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When it comes to finding the right video production company for your brand, one may come across plenty of options. We can’t be sure which company will turn out beneficial for us; however, it’s everyone’s choice to hire the right video company for their digital businesses. Claiming that certain so and so company has earned its upkeep in the growing market isn’t going to cut out for the fact whether the company you’re about to onboard is the right one or not. Therefore, to make things easier for you, we have put together a list of 5 important questions which, in my opinion, are essential to ask any video production company before you get in contract with them. 

These questions are pretty much self-explanatory and can help you find the right video production company for your business. If you’ve never been through the process of hiring a video production company, here’s an article that can be of significant help. 

So without further ado, let’s learn about the important questions that one must ask before hiring a video production company. 

How Much Will My Brand Video Cost? 

The first and foremost question we all want to ask before hiring a video production company is how much our brand video will cost us. It’s quite obvious that pricing must be the main concern for all of us. 

When somebody tells us that it’s going to cost a certain thousand dollars to create a video of a minute or two, we feel critically intrigued to find the answers for all our hows & whys. If there’s a company that offers you a single cost of, let’s say, $8k and doesn’t provide you with a complete analysis on how the video is going to cost you this much, then it raises a red flag. Be conscious of such companies & avoid trusting the reviews appearing on Google Search & other forums. 

Certain aspects which every video production company will share to clear your queries include: 

  • Discussion on the different stages of production: Pre-production, animation & post-production. 
  • How they are working with the provided budget to give you just the solution you need. 
  • Showcasing what technologies they are using to provide you a high-end brand animation video. 
  • Sending a complete portfolio of previous works & explaining their video-making process. 

Do They Have a Strategy on How Video Will Perform in Sales & Marketing? 

No video can become a success for a brand unless it can sell the brand’s product and services. ROI is a significant factor that every brand considers when investing a large budget in video production. 

Production managers usually fulfill this step during the pre-production phase. 

Check whether the video production agency managers are keen on how you sell your product/service in the market. Are they showing any inclination towards learning about your marketing strategy? What methods are they introducing to sell your product/service in the digital world? 

Imagine if you run a manufacturing industry and need a powerful animation or video to sell your services. Still, the only thing they suggest is to make your video optimized on keywords like “manufacturing jobs near me” or “manufacturing industries near me”? This is certainly not a good enough practice. 

When you’re investing big dollars, you’re most likely creating an asset for your business. Create one that leaves an impact & generates sales for your business in the best possible manner. It doesn’t have to be salesy to leave an impact. A crisp appeal to compel the audience to visit your storefront is what it needs. 

How Long Has the Company Been in Business? 

Some companies are just starting out while others are pre-established for more than a decade. 

When choosing a video production company, you should ask this question before anything else. While new companies may work with new technologies and can offer you modern solutions, seasoned companies can provide you with more in-depth expertise, valuable experience, and a long list of successful clientele. They may have a more efficient and well-organized process compared to the newer ones on the block. So it’s up to you to decide what your needs are and what type of video production you should pick for your animation video. The best way is to check out their portfolios and then make a decision. 

How Does Their Production Process Work? 

As humans, we are all very eager to learn about the processes. Therefore, when we are making big investments, we want to know even the tiniest details on how our money will get invested. It’s why we must be aware of the production process. 

Ask the video production company about their teams, their tools, which create the animations & who will write the scripts for you. You can also ask them what video format they will deliver to you, like whether the video will be provided in a DVD format or electronically optimized for the web, etc. Certain companies also offer to market & distribute your videos, so whether is it included within their package or not? Ask if there’s space for revisions & will they be able to meet the deadlines? 

Ask Them to Show You Their Previous Work Samples? 

Last but certainly not least, ask them to show you some of their previous work samples. 

Some video production companies showcase their previous work on their official websites. You can always visit them & check out their portfolios. It will give you a brief idea of what they can produce & whether they can produce the type of videos you want to publish or not. 

An additional question to ask them during the onboarding process is to ask how much capacity they have to onboard your project. If they are the legitimate type, they will be open about it. 

So here are the five essential questions you need to ask before hiring a video production company. Are there any other interesting questions that you think are worth asking? Feel free to discuss this with us. 

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