In the past, marketing was defined as a method of communicating a brand’s worth through various forms of media. In today’s society, this has become synonymous with advertising to consumers in an attempt to have them use a product or service. There is no denying that marketing has evolved into many different branches and departments including public relations, research and development, and consumer market analysis. However, at its core, marketing will always be about promoting your product or service to the public.

What’s interesting though, is that the public has shifted from being mere consumers to becoming active participants in sharing their opinions across social media platforms through websites like Twitter and Facebook, their own blogs, and user review sites. With this change comes a new way for companies to gain insights from those same consumers, which can ultimately give them a competitive edge.

In recent years, businesses have taken the leap from traditional advertising mediums such as television and magazines to developing interactive campaigns via social media channels. In fact, one report suggests that by 2021,  “most of the global ad spending, or 82%, will be used to promote businesses via social media.” This presents a unique opportunity for companies to engage with their customers by producing quality content, such as fun and informative animation videos, which can ultimately lead them to purchase their product or service.

Animation Videos: A New Marketing Trend in Content Marketing

In the past, animation videos have been used strictly for entertainment purposes. However, today they are being used to share a business’ story to potential customers. In fact, several brands have already begun to leverage this growing trend in marketing by producing engaging videos that not only highlight their product or service but also help them engage more effectively with consumers.

Animation videos are often humorous, engaging, informative and relatable – all of which generate more impressions than traditional ads. They typically follow a story arc format in order to address customers’ main concerns about a product or service. This makes it easier for the viewer to understand what the company is offering while also providing opportunities for them to ask questions that could lead to sales conversions.

A prime example of this is the following video created by Bosch Healthcare. The animation video, which highlights their company’s focus on innovation and how it has improved patient care, shows what life was like for patients watching doctors mix medicine back in the 1950s versus today with modern technology.

Using Animation Videos to Promote Your Business

Animation videos are a great way to bring your brand message to life. Not only can these videos be used on social media platforms to engage with customers, but they are also an effective tool for sharing information that is appealing and understandable across all demographics.

So, if you’re interested in adding animation videos to your marketing campaigns, here’s how you can get started:

  1. Research and choose your target audience: Before creating any form of animation video, you first need to conduct an in-depth analysis on who your target audience is and why they should be interested in what you’re offering. By not properly researching this focused demographic before starting the project, it can lead to a wasted effort in producing videos, which could ultimately lead to poor engagement numbers.
  2. Outline your story: Animation videos should focus on telling a concise and relatable story that explains the problem your product or service aims to solve. Customers can identify with these types of stories much easier than they can with lengthy overviews filled with technical jargon about how a product works.
  3. Research and choose your voice: Another important step in the animation video process is finding the right person to do the voice over for your video, which can make or break its success. You will want to find a voice that matches your target audience’s age group as well as their personality, so they feel comfortable trusting you and your product or service.
  4. Create and distribute: With a solid plan in place, it’s now time to create and distribute your video on various social media platforms for the world to see. By doing so, you will be able to start conversations with potential customers as well as show off your brand’s personality.

Making your videos fun and engaging will help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed by new customers!

  1. Measure your success: With marketing analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, it’s easy to track the number of people who have viewed each video you produce. This data can be used to measure the overall performance of each animation video so you can make adjustments in future projects to improve your conversions.

Concluding Thoughts

There you go, now we are quite aware that by using animation videos, you will be able to not only engage with customers on a more personal level but also stand out among competitors who are still stuck in the past with traditional advertising methods. 

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