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Did you know that logo animation can boost your brand identity recognition by 75%? This specific statistic alone depicts the potential of an animated logo to boost your conversion ratio. The more people your business attracts, the higher your lead generation numbers will be.

Whether you are a brand, an entrepreneur, or a novice logo animator, learning to create exquisitely animated logo videos can help your business in the long run. Before we begin learning about the process of making an animation logo, let us understand what logo animation is and the different stages involved.

What is Logo Animation?

A logo animation, alternatively known as an animated logo, refers to a process where a logo animation company takes your static brand logo and adds animations or motion graphics to its design. During the process of animating your logo, you must keep in mind that it represents the value and goals of your company.

Phases of Logo Animation Design?

Before learning to create a 2D logo animation or 3D animated logo, you must understand the different stages involved in the process. This will help you plan in advance and have all available resources in hand before initiating the logo animation project.

Whether you are a company ordering a logo animation or a beginner logo animator, here are six steps involved in making an animated logo.

Phase #1 – Animated Logo Design Concept/Consultation

You will first have to consult with a logo animation studio. This may include speaking to a logo animation expert over a phone call and even filling out a questionnaire about the animated logo concept you have in mind.

If you are making a logo yourself, it will require you to think of the concept behind your animation logo video.

Phase #2 – Research

You must look around in your industry and determine the type of animated logos that are currently trending.

Phase #3 – The Sketching and Development

Based on your research, you will sketch the logo design and style of animation most relevant to your brand and/or industry.

Phase #4 – Reflection

Do not start working on the very first logo animation idea that comes to your mind. It is always best to take a break from brainstorming and let a few ideas sink in. This will help your logo concepts to mature in mind, and you may come up with something really phenomenal.

Phase #5 – Creation and Revision

You can create the first draft of your logo animation video and revise it per your requirement. You can repeat or revisit this phase as many times as you like.

Phase #6 – Launch the Logo Animation

Once completely satisfied with the animated logo video, it is time to launch it and give your company a brand-new identity or a much-needed refresh.

6 Steps to Make a 2D/3D Animated Logo Video

Now that you are aware of the stages involved in the animation of a brand logo, it is time to ask yourself the following questions.

  1.       Do you have prior knowledge about animating a logo?
  2.       Do you have adequate software and tools for logo animation?
  3.       Do you know how to edit an animated logo?
  4.       Are you confident about creating an exceptional 2D/3D logo animation?
  5.       Will hiring a 2D/3D logo animation company be a better option?

If the answer to questions 1 to 4 is a yes, you are ready to make a logo animation video. All you need is to follow these six simple steps.

Step #1 – Build a Logo Animation Concept

After your research in your niche, you will be able to come up with a concept for the animated logo you want for your company. However, make sure to keep your logo animation idea as simple as you possibly can.

If you are a novice at logo animation or a company thinking about animating a logo, a simple concept will help you make an animated logo with ease. If you are going to hire a logo animation studio, a simple idea will be easier to explain. Most importantly, a logo animation service provider will be able to deliver your animated logo video in a short time period.

Step #2 – Planning Technical Logo Animation Specifications

From pixel resolution to frames per second, you have to determine every aspect of your 2D/3D animated video logo. The ideal resolution should be 1920 X 1080 while using 30 frames per second (fps)/

Whether making a 2D logo animation or a 3D animated logo, you can use 4K resolutions. If you are unsure about the best resolution and fps count, it is best to search for the best logo animation services. However, do discuss the cost of logo design for your requirement. 

Step #3 – Preparing Your Logo

Now it is time for you to start developing your logo animation using an appropriate tool or software. Typically, most professional logo animations are easily achievable on Adobe Illustrator. However, you will need a vector version of your brand’s logo.

This will offer you increased flexibility during your logo animation phase. Another quick tip is to break your logo design into smaller sections and animate them one by one. In the end, you can bring all the design elements together.

Step#4 – Animating Your Logo

In order to create a logo animation, you will need software. In most animated logo projects, Adobe After Effects is the most potent option. Simply follow your storyboard and bring your static logo to life with compelling 2D/3D animations.

Step #5- Adding Sound Effects

Once your animated logo is ready, it is time to add sound effects or background music. You can create your own soundtrack, hire a freelancer or download free music pieces.

Step # 6 – Rendering Your Animated Logo

You now have all the components required to produce a logo animation. All you need is to combine all the elements, including layers, music/audio, and animation effects. This is known as rendering, incorporating features, and producing a single animation file.

Need Help with Your 2D/3D Logo Animation?

If you are not a tech-savvy company and wish to animate a logo for your company or startup, we at Prolific Studio can help. We have a team of highly-trained and certified logo animation artists with experience in making animated logos for different industries.

Book a free no-obligation consultation with our logo animation expert and discuss your logo concept today.

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