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2D Animation

2D Animations Services Visual illustrations for your ideas

Prolific Studio is a US-based 2D animation company providing 2D video animation services. We specialize in 2D animation outsourcing and create professional-level 2D animated videos with top-notch content and storylines. We can produce explainer videos, whiteboard animations, logo animations, 2D game animations and social media animations, Our team of 2D animators can produce impactful animated videos using the latest 2D animation software. Our 2D animation production studio can animate any idea you have in mind.

2D Animation Production at Prolific Studio

At Prolific Studio, we produce 2D animations to attract and engage your viewers. Our animations have the essence of realism and a pinch of emotions to make your audience laugh, sing or feel the message you are trying to convey.

Our primary focus is what you want out of the animated video we produce. From characters to creatures, props to VFX, and background to the music, we are your one-stop 2D animation production company in Los Angeles and across the USA.

We are our clients’ absolute favorite 2D animation company due to the attention to detail and quality of our 2D video animations.

Our 2D Animation Squad

We pride ourselves on employing the best and most qualified 2D animation team in the industry.


Project Managers

A project manager ensures that every 2D animation project adheres to the timeline for delivery as per our commitment.


Dedicated Art Director

As a leader of our 2D animators, you will work with a dedicated art director to bring your vision to life. From visual animation style to explaining your desired concept, the art director will work with you to produce the perfect 2D animations for you.


2D Animation Team Lead

We assign you a dedicated and qualified 2D animation artist to supervise your project. Our lead 2D animator will be working with you from day one all the way till delivering the final animated video.


2D Artist

We have an in-house creative team of 2D artists who develop your animated characters, props, and background from scratch. This ensures we produce the best work with the essence of uniqueness and realism.


2D Animators

Prolific Studio guarantees 100% satisfaction as we employ the most imaginative, innovative, and creative 2D animators in the 2D animation services industry. From facial expressions to gestures, movements to visual effects, we aim to achieve perfection in every element of 2D animated videos.

Benefits Our 2D Animation Company Promises

Our 2D animation team will collaborate with you throughout your journey with us, offering the following perks.

2D Animation Team

Dedicated 2D Animation Team

Prolific Studio will give you a dedicated team of 2D artists and animators to produce an exceptional 2D animation film.

2D Animation Videos

World-Class 2D Animated Videos

We promise to deliver seamless 2D animations for brands, celebrities, and influencers.

2D Animation Services

Proven Experienced Animation Services

Enjoy the peace of mind of working with an experienced team. Prolific Studio has produced 2D animations for numerous brands worldwide.

2D Animation Studio

100% Confidentiality

We are the most-trusted 2D animation company in the USA. Prolific Studio’s privacy policy and data protection protocols ensure 100% confidentiality of your information and project.


Animators and game
Development Artists


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Frequently Asked Questions

The 2D animation production involves four main stages, which are as follows.

  • Planning – discussing animation ideas and rough development of characters, props, and backgrounds.
  • Pre-production – creating a storyboard, characters, visual effects, and illustrations and selecting 2D animation tools.
  • Animated Video production – bringing all the elements of pre-production together and rendering your 2D animation.
  • Post-Production – fine-tuning the animation quality, adding visual effects, background music, and voiceovers.

If you want to hire a 2D animation service, always focus on the following factors.

  • The 2D animation production company has proven experience producing animated videos for your niche.
  • Learn as much about the 2D animation studio and its team by checking their portfolio of work.
  • Check testimonials and reviews on animation service providers' websites, social media pages, or other business review websites.Check the quality of previous work.
  • Check the quality of previous work.
  • Does the quote price offer value for money?

You may be tempted to hire a full-time 2D animation artist or team of animators on board. However, this will add up to your monthly overheads. Furthermore, you will have to undergo the tiresome process of recruiting suitable candidates.

Outsourcing your 2D animation project can help you avoid all that hassle and give instant access to expert 2D animators and 2D animation software, and other resources. This way, you can simply hire an animation production company and let them produce high-quality 2D animated videos on time.

However, the trick is to find the right 2D animation company. Do your research and choose a company with the best reviews, a diverse animation portfolio, and the most qualified expert 2D animators.

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