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Android Game Development Company

Are you looking for a game development company that can develop an android game app for you? If yes prolific Studio is an expert android games development company. We have a team of more than 100 veteran android game developers at our android games development studios in the USA, UK, and Canada.

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Developing Games for Android

Prolific Studio game development for android offers proficient android game development services. We have over a decade of experience in game development on android. Furthermore, we develop games for android in both 2D and 3D interfaces.

We are a game development android studio that promises to provide the ultimate and immersive gaming experience to your gaming fraternity. Our team of android game dev has mastered the art of android game-making by leveraging cutting-edge android game app development technologies.

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Developing Android Games: Our Promises

As a state-of-the-art android game development company, we are developing android games apps with the following promises.


Android Game Design with Immersive UX and UI

Our game service android development team will continue to push the boundaries and build an immersive user interface and user experience for your mobile game. We create a mobile game that will blend well with various gaming platforms and environments.


Create Android Game with Comprehensive Services

Our android studio game development team can offer a full-stack service when it comes to building an android game. We have reimagined how to make android games and how to design android games. We can create games for the android platform that offers comprehensive features, functionality, and gaming experience.


Fascination Animations to Create Android Game

Our android game programming can make games for android with rich features that are eye-catching, immersive, and enticing.


HD Quality

We offer android 3D game development services with a promise to make android games with HD quality.

How to Create a Game in Android Studio?

Prolific Studio is a trendsetter when it comes to the topic of how to make games for android. Our team comprises the best android game developers who are experts in android 2D game development as well as android game engine 3D solutions.

If you wish to make android games with top-notch gameplay without any glitches and errors, we know how to make an android game. We use cutting-edge android game development technology to make an android game.

Our android development studio is always available to answer any questions and concerns regarding how to make games on android.

We will be leveraging the best game engine for android for you to ensure the final product is as per your desires. Our team of android game developers is going to sit with you to get a detailed insight into what you expect from the game and how you expect it to perform.

We have already assisted several internal gaming companies and completed several products. From purely android-based game development to cross-platform mobile app development, we can help you in all aspects of mobile app gaming services for android.

Prolific Studio knows how to produce android games that will not only attract gamers. We also excel in offering the best android gaming experience they have ever had. If you are searching for a distinguished android game development company, look no further.

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Why Hire a Scalable Android Game Development Studio?

We thrive as one of the best android game development studios because of our attention to detail. We are going to run the most comprehensive and macro-level analysis of our client's wishes, ideas, and aspirations for an android mobile game.

Once we know exactly what our client wants, we will get on with the planning and designing phase and gradually move towards building your mobile android game app. Our android game development services include immersive UX/UI, HD interface and backgrounds, HQ sounds, customized game production, assistance launching the app, and post-launch support.

We offer nothing less than a dynamic partnership and productive collaboration to each of our clients, irrespective of how small or big a game app development project may be.

2D/3D Android Game Development Studio

Always opt for a peerless service when it comes to android game development. Prolific Studio can produce seamless 2D and 3D android games. We know the trends, technologies, and benchmarks in the android gaming industry. Therefore, we will only use the latest and most innovative gaming tools and technologies in the creation of android mobile games.

Our innovative approach, in collaboration with modern mobile app gaming solutions, will give your android game a competitive edge in the market. So, whether it is a free gaming app for android that you are after or a paid mobile game for android users, we can build exactly what you want.

Reliability: Our Core Objective

Prolific Studio has been known in android game development due to our reliability. We can create precise, lightweight, 2D/3D games for android. Let us help create a game that will leave a distinctive mark on your gamers.

We are well-versed in android gameplay and know how to tune them precisely for a lively and enjoyable gaming experience.

We only recruit the based android mobile game developers. This guarantees that we create the best android games for our clients.

Building Android Games Exceeding Performance Benchmarks

When engaging in partnership with you, we will guarantee to build a mobile android game that exceeds all performance benchmarks. We aim to maintain the highest standards when it comes to the mobile gaming industry.

Our team will do the homework by studying the market's trends and how the game industry is evolving. Our client's retention rate over the year proves our status as the most beloved android game development company across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

If you wish to have a successful android game launch, you are just a single click away. In order to speak to our android game developer, simply visit our website or give us a call. Our 2D android game and 3D android game programmers are professionals and well-versed in answering any questions or concerns you may have in mind.

We are committed to concentrating on building an entertaining, immersive, and original android game with tons of features and responses. No matter how big or small your game might be, we are going to develop an android game that will be an instant hit on Google Play Store.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Developing an android mobile gaming app is a process in which you build a game based on an idea; however, the game is solely for mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile-based devices. There are several stages involved in game development for android. This includes ideation, designing, production, testing, launching, and maintenance. If you are interested in building a mobile phone app on a budget, speak to the Prolific Studio android mobile game development agency today.

Yes, mobile android gaming apps usually leverage the power of Java, a versatile programming language commonly used by mobile app game development companies. This programming language has already produced some of the best mobile games for Android mobile phones and tablets. Some of the most well-known games include Mission Impossible III and Minecraft. The best part about Java is that it is a programming language that you can use on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Developing a 3D mobile android gaming app may cost you anything between $20,000 to $250,000. However, it depends on the complexity of the game, gameplay duration, and other features you wish to be a part of your mobile game. The more complex the game concept is, the higher it will cost you. Furthermore, the cost may vary based on whether you wish to create a 2D android mobile gaming app or a 3D mobile game app.

The total time it may take to build and launch your mobile game app may vary based on various elements. These include the complexity of the game, gameplay duration, and other features you wish to be a part of your mobile game. The more complex the game concept is, the longer it will take to build your mobile gaming app. Typically, it will take 3 to 9 months for a mobile android app game development company to design, develop and launch your game.

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