Hiring a logo animation service is an excellent medium to help design and animate a logo as your company’s branding strategy. A logo will be the emblem of who you are and what you stand for. Furthermore, it can also help you give your brand a much-needed refresh.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or marketing head thinking about building a brand identity, you are in the right place. In this post, you will learn about the aspects you must consider when searching for logo animation services or logo animation companies. So, without further ado, let us dive right in.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Logo Animation Company

You can get a 2D logo animation or a 3D animated logo. However, you must ensure to follow the below-mentioned tips.  

#1 – Always Check the Portfolio of Work

A genuine and well-reputed logo animation service provider should have no qualms in showing off their previous work and experience in the industry. Therefore, if a logo animation  company has no portfolio to back its claim of expertise in creating 2D/3D animated logos, it is a red flag.

However, if a portfolio of work is available, look out for plagiarized logo designs and low quality. Furthermore, if the company claims to have worked with big brands, feel free to ask for references for verification.

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#2 – Avoid Low-Cost Logo Animation Agency

Most companies fall into the trap of unscrupulous logo animation studios. So you avoid companies outsourcing the logo animation production task. However, it is best to avoid hiring a low-cost off-shore logo animation service. This is because you will be paying a premium cost to get your brand logo designed by low-cost and inexperienced designers.

Are you a US-based company searching for a logo animation production company? In that case, it is best to search for one with a nationwide presence with good standing.

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#3 – Be Thorough During Consultation

A logo will be the identity of your company for decades to come. Therefore, you must be comprehensive in asking any questions that you may have in mind. That said, even the logo animation team will also show interest and ask questions to get to know your company.

The questions the logo animators should be asking you include the following:     

  •    Which niche does your brand belong to? 
  •    What are the products and/or services your company provides?
  •    What are your long-term goals?
  •    Who are you as a company?
  •    What are you trying to achieve with a logo animation?
  •    Who your ideal customer is?
  •    Will logo animation solve a specific problem for your company?
  •    What is your target market?
  •    Do you have any logo animation ideas in mind?

Remember, 2D animated logo design and development is not a one-size-fits-all formula. The 2D/3D logo animation studio must try to gain in-depth insight into your business and brand.

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Other Questions You May Ask

On your part, you should be asking questions as well. Here is a comprehensive list of inquiries you can make during your consultation with the logo animation expert.

  •    Does the logo animation company have experience in animating logos for your industry?
  •    Does the company have any samples and examples of 2D/3D animated logos they have successfully delivered?
  •    Ask the company to provide you with any case studies of the previous projects for you to read.
  •    Will the studio animate your logo in-house, or are they going to outsource it?
  •    What is the animation process, and will you be a part of it?
  •     What modes of communication are there for you to keep in touch, and what is the response time?
  •     Will you get a plagiarism-free animated logo?
  •     Will your brand-new logo animation be 100% unique and free from stock illustrations, icons and pre-made templates?
  •     How long will it take for the logo animation service to deliver your 2D/3D animated logo?

You must also think about why this company is the best for your project. Get to know the animation team you will be working with. Try to find out who will be your direct point of contact throughout the journey.

Once you have the answers, it is time to get the estimation quote and do so in writing. This way, you will avoid any last-minute price increases and hidden charges.

#4 – Communication and Customer Experience

Many logo animation production companies offer online services. However, they must have various modes of communication available for the clients to reach.

For instance, a 2D/3D logo animation company you are considering must have a phone number. If you cannot find one, it is a red flag. This is critical, especially if you end up with a low-quality, plagiarized or half-done animated logo. A service with no phone number to contact the service provider is a red flag.

Therefore, always look for a logo animator service that is happy to get on the phone with you. It is also best to have face-to-face video call on Zoom whenever you have any  questions.

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#5 – Equivocal Feedback, Testimonials and Reviews

Client feedback from previous logo animation projects of a company are one of the most critical factors in selecting the right logo animation firm.

That said, a large number of reviews is not proof in entirety that the logo animation service is as good as it says. Therefore, take your time to read the reviews and scrutinize if the testimonials sound genuine or legitimate.

Look for vague reviews such as a simple 5-star rating with no comment or simple one-liners like “good job,” “thank you for a great logo,” etc. A deeply satisfied customer will make an effort to write a detailed review about their experience with the company in question.

Animate Your 2D/3D Logo with Prolific Studio

If you are searching for a logo animation company, we at Prolific Studio can help. We have worked with hundreds of companies in various sectors delivering exquisite, high-definition and 100% unique animated logos. According to statistics, 50% of consumers like to buy from businesses they recognize.

Whether a 2D logo animation service or a 3D animation service you are after, we can produce a logo animation according to your brand, concept or demand. If you do not have any logo animation ideas, our expert 2D/3D logo animators will create one for you.

Whatever your branding and logo animation needs are, speak to our logo animation team today. 

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