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Captivate the audience with a breath-taking animation explainer video.

We make captivating product explainer videos exactly how our customers want them. So let's make a beautiful explainer video that explains your brand message to your audience.

  • Simplify the complex
  • Out-of-the-box concepts
  • Animate with in 99+ categories
  • Full copyright and production ready files

With corporate explainer videos, we clarify the message behind your brand.

Are you having difficulty communicating the right message to your target audience? Allow Prolific Studio to create a short, animated corporate explainer video to help you effectively communicate your brand message. For example, we can create videos that educate your audience on how your brand can provide value to them as customers. So let's make the best possible impression on your target audience.

Let us assist you in creating and having to buy an explainer video animation that talks business with your customers.

  • Get started with converting scripts.
  • Get the best voice actors.
  • A Low-Cost Explainer Animation
  • We guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Are you looking for a group of dedicated people who can best explain your brand message through a fantastic video animation?

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Explainer Animations in Cartoons

We stand out from the crowd due to our exceptional storytelling abilities. When our cartoon animators combine animation with brand storytelling, we create works of art that can directly convert your target audience. Customers can be both engaged and entertained by our cartoon company explainer videos.

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Explainer Animations for Infographics

Do you prefer a more minimalist approach? Our explainer video exhibit company can help you get there. We offer infographic and corporate explainer animation solutions. We use a powerful method to communicate complex concepts to create highly engaging infographic animations.

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Animations in Multiple Media

We do not stick to a single pattern, but we offer some clients mixed-media animation. Who knows what aspect of a video will have the most lasting impact on your audience? As a result, we also provide our customers with mixed-media business explainer video animation services, allowing them to reap significant benefits.

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Explainer Animations for Promotion

Do you want to promote your company as a well-known brand? Are you having trouble communicating the right brand message to your target audience? Make a promotional company explainer video. We can create the ideal promotional explainer animation to share your company's value.

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Marketing Infographic

Animations that explain products

Have you just released a new product? Do you need to communicate the most effective way for your product to serve your customers? Prolific Studio can create a product explainer video animation that will teach you how to use a product and perform the necessary tasks.

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Do you want to know what makes our company explainer video animation special? Here's how we use animation to boost your brand's visibility. For example, consider watching some of our previous explainer video animations.

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Why Should You Hire Prolific Studio for Product Explainer Video Animations?

By combining storytelling with perfect animation, Prolific Studio can help you communicate even the most complex ideas to your audiences in the most subtle way possible.

Who doesn't want a meaningful and engaging way to convey the right message?

What can you expect when you hire Prolific Studio for animation?

  • A Team of Expert Animators.
  • Latest Animation Technologies.
  • Affordable Animation Pricing.
  • 24-Hour Customer Support
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I have never seen a company crafting such amazing animated explainer videos. This was worth all the money that I have spent on explainer video, each bit of it.
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Here's How We Work For You

Complete your brand's explainer video animation production with our skilled animators using a step-by-step process.



Pitch us your ideas and let our brainstorming experts put their heads together to bring your concepts to life.


Writing Scripts

Allow our friendly writers to work on your video script, where we will analyze and determine the best way to portray your idea to the rest of the world.



Let's plan our strategy by breaking down your animation into several steps and phases. First, let's start by making dialogues, designs, audio effects, and other elements.


Rendering and Animation

It's time to animate and share your work with the world. We use some of the best tools and software to render your explainer animated video.

Frequently Asked Questions

An animated explainer video is a short, fun and informative video that businesses use instead of written content to better engage with their audience. Corporate explainer videos offer businesses the ability to impart a large amount of information in an easy-to-digest manner thus improving customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales and revenue for your business.

Animated explainer video production can easily cost in between $3,000 and $100,000 depending on the storyboard development time and complexity or production length of your video. The average price for an animated video is $5,000. But these are just the standard rates widely accepted across the United States. These rates can be set according to the specific requirement of clients & customers.

Animated explainer videos are great for bringing ideas to life as they engage and inform your audience. If you are just beginning, an animated explainer video is a great launching pad to introduce your unique idea and get customers excited about buying from you. It's also a great way of enhancing your brand identity by giving customers an idea of what they can expect from you in terms of quality and style.

Sometimes all a business needs is a fresh perspective on their current marketing campaign or a little boost to get them started on the right foot for the new year. Animated explainer video productions are great tools to get you there.

There are many different styles of animated explainer videos that can fit every business idea and help you engage your target audience. It's important to remember that there is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to choosing a video style. The best approach is to try several styles until you find the one that resonates with your customer base and Prolific Studio, an animated explainer video production can help you with the service. We can give you the best explainer videos in the market.

Yes! Animated website explainer videos can now be published on your website straight from the cloud. Prolific Studio, an animated explainer video production company allows you to do just that. You can also embed or link it anywhere online so your customers and prospects have access to watch your explainer video production as many times as they want!

Yes! More and more businesses are creating shorter versions of their animated explainer videos to be shared on social media. It's easy to produce a 30-90 second video that is engaging for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The objective behind these types of social videos is you want people to take action, whether it's sending an email, filling out a form, or making a purchase. All you have to do is tell them what action you want them to take and why they should take it all through a video explainer.

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