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Are you looking for some inspiration to create a breathtaking explainer video? We all want something great and interactive but this can only be achieved through hard work, dedication, and perseverance. It is no rocket science but it takes a lot to become an explainer video professional. We all like watching TV shows or movies to relax after a long day of work. Many times this leads us to get emotions attached to the things we see. And when you talk about creativity in the world of explainer videos, it is all about getting the attention of the audience.

I have seen many explainer videos in my life but none of them were up to standard. It got me into wondering what really sets the tone apart for successful ones?

My research indicates the following:

  • Customer Is Always Your Hero
  • Problems Should Be Personified
  • The Explainer Video Should Offer Simple Solution
  • The Video Must Have An Engaging Call-to-Action

Let’s explore how some of these valuable aspects can be implemented for a successful video.

Customer Is Always Your Hero

When you want to release an explainer video, it is important to think from the viewpoint of the audience. This is because they are the ones who will determine whether your video was a success or not. You need to ensure that your video will gain popularity and bring in more people to understand your product. What makes an explainer video successful? The answer is simple: it brings in front new features, which allows users to learn more about the product and its application.

Problems Should Be Personified

What is an explainer video without any problems to solve? It’s nothing! People like good stories, but they also like to see people suffer before things turn out for the better. The best explainer videos are those that show how your product will resolve all their problems. But how do you make the problems interesting enough to be included in an explainer video? You need to create relatable characters that will allow users to get closer with their needs.

There are many ways to create someone or something that your audience can relate to. You might need a human face, personified objects, moods or tones to make the explainer video more appealing. The best explainer videos are those that demonstrate both soft and hard problems in life.

The Explainer Video Should Offer Simple Solution

One thing that makes an explainer video great is the way it presents its solution. The tone of the video needs to be simple enough to let users stand out without too much effort. You need to encourage people into using your product by demonstrating the solution first. The best explainer videos are those that do not take too long before making the reveal. It’s quite easy for someone to watch an explainer video and ignore all its content if it takes too long. All you need to do is capture their attention and then proceed into explaining the features of your product.

Don’t forget that people are too busy these days and if your explainer video is not short enough, they will lose interest fast. Make sure that the solution is simple enough to be comprehended by the viewer. The best explainer videos are those that have a clear, concise, and crisp message to convey.

The Video Must Have An Engaging Call-to-Action

After watching an explainer video, people will be forced to visit your product page in order to learn more about it. This is the time for you to continue making sales even when they are still looking at your explainer video. All you need is a catchy call to action that will make them go to your page. The best explainer videos are those that have a clear call to action in the end.

The call-to-action should require minimum effort from the viewer and it must be simple enough for them to understand what you want them to do next. All in all, a great explainer video will always have a good call-to-action that will make the viewer more excited about your product. The best explainer videos are those with engaging calls to action that will make viewers buy your product.

These are some of the critical aspects that make an explainer video a class apart on the market. It’s quite easy for you to understand these features if you are planning on releasing an explainer video. Our explainer video service will make sure that your explainer video is of top-notch quality and it will help you stand out in the crowd.

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