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Android App Development Company

Are you searching for a leading android app development agency in the USA? If yes, you are in the right place, as Prolific Studio offers cutting-edge android app development services across USA, Canada and UK.

We have a team of veteran android coding experts and android apps developers who can build an android app as per your business needs and budget. Prolific Studio has been around since 2011, and with over a decade of experience building custom android apps, we have helped hundreds of clients worldwide.

Share the concept you have in mind, and we will bring it to life at our state-of-the-art android app development studio.

Let’s Build an Android App Together

We specialize in building custom android apps. Therefore, if you are a start-up, small business or a large enterprise looking around to hiring an android app developer company, Prolific Studio can do it for you. We can build tools to empower your company to create an unparalleled user experience and stay on top of the Google Play Store's app list.

Android Application Development for Your Business

We can make android apps for any type of business based on your needs. Here are four main android app development domains Prolific Studio excels in.

Android Smartphone Apps

Our android development team can build exceptional android app designs. The android app designer will create feature-rich and technical advanced smartphone android apps for sale. You can consult with our android application developers to explore your idea further and Hire our android apps development service today

Prolific Studio android mobile app development service promises to deliver an android java app that fits all the latest android operating systems.

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Android Mobile App
Android Mobile App Development

Android App Development Service for Android TV

Hire our android app studio to create innovative apps for Android-based smart TV with cross-platform compatibility. Work with our android application developers to create value for your users. If you are after android customization apps for high-end smart TVs, we can do it for you.

Android Application Development Company for Android Wearables

If you want to hire an android app developer for smartwatches, Prolific Studio has a full-scale team of android mobile app developers. From modern connectivity to activity monitoring and health management to a fitness schedule, we can build customized android programming apps with all the functions and features you wish to add to your android wearable app.

Android App Developers for Hire

Android App Development Services for Tablets

Our android mobile app developers can build tablet-specific android apps to cater for all types of audiences. We leverage android software development programming languages such as C++, Java, CSS etc. The high-end android app programming infrastructure at our studio will help us create android tablet apps that can work on various devices.

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Advanced Android App Programming for Cutting-Edge Android Mobile Development

A core objective of our android application development services is to master the android customization app creation. The android programming apps can help other android app aficionados to explore their creativity and passion for creating user-friendly apps. We can also create android apps for the following categories.

- Android apps for website
- Android app publisher service
- Android app from the website to download

As one of the most experienced veteran android studio app development businesses, we know our client’s critical needs. Our android mobile app development company will be your strategic partner to build an app that is right for your niche and target user.

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Android Mobile App Development

Industry-Specific Android Applications Development Company

Prolific Studio has created android apps development agency for various niches and industries. We can create a befitting UX and UI for an iOS app with full-fledged integration into your business's existing infrastructure. Our iPhone app development studio will ensure to build of an iOS app faster and in a cost-efficient manner.

Industries We Serve

  • Education Industry
  • Technology start-ups
  • Training and tutorial programs/centres
  • Retails industry
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant Industry
  • Construction and Architecture Industry
  • Start-ups and fintech companies
  • E-commerce
  • Advertisement
  • Entertainment Business
  • Animated Commercial Ads
  • Mobile applications
  • Gaming industry
  • Booking and ticketing app

Features our Android Mobile Apps Developer Can Build

  • Scheduling
  • Live notifications
  • Big data solutions
  • Customer tracking
  • Claims management
  • Alerts
  • Cloud solutions
  • Gamification
  • Augmented Reality Compatibility
  • Navigation
  • E-commerce Platforms and features
  • Check-ins
  • Online payments
  • Sports Apps
  • Chatbots
  • Geofencing
  • Mobile banks
  • Wallet apps
  • AI chatbots
  • Real-time fraud detection
  • Other industry-specific features you want to include in your android app

Let’s conceptualize and design
your idea with creative
professionals. Discuss With Our Strategists

How to Build Android Apps: Our Scope

Wondering what is the appropriate scope to build a practical android mobile application? Here is how we do it at Prolific Studio.

Consultation and Business

Phase #1: Consultation and Business Analysis

First and foremost, we offer a free no-obligation consultation to all interested clients. During this phase, we engage in a detailed conversation for in-depth business analysis of the feasibility of the project. We will also discuss a details concept of why you want a mobile app and what you expect the app to deliver.

Mobile UI/UX

Phase #2: Mobile UI and UX Design

The second phase of our scope is to design an immersive, interactive, and conversion-driven mobile application. Our designs are vivid and highly intuitive to match your brand’s web app solution.

Mobile App Development

Phase #3: Android Mobile Application Development and Testing

We specialize in native as well as cross-platform mobile app development. During the development phase, we indulge in rigorous testing and ensure to build of an app that offers seamless integration.

Mobile App Maintenance

Phase #4: Mobile App Maintenance and On-going Support

Once we have delivered the app to you, we will continue to offer improvements and maintenance. If you wish to enable the iterative evolution of your mobile e-commerce app with time, we can provide ongoing support services as per your needs.

Our Android App Programming Team Are Veteran Experts In

Here are some of the areas in which our android mobile development team of developers, coders and programmers excel.

- Building top quality android apps for all forms of devices
- Developing customized android apps for various purposes
- Developing android apps with Integration of online cart and payment options
- Android apps development for games, interactive media, plug-ins and more

Ready for developing apps for an android platform? Speak to our app builder android specialist today

Prolific Studio android mobile app development team will offer you state-of-the-art android software development services and take you through the following android app building process.

- We will first verify if your idea to develop android is viable.
- Whether it is an android smartphone or an android tablet app development you are after, we will write powerful code when developing apps for iOS.
- Our app creator android team will build a sleek and user-friendly design as per your liking and preference.

Prolific Studio has offered app development for an android platform to some of the leading SMBs, startups and established brands. We are android app dev experts who promise to provide spot-on app-developing solutions. We excel in building android apps with the features you want to incorporate into your brand-new android app framework.

If you have been searching for an online android app development company, We at Prolific Studio can do it all for you under a single umbrella.

Unparalleled Value with Ace Android App Developers in the USA

Partnering with Prolific Studio will give you added benefits that no other android app development company can offer.


Creating a Unique and Trustworthy Brand Identity

We are going to conceptualize, design, program and deploy a unique android app for your brand. We will further ensure that the design and features are aligned with what your business stands for. With excellent ratings in the Google Play Store, our designed apps will gain your business identity users are going to trust.


Exceptional User Experience

We are well aware that the UX is a role player when it comes to the success of your android app. Therefore, our core objective is to build an exceptional user experience that can leave your users keeping coming back to your app for more. This will not only boost your apps downloads numbers on Google Play Store but also generate revenue.


Minimal Design for Greater Impact

Our android app designers will create a minimal design with user-friendly and natural/logical navigation. Rest assured, we will deliver an optimum solution that will receive tremendous response and reviews from users downloading your app from Google Play Store.


We Know the Target Users

We know that each business has its own target users with specific needs. Therefore, we use a customized approach for each app development project to build innovative apps as per market demands and user preferences.

Android Mobile App Development

We are a White Label Android App Development Agency

Prolific Studio has an android mobile application development service that caters for clients from all over the world. Therefore, we believe in developing white-label android applications for our clients. Our developers will work with you from the initial phase of consultation all the way till your app goes live on Google Play Store.

After-sales support is another strong suite that we are absolutely proud of. We can provide ongoing maintenance and upgradation services for your apps. In case you already have an app but would like us to revamp it, we can do that for you too. However, if our developers can deliver a better app by creating a new one within your budget, we will let you know.

The services we offer involve a wide array of industries that are always in need of white-labelled android apps and intelligent solutions. These include online streaming services, voice assistants and the automobile industry.

We are going to deliver an app that will be ready to use the moment you receive it. There is hardly any feature you can throw our way that we cannot integrate into your android mobile app design. We promise to offer highly scalable android mobile applications with a pinch of cost-efficiency.

The white-label android mobile app will give your company a competitive edge and generate added revenue.

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Why Do You Need an Android Application for Your Brand?

The majority of modern-day customers now own a smartphone. Therefore, it is the demand of the hour that businesses offering online services must also have an android app that users can use to avail of a brand's benefits.

Failing to do so will result in your business losing a significant share of the market. This will not only be a loss of opportunity to create brand awareness, but most importantly, you will be losing a huge chunk of revenue to other competitors in your niche.

Therefore, if you wish to stay relevant and on top of your industry, you need a powerful, dynamic, intuitive android application. Furthermore, you have to ensure that your mobile android app is compatible with at least a smartphone and android tablet. If you can build an app with integration capabilities for wearables and smart TV, then that is an added benefit.

Working with Prolific Studio’s android app development company, you will get the following in your package:

- We are going to assign you a dedicated project manager to look after you throughout your project tenure with us.
- You will get a dedicated team of android app developers and programmers. You will stay in touch with them at each step of the app development process. Most importantly, you will have complete authority to approve the UX/UI. So only say yes when you feel satisfied.
- We are going to guarantee that your app design, interface and branding are unique and customized to your business.
- We promise to use the latest android application development programming and coding to build a perfect app.
- We will only deliver an app after rigorous testing and ensure that the final app we deliver is bug-free.
- We will also be able to assist you in deploying your newly built android mobile app on Google Play Store.

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Android Mobile App Development

Our Android Application Development Services come with 5 Promises

Here are the five promises we make to our clients who choose to hire android app development services with Prolific Studio.


Free, No Obligation Consultation

Have a concept for your android app? Prolific Studio offers a 100% free consultation service to discuss your project scope in detail without any obligation to choose us. We are confident that once we give you the roadmap with a pocket-friendly package, you will not go anywhere else.


Budget Pricing

We guarantee to offer you top-notch, bug-free android applications at the most pocket-friendly price range.


100% Transparency

We are going to keep our entire app development process transparent, and you will get frequent updates at every phase of your app-building process.


Post-Delivery Maintenance and Upgrades

You will still be under our care after your app goes live. Whether you wish to maintain your android app or upgrade it with time, we can do it all for you.


Your Idea is Safe with Us

We will sign an NDA with you to give you peace of mind that your app idea and design are safe and confidential at all times.


C h e c k o u t o u r c l i e n t s

Take a look at what others have to say about our marvelous logo designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of android app development depends on the functionalities and features you wish to add to your application. However, building a native android mobile app with medium complexity may cost you between $25,000 to $70,000. At Prolific Studio, we can minimize your iPhone app costs using cutting-edge cross-platform tools and an agile approach.

The duration to develop your android mobile application depends on various factors such as tech stack and scope of work. That said, app development for android may typically take between 3 and 10 months. If you wish to build a complementing web app solution, add at least 2 to 4 months on top of the above-mentioned time frame. In order to reduce your time to market, Prolific Studio focuses on core features first. We can roll out your MVP app within 3 months while continuing to enhance its functionality and relativity.

Android apps are already generating billions of dollars in revenue for various businesses. According to statistics, the revenue generated by mobile apps for businesses reached a whopping $188 billion. Therefore, if you wish to boost your brand's chances of creating more revenue, android app development is a worthy investment.

Prolific Studio offers a mature android app development system of KPIs. These include budget required, budget remaining, team activity, and cycle time. We use these KPIs to manage your android app-building project. In the beginning, we will give you access to all the internal progress about your android app development and the phase we are in. you can always ask us any questions or share your concerns. We will also be sending you regular KPI updates.

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