Animated Ads

Animated Commercials, when executed perfectly, can have the same impact on your target audience just the way a live-action commercial would. Are you planning to engage your audience effectively? If video marketing is at the top of your list, then here are some breathtaking examples of how some animated ads have previously won their target audiences.

 We live in a world with endless possibilities for just about everything. Do you not want to pique the curiosity of your individuals? If you want to take a more innovative approach, animated commercials can activate brand advertising.

 So, let’s not wait any more of your precious & valuable time. Here are five examples of how animated videos have previously worked wonders for brands commercially.

Top 4 Animated Ads that Nailed It

Here is a list of animated commercials that became a success for their ideas.


MasterCard: By the Numbers 



We all use debit cards and Mastercard on a daily basis but seldom do we realize the impact it is creating for us in the world. Here’s an animated commercial that helps relate to the audience’s day-to-day interactions helping them understand the value of Mastercard.

In this animated commercial, MasterCard highlights how they are making payment transactions more seamless and secure not just in the United States but across borders throughout the entire world. In a simple animation, they express how their 2.3 billion Mastercard is assisting commerce in growing globally on a massive scale.


In a single video, they displayed multiple characters belonging to different ethnic backgrounds. By the Numbers is one of the clearest videos showing how they are at the heart of growth everywhere.


Android: Be Together, Even When You’re Not the Same 



There are times when you feel left out. You may be the odd one in the entire room and want to be a part of the whole group. However, if you’re not feeling accepted, that’s what Android inspires in the following campaign.

The ad features three troubled young characters, the infamous rock, paper & scissors. They never tend to get along, but despite their animosity, in this animated commercial ad, they come together to protect each other against bullying.

The ad shows how you don’t always need to be direct with advertising. You can also use social causes to inspire others. Your narrative has to be strong in order to leave a lasting impact on your audience. It makes your brand appear more human. 


Wimbledon: In Pursuit of Greatness 


What if you can fit an entire tennis history timeline in a single-minute video? That’s precisely what you get when watching the animated Wimbledon: In Pursuit of Greatness production. The video illustration contains some of the legendary characters of the tennis world, such as Spencer Gore & Serena Williams.

It takes you on a breathtaking journey on how Wimbledon evolved with the passage of time. There’s just something for everyone who will watch the animated video. There are characters where not only you but even your great great grandfather can also find one of their tennis stars. As long as a video animation can relate to the perfect music playing in the background, it doesn’t require any voiceover.


WhatsApp: End to End Encryption 

When WhatsApp went mainstream about the security of the information exchange between two recipients, they did it by educating the audience through an animated video. In their animated commercial video, they won the audience by winning their emotions.

The video depicts a story of a lost soul trying to search for their significant other without having anyone else intervene between them. With animation, WhatsApp got the message to their respective audience.

Instead of opting for the traditional explainer video concept, they took a more subtle, short, and cute way of expressing the message to their target audience.


Powerful animations can trigger the right emotions in the heart and minds of your target audiences. Not only are they fun and engaging, but they also have an interactive touch to

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