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Create An App Like TextNow With Ease!

TextNow is a phone service that allows your devices to connect via a free mobile phone app that you can custom-build for your business. All you need is an Android or iOS device, an app, and a Wi-Fi connection. If you are a company wanting to create a TextNow like app, Prolific Studio can do it for you as per your requirements.

Why Us?

Prolific Studio is an award-winning app development company. We can deliver a modern app using cutting-edge technology and tools. No matter what industry you belong to, we know how to build an app like TextNow for you.

We can create a customized TextNow calling app on both major platforms, which are:

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How to Make a Texting App

We know that creating an app like TextNow requires extensive research and detailed knowledge of how you want the communication to work within and outside your organization. This will help us not only understand who you are as a company but also deliver a flawless app built uniquely for your company only.

At Prolific Studio, we provide top-tier mobile app development service with a promise to create a TextNow like app that will enhance your organization’s communication prowess. However, several other elements come into the picture as we progress further into the app development process. These include the following:

  • Ability to make video calls
  • Ensure unbreakable and uninterruptable connectivity
  • Text messaging
  • Support for the app to work on multiple platforms and devices

If you have any specific requirements for your app like TextNow, feel free to share, and we will build it for you. We thrive at building a messaging and communication app that ensures impeccable popularity within your organization and your customers.

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Features for App Like TextNow

While you can discuss your requirements when ordering your TextNow like app, here are some of the most common features found in similar apps. Let us explore them a little bit in depth.



You have to ensure that your TextNow like app has an option to sign-up. As the users sign up, the system will send a message with a code to enter and verify each user's identity.



This particular option is a must-have as it offers better communication and user-friendly access to your app. If you want an app that is popular in the market, a calling feature is mandatory.



People love expressing their emotions using emojis these days. So, remember to add this element to your messaging component of the TextNow app.



Voice call is not enough anymore. Most communication apps offer video calling as a standard issue now. Integrating this feature into this app will definitely put it on the map.



Both employees and customers emphasize the privacy of their data. Therefore, we build an app like TextNow that offers 100% safety, security, and confidentiality of texts, calls, data, and other information covered by the privacy policy domain.


Personalization Options

Give your app users an option to personalize the app as they like. This can include playing around with features such as backgrounds, display pictures, fonts, themes, and ringtones. In order to attract your target audience to download the app, you need to create visually intricate and attractive UI and UX.

5 Steps to Build App Like TextNow

To create driver apps like TextNow, you can begin by creating a prototype customized for your business model or services that you offer. To build a prototype, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step #1 – Do Research

The best way to determine the efficacy of a TextNow like app in your business is to look at your competitor’s strategies. However, you must consider the uniqueness of your business model and customize the app accordingly.

Step #2 – Know Your Audience

In order to create an app like TextNow, you need to get to know your target audience. Understanding the needs and pain points of your potential customers will help build an app that will automatically attract their attention.

Speak to your mobile app development service to discuss the features planning in detail and how to make an app like TextNow with unique functionalities.

Step #3 – Pick a Platform

Currently, there are two major players in the market, i.e., Android and iOS. The best part is that the user base for both types of devices is strong and reaches billions. However, if you wish to create a TextNow like app with a seamless experience and impeccable features, the right platform plays a vital role in making it happen.

The platform you choose may also have an impact on the cost of building an app like TextNow.

Step #4- Choose Your App’s Framework

When creating an app like TextNow to offer a service, it is best to build an app for both iOS and Android. This will help you increase your outreach and cater to all users irrespective of which mobile device they use.

The Prolific Studio app development team is well-versed in android and iOS app store guidelines. Therefore, we will help not only build your TextNow like app but also upload and launch it on both or either of the app stores.

Step #5- Evaluation and Integration

While you create an elite app like TextNow, it is best to research, plan and execute with due diligence. Make sure to add the features that will actually make your customer's life easier or offer added value that no other existing app in the market does.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to build a TextNow like app, you must follow a list of steps. However, hiring a mobile app development company is the best way to make a fast, sleek app.

The most common languages used in building an app like TextNow include NodeJS, C++, Java, and Python.

The answer is yes. This is because you will need extensive knowledge about building apps. For instance, you need to know about the design phase, prototyping and wireframing, etc. To save time and money, it is best for you to hire an app development agency.

The cost of mobile app development depends on the functionalities and features you wish to add to your application. However, the price to build a native mobile app with medium complexity may cost you between $25,000 to $70,000. At Prolific Studio, we can minimize your mobile app costs using cutting-edge cross-platform tools and an agile approach.

The duration to develop your mobile application depends on various factors such as tech stack and scope of work. That said, typically, mobile app development may take between 3 and 10 months. If you wish to build a complementing web app solution, add at least 2 to 4 months on top of the above-mentioned time frame. In order to reduce your time to market, Prolific Studio focuses on core features first. We can roll out your MVP app within 3 months while continuing to enhance its functionality and relativity.

Prolific Studio offers a mature mobile app development system of KPIs. These include budget required, budget remaining, team activity, and cycle time. We use these KPIs to manage your mobile app-building project. In the beginning, we will give you access to all of the internal progress of your mobile app development and the phase we are in. you can always ask us any questions or share your concerns. We will also be sending you regular KPI updates.

iOS and Android apps are already generating billions of dollars in revenue for various businesses. According to statistics, the revenue generated by mobile apps for businesses reached a whopping $188 billion. Therefore, if you wish to boost your brand's chances of generating more revenue, iOS and Android app development is definitely a worthy investment.

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