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Don’t underestimate the power of a great crowdfunding campaign video. It is often what separates successful campaigns from unsuccessful ones. Videos are much more than just a marketing tool- they are one of your greatest assets in getting funded, raising awareness and increasing exposure for your project. They also create an emotional connection to potential backers which make them much more likely to donate to your cause.

A good video can be the difference between 10% of people donating versus 90% donating! Let’s look at why that is by looking into the psychology behind this phenomenon.

When you browse projects on crowdfunding websites it takes around two or three seconds before one captures your attention enough to encourage you to watch its video. If you think about this time frame, it is actually pretty huge. In fact, it is estimated that this is also the attention span of a Goldfish! In other words, if you don’t catch people’s attention within a few seconds then they will leave your project and never look at it again.

The reason that backers do not watch video after video is because they’re finding their options boring and repetitive. So how can you make your campaign stand out from the rest? The solution lies in creating a creative crowdfunding campaign video which does more than just tell about your product- instead it should tell an entire story.

Who Should Use Crowdfunding Video?

Any Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign who wishes to succeed should definitely add a video to their page. While this may be obvious it’s still amazing how many campaigns choose not to add a video when they launch.

Kickstarter says that adding a video increases the number of visitors that go on to make a pledge by 80%. Indiegogo has stated that campaigns with videos raise 114% more money than those without, and also have a 69% chance of reaching their goal compared to 29% without one.

As far as the issue of how to make a crowdfunding video is concerned, let’s get into the nitty gritty of it.

Define the Development Stages of a Creative Crowdfunding Video

The video should start with a catchy line which grabs the attention of the people browsing. For example, if you are an online shop selling watches it might be something like:

“You’re running late for work again and now you’re going to lose your job!”

This is a great way to let viewers know that they probably have similar problems as the ones being presented in this campaign.

Then there will be a transition into talking about their solution- which is where viewers find out what it is that they are actually trying to fund. As mentioned before, all of this needs to be done within seconds otherwise people’s attention will wander off elsewhere and you’ll never get them back!

There should also be some short examples of how useful the product actually is. This will give viewers more of an idea of what your product or service actually does and make them more likely to pledge towards it. A popular choice for this is showing how someone would use the product in their everyday life both in the present and in the future when it’s up and running.

Coming Up with a Common Problem People Are Experiencing

Every great product solves a problem for hundreds of people. Video makers need to show the masses what this common problem is and how their campaign can solve it, which will make your project stand out from the rest!

Viewers are only going to be interested in learning about your product if they know exactly how it is going to help them in their everyday lives, which means you need to clearly explain and demonstrate this within the video. There should also be a way of illustrating just how many people can benefit from using your product, such as statistics or testimonials.

Another thing that you could do is mention how this problem has been solved by other brands in the past but that yours will be superior due to certain key features which give it an edge over its competitors.

Providing Them with a Solution

Once you have managed to grab their attention, viewers need a reason to keep watching your video. This is where you will be explaining exactly how your product is going to solve this common problem that is being experienced by many people.

You will need to show that your product is capable of solving the issue by going into detail about how it works and what features it has that make it a step above its competitors. At this point you should also bring out a bit more technical language if needed in order to get the message across, but still try not to use too much jargon- you want everyone to understand you!

Be sure that they understand why your product is the best option on the market and give them a good reason as to why they should invest in it. This will be an important part of convincing people to pledge and come on board with your campaign!

A Touching Story that People Can Relate to

People are extremely emotional creatures, so try and tug on their heart strings whenever possible! For example, if you’re trying to raise money for a new technology which will help improve the lives of many sick children, share an inspiring story about how it has changed one specific child’s life. This way viewers will see how the product is already benefiting people and make them more likely to contribute.

In order to really get your audience on board with your crowdfunding campaign you need to show them how passionate you are, which means putting yourself out there rather than sticking behind a camera. The video should be an accurate representation of what it’s actually like working on this project, including any struggles that have been faced along the way. If possible find someone within the team who has their own following online- if they’re well known then people are much more likely to check out your campaign!

Now animations can be a great way of adding creative flair to your crowdfunding video and there are many examples of this being done well. However there are also several instances where these have been used poorly so make sure yours is of good quality!

Always Hire a Professional Animation Studio for the Job!

Video production companies can really help your cause if you’re lacking the skills yourself. Not only will they manufacture an amazing crowdfunding video but they will ensure that it. Do you want to get a high quality animation video for your crowdfunding video? Prolific Animations can help you get the best one.

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