primary sources of inspiration for setting and achieving new objectives are our high retention rates and steadily expanding clientele. Hire 2D animator from reputable service for guaranteed results.

Trusted by Renowned Businesses

We are gratified that our celebrity clients, who commit their 2D reels to the Prolific Studio team, include Google, Hallmark, Bayer, and Sony. Benefit from our top-notch video 2D animation services by joining the list of our esteemed clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The characters and the background are constructed in a two-dimensional environment in 2D animation, a very traditional animation style. Even for an experienced 2D animator for hire, 2D animation used to take a lot of time. Now, you can create a 2D animation in a matter of minutes using programs. Speak to one of our 2D Animation artist today!

Yes. Animations are incredibly simple with powerful features like smart moves and action plus! Just let us know your idea/concept and our 2D animator for hire will bring it to life.

Yes, on clients' approval and payment confirmation, direct exports to YouTube channels and Facebook pages are feasible.

The cost of digital 2D animation per minute depends on the complexity of your project. Prolific Studio creates some of the best 2D animations projects. So, if you are looking for expert but cheap animators for hire, speak to us today.

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