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How Much does it cost for App Development

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App In 2023? A Comprehensive Guide

When you ask yourself how to create an app or how to make an app, you must also ask how much does it cost to develop an app. Whether it is an iOS app or an android one, the process of app development may have some common factors. However, several factors may vary based on the complexity of mobile app development.

Many factors may influence what it may cost to create an app, such as the platform, features, size, etc. if you want to know how much it will cost to make an app, you are in the right place. In this post, you will learn not only about how much does it cost to build an app but also what factors may influence your cost to make an app.

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Mobile App Development Services
Mobile App Development Services

3 App Development Packages

Before asking yourself how Much Does It Cost to Create an App, it is best to know that you can build from economical to the most expensive app as per your requirements and budget. However, the application development process comes in three packages. Let us dive into and see how to make an app and its cost in each mobile app development package.

Building a Simple App

If you wish to create an app with simple features and functions, this may take between two to three months. However, the cost to build a basic app will still cost you an estimated amount between $40,000 and $60,000.

Building a Basic App

A basic app with a little bit more interactive functions, payment features, etc., will take a longer duration of up to 6 months, and the cost to create an app will range from $60,000 to $150,000.

Building a Professional App

A professional app with advanced features and complex integrations will take a minimum of 9 months or more. Whereas the cost to build an app will be $300,000+.

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App Development: What the Statistics Say

Nothing speaks better than statistics when it comes to determining the cost of building an app. As of 2022, there are over 3.5 million apps on Google Play Store and more than 1.6 million apps on Apple App Store. This alone surpasses the 5 million app market collectivity. Here are some of the most recent statistics about the app development market.

  • The average cost to build an app ranges from $60,000 and $150,000. However, this can fluctuate based on the complexity of your app.
  • Google Play Store and Apple App Store release 100,000 and 30,000 apps per month, respectively.
  • Free apps dominate the market, with 92% of apps free or offering freemium service with in-app purchases.
  • Industry pundits predict the app development industry to reach the $1 trillion mark in 2023.
  • An average mobile user spends four hours a day on the device, with 88% of the activity related to app usage. So, you see the potential of engaging with a prospective consumer base by building an app for your desired purpose.
  • Some of the most popular categories in mobile apps include games at 66%. Whereas 95% of the downloaded apps belong to communication, messaging, and web browsing categories.

You have to remember that the cost of building your mobile app will significantly depend on its type. The more features and functions you include in an app, the higher its complexity. This will translate directly into the higher cost of your brand-new app.

Now that you are aware of the current market and its potential in the future, it is time to look into the price of building an app and the factors that may impact it.

Microsoft Office is one such example. While there are many office apps, the universal symbols for MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint are highly recognizable by the users. Therefore, if you wish to market your brand and give your identity a boost, make sure to brand-optimize your mobile application.

The extent of brand optimization can have a significant impact on the app building cost. Therefore, keep it nominal, to begin with. However, once your mobile application is successful and has captured some market, you can re-scale the branding efforts.

Mobile App Development

Factors to Consider When Calculating How Much Does It Cost to Build an App?

While you may get a price bracket about the app development cost, the price may spike really quickly based on the type of functions and features you wish to integrate within the app. Several options are available when it comes to the estimation of your mobile app development cost.

One of the most reliable solutions is to hire a well-reputed mobile app development company. Another way is to use an online app calculator to get an idea about the ballpark figure for the cost of your app.

When you send requests to app companies, always remember to ask for proper documentation for the cost estimation they are offering. Whether it is a start app or a new version of an existing one, your invoice for the query about how to make a mobile app must be itemized and include the cost to create an app with the following details.


The Complexity of Your App

The complexity of your app can play a pivotal role in how much it will cost you to develop an app. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for you to know what the app development software company is charging you for the complexity of your app design, including the number of screens within an app.


The Development Process

The app development process can also be a dominating factor when it comes to the cost of creating an app. For instance, if you wish to create a free app for all, it may not be a complex process, and you can get away with a bargain when it comes to app development costs.

On the other hand, building a full-fledged app on an IOS platform with comprehensive security may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The Quality Assurance

As you build a mobile app, it must be error-free when you launch it. Flaws in design can cost you additional time and money. Therefore, the quality assurance phase to check your mobile app can also determine how much it will cost to build an error-free and seamless mobile application.


Features and Functionalities

The number of features and functionalities will directly impact the price of building an app. Furthermore, the complexity of these features and functions will also play a determining role in how much you pay to develop an app.


Third-party Integrations

Whether android applications development of an IOS development protocol, third-party integrations such as social media integration and payment merchants can impact your app-building cost. The more third-party integrations you include, the higher the cost of creating an app will be.

For instance, integrating multiple social network API and offering multiple payment methods will increase your cost to create your own app. Therefore, it is best to speak to an application development company about the best integration as per your business needs.


Features and Functionalities

The number of features and functionalities will directly impact the price of building an app. Furthermore, the complexity of these features and functions will also play a determining role in how much you pay to develop an app.


Security Protocols

One of the most important aspects of your app development is to ensure the safety of your app users' data. Therefore, you will have to implement security protocols such as GDPR or HIPAA in order to earn your customers' trust and loyalty. However, integrating these security standards will exponentially increase the cost of building an app.

The App Development Company

Last but not least, the app developers' team or app development company you choose to build your app will also determine how much it will cost to build your app. Therefore, do your research and pick your app developer wisely.

It is the best idea to select a company with exceptional reviews, an extensive portfolio, and a global presence. This will guarantee that you are in safe hands, and the app creation cost will come with no last-minute surprises.

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Mobile App Development

Costs of Creating App: The Prolific Studio Way

At Prolific Studio, we will determine the cost of app creation using the following estimation process.


Type of Mobile Application

The cost to create an app will take into consideration the type of app you wish to build. For instance, is it for content sharing, promotions, blogging, gaming, or selling products and services? The type of application will determine the scope of your app creation and the level of complexity for features and functions you want to integrate.


Cost to Create an App by Type

While the cost to develop an app may range between $30,000 and $300,000+, the type of the app plays a determining role in knowing the actual price bracket. Here is a quick breakup of costs by app type.


Cost to Create an iPhone App

The cost to develop an iPhone app may start from $55,000 and exceed $300,000 based on the complexity of your design, features, and other requirements.


Cost to Create an Android App

The cost to build an android app may start at $50,000 and cost more than $300,000. Once again, the actual cost will depend on the complexity of your design, features, and other requirements.


Cost to Develop a Web App

Making an app for a web-based environment can begin with a price tag of $60,000, with the maximum price spectrum reaching $300,000.


Cost to Develop a Start-up App

If you are a start-up thinking about creating an app, the budgeted cost for building an app may fall between $40,000 and $400,000.


Cost to Build a Car Renting/Uber-Like App

The cost to develop a taxi or uber-like app ranges from $50,000 to $400,000.


Cost of Build a Game App

Based on the type and complexity of your game, the cost to develop a gaming app may cost you between $60,000 and $250,000.


Cost to Create a Retail App

Whether you are a small retail store or a big retail brand, building a retail app will cost you between $50,000 and $150,000. However, various features and functions may increase your cost.


Cost to Build an Augmented Reality App

If you wish to build an app compatible with augmented reality (AR), it will cost you up to $250,000. However, the starting price will begin at $100,000.


Cost to Develop an e-Commerce App

For a small or big-selling brand, if you wish to sell your product and services via an app, the basic cost to create an e-commerce app starts at $60,000 and can go higher than $250,000.


Cost to Create a Social Networking App

If you are thinking about creating an app like TextNow or other social networking apps. These apps allow your business and users to communicate, socialize or interact, it will cost you up to $200,000.


Cost to Build a Learning App

The price tag to build an educational, training, or learning app will start from $60,000 to $225,000.


Cost to build a Video Streaming App

Any app with a video streaming app starts at $80,000 and may exceed the price of $300,000.


Cost to Develop a Shopify App

A Shopify app development process will start with a budget of $30,000 and may cost you up to $180,000.


Cost of Building a Dating App

Want to build your own app like match.com or Tinder? Then it will cost you between $50,000 and $350,000.


Cost to Develop a Food Delivery App

The price range to build a food delivery app will fall between $40,000 and $150,000.


Cost to Build a Healthcare App

Building healthcare or any other well-being app will cost you between $55,000 and $300,000.

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Design and Structure

Once we know the type of app you want to build, we will look into the design and structure of the app based on your requirements. This is one of the most critical factors when it comes to answering how to create a mobile app. The more complex your design and structure, the higher your cost will be to create an app.

The Platform

The platform you choose to build an app for will also determine the cost of building a mobile app in 2023. You can always opt to make a mobile application for Android as well as the IOS platform. However, you will have to bear the separate cost for each development.

A Quick Reminder:

All the above-mentioned costs to build an app in 2023 based on types, design, and platforms are estimated figures. The actual price of your app development process may vary based on your individual needs. Therefore, speak to our app development experts for the accurate and itemized cost of making an app in 2023.

Case Studies on the Cost to Develop World’s Popular Apps

If you are wondering how to make an app for phones and what it will cost you, this section will prove to be quite helpful. You will learn the cost of developing some of the world's most renowned apps. So without further ado, let us explore the cost of building these legendary apps.

Consultation and Business

#1 - Developing Tinder-Like Dating App

Tinder made a splash the moment it hit the market and soon became one of the most popular apps for date seekers. The app first appeared in 2012 and raised seed funding of $485,000. While everyone knows how the app works, you can create a similar app starting from $70,000. However, it will take 2 to 3 months to build an app like Tinder.

The features involved in creating an app like Tinder include GPS, authorization, user's profile option, push notifications, messaging, matching functionality with left and right swiping, and third-party integration with other sites and social media apps.

Mobile UI/UX

#2 - Developing Ikea-Like AR App

Want to create your personal brand app? In that case, this particular app development cost to build an Ikea app might interest you. Ikea decided to build an app that features augmented reality (AR) so that customers can view the products and items in a virtual environment within a 3D virtual store.

The cost to build such an app starts from $45,000 and may take more than 3 months due to the integration of various features and security protocols. Some of the main features will include 360° viewing, 3D product models, a social media sharing option, CRM integration, payment portal integration, and real-time inventory check and analytics.

Mobile App Development

#3 - Developing a Ride Sharing App

Do you own a taxi or car-renting business and wish to create an uber-like app? If yes, here is how much it will cost you to build your own ride-hailing app.

First, you must know that Uber has an app for android as well as iOS devices. Additionally, it also hosts a web app as well. Therefore, the cost was extensive and reached thousands of dollars as it has many features and functions such as geo-location, payment integration, routing, GPS, messaging, live chat and push notification, etc.

Mobile App Maintenance

#4 - Developing an Airbnb-like App

If you are considering creating a marketplace app like Airbnb, you will need a start-up budget of at least $75,000. Furthermore, it will take 3 to 6 months to build a seamless and immersive app. You may also be able to integrate augmented reality viewing in the app, but that will come at an additional cost.

However, you must ensure that your app has specific features to compete with any other app offering similar services. These include the ability to search and compare available accommodations and last-minute booking options, save favorite locations and homes, referral, share, co-planning trips, etc.

You must also ensure to integrate multiple payment options with calendar options such as check-ins and advance booking along with in-app live chat.

Factors to Consider for Cost to Develop an App in 2023

Prior to starting your app development journey, it is of utmost importance for you to understand the elements that may impact the cost of your application. For this, you must run an analysis on factors such as.

  • Why do you want to create an app, or what is the purpose of the app?
  • Who your target audience is, and what value will your app offer?
  • Which platform will be best to launch your application?

From a design perspective, you must think about the logo, color scheme, screens, buttons, features, and fonts to give your mobile app a unique feel and visual appeal. Therefore, you must first create a prototype of your app and check the feasibility of its design, layout, features, and functionalities.

This will help you avoid any major setbacks or hiccups during the actual development phase. Hence saving you both time and money due to repetitive revisions.

That said, the factors that may impact the cost of building an app in 2023 include the following.

App Features and Functions

Usually, smaller apps tend to be the simplest; however, it is not the case all the time. That said, if your app is simple and/or small, it will take less time for you to build and launch it. Furthermore, such an app will hardly face any roadblocks, errors in design and functions, etc.

Therefore, the more complex your application gets, the longer it will take to complete and face more obstacles. The complexity of your mobile application will increase the complexity of the project, and the app development company will charge you a higher price based on your specific needs.

If you are thinking about integrating a highly advanced feature or function in your mobile app, be prepared for a higher price. There are three types of in-app complexities that you may come across; let us explore them a little bit further in detail.

Basic Complexity

An app with basic complexity will feature basic functions with 3 to 4 screens and no database. Other features include login, signup, search option, profile creation, edition, push notification, instant messaging, dashboard, and admin panel. The more features you add to the app, the higher your app creation cost will be.

Intermediate Complexity

The cost to build an app with intermediate complexity will be slightly higher than the integration of technical elements into your app. These include in-app purchases, payment portals, social media integration, GPS, location tracking, and increased security protocols.

Such apps will also require robust data storage facilities with the ability to synchronize data across multiple databases. For this, you must determine how large your user base will be.

Advanced Complexity

Advanced complexity is usually common in apps for bigger brands. Such apps require extensive customization and integration of existing infrastructures. The complex applications are fully customized. Hence, it may impact the cost of building an app in 2023.

An app with advanced complexity will include a function such as multiple device data synchronization, online streaming, messaging, in-app calls, video chats, etc. with complex apps. It is vital that you research and plan thoroughly in order to estimate the mobile app development cost with high accuracy.

You can search for app-creation software, such as app-creating calculators, to determine the software development costs.

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The Application Layout

As you finalize the features and functions you want to include in your app, it is time to enter the app development phase. During this design stage, you will design how the layout will appear and where each function will appear. Laying out the features in a synchronous way is where it will start impacting your app development cost.

While some may leverage app-making software, the complexity of the app design will make it difficult to ace this phase using software to make an app. That said, you must keep the following aspects in mind.


User Experience (UX)

Whether you are a product seller or a service provider, user experience is what earns you the loyalty, trust, and respect of the customer. The better user experience you create for your users, the more they will come back to use your app repetitively.

Therefore, user experience or UX is all about creating a mobile app with enticing screens, customized options, and seamless functionality. You may succeed in creating a cheap app; however, if it does not offer a memorable user experience, it will cost your business in terms of losing customers to your competitors.

Therefore, it is highly logical to spend a little bit extra for an app with exceptional user experience and reap its benefits for many years to come. Whether an android app development or an IOS app development, UX plays a vital role in the popularity of your mobile application.


User Interface (UI)

Several factors can impact the cost when it comes to the design of your mobile application. In the end, it is all about the visual appeal that your app will offer to the user. If it is not visually attractive, you may go to waste. Therefore, a user interface is the second most crucial factor that may impact the cost of building an app in 2023.

If you wish to estimate the cost of building an app in 2023, choose the visual elements wisely. Doing so will also impact the cost of your app's MVP design. A better design with a top-notch interface will create an exceptional user experience as well.

The user interface should be engaging, informative, and subliminally salesy. It would be best if you did not sound like a salesperson asking the user to complete a call-to-action with a gun to their head. Create an experience, and the user might be inclined to follow the CTA link automatically.


Do not forget to Brand Optimize Your App

This is one thing that all big brands tend to practice. The apps of all big names, such as Apple, Nike, Facebook, etc., created an app that identifies with their existing brand image or identity. The icon, as well as the app name, stands out from the rest of the competition in the market.

Microsoft Office is one such example. While there are many office apps, the universal symbols for MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint are highly recognizable by the users. Therefore, if you wish to market your brand and give your identity a boost, make sure to brand optimize your mobile application.

The extent of brand optimization can have a significant impact on the app building cost. Therefore, keep it nominal to begin with. However, once your mobile application is a success and has captured some market, you can re-scale the branding efforts.

It is All in the Platform

Once you familiarize yourself with all the elements you wish to include in your app, and how much it will cost to develop an app, it is time to choose the hosting platform for your app. Therefore, you will have to determine whether you wish to build an app for IOS or Android.

If you are an established brand, have a bigger budget, or wish to capture a larger market, you can opt to develop an app for both iOS and android. You can even create a cross-platform or hybrid mobile application. A hybrid application means mobile that will run on either IOS or android mobile devices. However, this will directly impact the cost to develop an app.

Your decision to choose the right platform for app development in 2023 will depend upon various factors. These include the following:

  • Which platform has the most share of users that you wish to target?
  • Do you want an app to work across various fragmentations or specific niche devices?
  • What is the current trend among your competitors, or which platform works best for them?

Know the answer to the above-mentioned three questions and it will get easier for you to determine which app development platform is best for you. However, it will be helpful for you to explore the cost associated with android app development and IOS app development in the market.

Furthermore, knowing your target market and which operating system (android or IOS) is prevalent will help you make a well-informed decision and control your cost. That said, a cross-platform app can offer long-term benefits of smooth integration, customization, and use of specific operating system or hosting platform features.

Building a Native App to Save the Cost

Cannot afford to build a hybrid app? In that case, you can develop a native app. While the cost to build a native app in 2023 will be lower than a hybrid, this app will only run on a single platform, i.e., IOS or Android.

If you wish to develop an app for both platforms, it will require you to hire two separate development teams to build an app for each. However, doing so means you will have to pay separately to android and IOS teams, increasing the cost of an app.

Are There Any Hidden Apps Cost?

Always beware of the hidden expenses while determining the cost of an app. This can tip your budget upside down if not considered in advance. Some of the most common hidden charges to make an app are as follows.

  • Cost to create and maintain infrastructure. These include integration services, CDN, and payment for a server that hosts your app.
  • Any management, maintenance, and administration cost. These may include the cost of app maintenance, debugging, content management, etc.
  • Functional costs are another form of hidden charges associated with the development of an app. These include third-party integration of services such as GPS, payment gateways, SMS, and push notifications.
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4 Way to Build an App in 2023

In this section of our guide about how much it will cost to develop an app in 2023, we will discuss the options you have at hand to start the app development process.

You must remember that you must choose the right app development company or app developers' team. This will be more beneficial to you in the long term and lower the cost while offering premium quality mobile applications as per your needs and budget. That said, let us explore various ways you can start building an app in 2023.

Did you know that you can always hire your own in-house team of app developers to build, launch, monitor, and maintain your mobile application? If you are a small company launching an elementary app, then hiring a small team of in-house app developers may sound like a great idea.

However, once the app is complete, you will still have to pay the team as permanent employees. This will become a permanent part of your business overhead. Therefore, ask yourself if it is something you really want to do.

That said, having an in-house app development team will give you complete control over your app development process. Furthermore, you will be able to communicate and share information with your app developers with 100% transparency.

You will also be in charge of budget control and ensure to get the best quality app within your financial means. However, you will also have to consider the costs associated with hiring a team of app developers and programmers. This may include charges to pay a third-party recruitment specialist, especially if you belong to something other than the IT or app development industry.

While you may have the budget to hire an in-house app development team, hiring an app development company is always the best option. You will not only save time, money, and resources but get a final version of a bug-free and premium-quality app as per your requirements.

The cost that an app development company charges you will depend on the complexity of your project. Furthermore, you will have to determine if you want to explore iOS app development or engage in android app development.

No matter how big or small your company might be, it is always good to look for a mobile app development company near you. That said, the cost to build an app may range between $50,000 and $400,000. The more complex features and functions you add, the higher your cost will be.

When hiring a mobile app development company, you must also inquire about the time duration required for the completion of your app development project. This will help you streamline your launch dates, marketing strategy, etc.

If you want to check the feasibility of your mobile application, you can always hire a team of freelance app developers. This will allow you to get an idea about the scope of work involved in your mobile app development.

This knowledge will put you in a better and well-informed position when contacting mobile app development companies. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to hire freelancers on a contractual or hourly basis.

With a freelancer working on your mobile app development, you will be in control of dictating the price and quality of your app. You can search platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and others to find freelancing game developers. Typically, a freelancer will charge you anything up to $50 depending on their home location.

The one thing you have to beware of when hiring a freelancer is reliability. You do not want to work with a freelancer who may leave the job abruptly and leave you hanging in the balance. Therefore, you have to make sure to hire a freelancer either with good standing on the platform or with good references.

This will ensure that the freelancer working on your app development project stays with you till the app development is incomplete. Moreover, this will help you save time and launch your mobile application on the app store on time.

On the other hand, if you are a large company or your app is a complex one, you may need to hire more team members and app developer specialists. In this case, instead of working with several freelancers at a time, it will be best to hire a well-reputed iOS or android app development company near you.

If you are thinking about building a highly complex app or game app, you may hire a team to check in-house feasibility. However, in order to develop the app, you can also outsource only the app development part to a third-party app development agency.

This is especially fruitful if you are a non-tech-savvy organization or this is your first attempt at building an app for your company. You do not need any setbacks, costing you wasted time, money, and resources. Therefore, be wise and outsource your app development phase to an expert app developer team or studio.

If you want to get the most out of your budget, you can even consider outsourcing app development to a different country. In some cases, you can find app development companies cheaper abroad. However, this comes with a risk of losing your money to an imposter organization. Therefore, be careful; your option should always be to outsource it to the app development company in your city, state, or country.

Outsourcing is a great way to create the MVP model of your mobile application. Furthermore, it allows you to start at a reasonable cost and with the least possible risk. There are several other benefits of outsourcing your app development project, which are:

  • You are in control
  • High-quality outcome
  • Cost-effective approach
  • No hiccups or setbacks
  • Adhere to your provided guidelines
  • Accountability with transparency
  • Synchronized team
  • On-time delivery

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Checklist for Selecting an App Development Partner

You must pay a great deal of attention when it comes to selecting an app development company you want to work with. Several mobile app development services are available out there; however, each serves a different service or bundle of services.

Therefore, it is very tricky to find the right app development company. Do not worry; we have saved you from the hassle of researching the tips to choose an app development studio. Simply follow the below-mentioned tips, and you are golden.

Always Be Sure About Your Idea

Prior to kickstarting your mobile app development process, you must be sure about the concept of the app you have in mind. You will have to determine the requirements, features, and functions you wish to be a part of your app.

The next step would be to look at the budget. Know precisely the allocated funds you have for the project. The money you can spend will be one of the biggest deciding factors in determining your strategy for app development.

However, it is highly beneficial for you to know about the latest cutting-edge technologies for developing your app. As you start your learning journey, it may also help you clearly understand and determine the type of mobile app that is right for your build.

Mobile App Development Services
Mobile App Development Services

Choosing a One-Stop App Development Service Provider

While several companies are offering mobile app development services, you must always prefer an app development studio with expertise specifically in building the type of apps you are after. The best way to confirm this is by asking the company to share its work portfolio.

A reputed company will be able to produce the necessary information and resources for your verification. That said, you must also ensure to hire a company offering all mobile app development services under one roof. These include app designing, development, maintenance, testing, launching, and more.

Speaking to App Development Team Directly

While you may initially speak to a sales agent over the phone, email, or live chat, it is always wise to personally talk to an app developer or app development team. This is a critical aspect as you will truly be able to gauge the potential, knowledge, and expertise of the app development company.

The best way to do so is by speaking to the relevant person or developers who will build your mobile application. Do not be shy to ask the company representative to connect you with the app developer.

Some of the questions you can ask include inquiring about the experience of the developer and the type of applications they have built in the past. It would be a good idea to ask them to name a few apps they have built. This will help you directly search the app on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store and determine the quality you can expect from this particular developer.

Discuss your project and the concept of the app you have in mind. This will give you some clarity over the approach and strategy the app development company will apply to ensure delivering your desired app on time.

Mobile App Development Services
Mobile App Development Services

Research Company’s Profile

Do not just take the word of the company for what they can do and how good they are. It is always a wise thing to research on your own as well. As we mentioned previously, if a company is as good as they say, they will have no remorse in sharing some of their best app-building work to date.

Remember, you will be spending thousands, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars on an app development project. Therefore, it is alright to thoroughly scrutinize the app developer team you are considering working with.

When researching, inspect the apps the company has built so far. Some of the aspects you must focus on include the app's design, its functionality, user-friendly interface, and of course number of downloads. If the app is as good as the candidate company says, the download statistics must reflect that.

You must also remember to check how unique the app is in contrast with other apps in the same niche. Do you actually see the app with a pinch of specialty, or does it seem pretty much like any other app available out there?

Familiarization with Company’s Terms and Conditions and Data Confidentiality Policy

Before you sign any contract, it is best to learn about the privacy, security, and personal information handling policies of the app development company. Feel free to openly discuss the privacy and security clauses mentioned in the policies and terms and conditions of the app development agency.

It is also crucial that the company agrees to keep the work secure and confidential. Therefore, ask the app developers or app development companies to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or a confidentiality agreement. This will ensure that your information and details about the project stay safe at all times.

You must also discuss your intellectual property rights and who will own them once the app developers have delivered the app. Go through the entire privacy policy to know exactly what you are getting into and avoid any last-minute shocks.

Mobile App Development Services

The Bottomline

Now that you have all the information you will ever need about the cost of developing a mobile application, it is time to start your search. If you wish to bag an app development company offering the best price, you can also ask for references within your personal and business network.

At Prolific Studio, we identify our services with scalability, progress, and success. Our core objective is to progress and succeed while offering cutting-edge app development services to our clients. Our state-of-the-art studios in the USA, UK, and Canada offer leading application development services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The tentative prices of building a mobile application range from $40,000 to $300,000. However, this cost may fluctuate based on your requirement and the complexity of the app. Other factors that may impact your app creation cost include the type of app, its functionality, app development company charges, and the development approach.

The answer is 'Yes.' The cost to build an app may vary based on various factors, and the type of application you want to create is one of them. Other elements to impact your app development cost include complexity, developers fee, maintenance cost, and the number of platforms you want an app for, such as Android and IOS. That said, the cost to build an app by type may fall in the following price brackets.

  • A basic app may cost you $90,000 approx.
  • An app with medium complexity may cost you $160,000 approx.
  • A highly complex app will cost you $240,000 or higher.

It is entirely up to you whether you wish to develop an IOS app or an android app. However, if your budget allows, you can invest in building apps for both platforms. This will broaden your target market, boosting your downloads, conversion rate, and revenue.

Some of the most vital factors of the app development process include research, knowing your audience, knowing your app concept, selecting an app development platform, user interface, and user experience. Furthermore, you have to consider your budget as well.

While each app has its own set of characteristics, here are five features that every quality app must have.

  • A well-researched user-friendly interface
  • Robust security protocols for data and private information protection
  • Fast loading time
  • Built-in integrations
  • Excellent support

There are seven phases involved in the creation of a mobile application.

  • Research and planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Creating an MVP or prototype of your mobile app
  • Testing for errors and bugs
  • Release of the app
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

Six main categories of apps are most popular on Google Play and Apple's App Store. These are as follows:

  • Educational apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Game apps
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Social media apps

Every premium and well-built app needs the following five elements to be a success.

  • Container components
  • Informational components
  • Input control components
  • Navigational components
  • User interface (UI) components

Four basic types of apps are in demand on both the App Store and Google Play Store. These are as follows:

  • Broadcast receiving apps
  • Service apps
  • Activity-based apps
  • Content providing apps

While there is a wide range of apps available on both android and iOS app stores, here are some of the top 10 categories of apps in demand.

  • Educational apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Finance apps
  • Food delivery apps
  • Grocery shopping apps
  • Gaming apps
  • Health and fitness apps
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Ride-sharing apps
  • Travel apps

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