3D logo animation

For many websites, 3D logo animation is a popular choice for the top or somewhere on the front page. Logo motion graphics are in trend nowadays, and 3D animated logos are used by businesses of all sizes, from small to large.

In this blog, we will explain how to add a motion logo to your website, the advantages of using a motion logo, and where you can use your 3D logo animation to increase your sales and customer response..

Advantages of Animated Logo

You must be wondering why you should invest a good amount in 3D logo animations. We have listed some of the best reasons why you should have an animated logo for your website.

Reduce Bounce Rate

When a potential buyer lands on a website that offers their desired services, they will look at the website and then evaluate in the next 10-15 seconds whether they want to explore more or leave this site and look at the next one. 

An animated logo can help to attract visitors, but it is not a surefire way to do so. You can show your values, business processes, or anything similar in your logo animation graphics to persuade the visitor to hire your services or purchase from you.

More Communicative

The way you communicate your ideas and motives to your visitors will affect their decision to purchase from you. This is where your 3D logo animation will help you.

A 3D logo animation would help you communicate your ideas and beliefs to your customers. You can show how you operate, what you believe in, and what you offer, symbolically or graphically, in your 3D logo animation.

How To Integrate Your 3D Animated Logo on Your Website

If you want to integrate your 3D animated logo on your website, follow this straightforward step-by-step guide. 

  1. Click on the text editor where you want to put your 3D logo animation on your website. You can place the logo in the top left or right corner or anywhere else you like.
  2. Click on the add media button on the WordPress editor. 
  3. Click on upload files.
  4. You can click the Selected  Files button on the editor or drag and drop your media in the dialog box.
  5. Find your 3D animated logo file in your system directory. Make sure your 3D animated logo file is in GIF format to avoid any problems. 
  6. Select your 3D logo animation and click on open.
  7. Then, in the media gallery, set the alignments and change the size to full size.
  8. Finally, click on the “Insert into page” button.

Now, your animated logo will be on your website. You can seek help from any 3D animation production company to integrate your logo into your website.

Where To Use Animated Logos

Once you have used the animated logo on your websites. There are many different platforms where you can use your animated logos. We have some listed places where you can use these animated logos for your business, branding project, etc. 

Business Platforms

You can use your animated logo on places where you list your website as a service or product provider. This way, people will get more information about your company without visiting your page. You will also stand out from your competition; your brand will be the first one anyone notices on that page.

Social Platforms

You also gain a lot of clients from social platforms, and your brand must have an updated and organized social media handle. Many social platforms now allow animated logos as profile pictures so that you can add your 3D logo animation there. Facebook has recently allowed its users to add GIFs as their profile pictures.

Advertisement And Sponsors

You must have invested a lot of money in your advertisements, but you might not be able to generate that much sales or get good responses. This is because the advertisements you do are bland and distasteful. You may not get any good response on such uninteresting advertisements.

You can make your advertisements better with the help of animated logos. If you are only doing static advertisements, try switching to digital ones. Here, you can display your animated logo and see your sales skyrocketing if you have an excellent animated logo.

Also, if you are doing sponsored ads on different platforms, you can use your animated logos to attract potential customers.

In Your Email Signatures

Most of your clients ignore your logo signature at the bottom of your email. Here, you can add your 3D logo animation as your signature to build their client’s interest and show them that your company always pays attention to minor details.

This is something new in the market, and very few companies worldwide use 3D logo animation in your email signatures. Also, if you do email marketing, your customer would be interested in you if your email advertisement has a 3D logo animation as your email signature.

In Meeting Slides

You can also add your 3D animated logo to your PowerPoint slides. This way, no one would feel bored, and you will get to repeatedly show your company’s values and motives to the customer. 


We hope that our blog has helped in some way to add your 3D logo animation to your site or to understand the advantages of adding a 3D logo animation to your website.

We at Prolific Studio provide you with the best 3D logo animation services, and our experts will also help you to integrate your 3D animated logo on your website. Contact us to get your brand’s best 3D logo animation and stay ahead of your competition.

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