Optimize YouTube Videos

Believe it or not, YouTube is a gold mine for every modern-day marketer. 

If you’re someone seeking to increase your online exposure, then YouTube is the second-largest platform that can give you the exposure your brand deserves. It has billions of individuals watching countless streams almost every day. On average, YouTube has more than 2 billion people watching videos. 

And the best part about YouTube is, it will never break your bank no matter the situation. 

Instead, you make money twice more than any other social media channel. 

But how exactly do marketers make it happen? Are you also wondering the same question? Well, let us help you learn how marketers optimize YouTube videos so they can get more views. 

So shall we begin? 

Optimize Videos for YouTube & Web Searches

We all know that Google is the largest search engine and every other person visits Google if they have any particular queries. Pretty much the same is the case with YouTube. Do you want to watch something in video format? YouTube should be your favored choice. No matter what platform they choose, people searching up queries usually do it by typing in keywords in the Search Box. The art of optimizing the content on relevant keywords is what gets your content the exposure it deserves. 

Most companies hire an SEO marketing specialist to do that optimization for you. They will find whether your video is indexed properly on Google. They double-check if search crawlers are going through your content or not. Crawlers are bots particularly designed to reach your target audience in an efficient manner. But how do they know on which keywords should they optimize your videos so it starts getting the exposure? Well, it’s quite simple! Just take a look at your content’s keywords. 

Now we are all in the clear, how do SEO managers make it happen? Let’s get into the heart of everything. 

Boost Your Click-Through Rate 

Click-through rate is simply how many times a video is getting clicked on a platform such as YouTube. 

The Click-through rate depends on a number of factors. For instance, how engaging your video title is? Does your video description provide proper insight into the content? Does your video have appropriate keywords? Does it have an engaging thumbnail? A mix of all such elements provides viewers the option of deciding whether your YouTube content will appear on top of searches or not. 

When you optimize video for boosting your click-through rate on YouTube, it automatically gets optimized for Google as well. Do you see how you killed two birds with a single stone? 

Well, that’s the power of YouTube optimization. 

The idea is to make your title & thumbnail simple & coherent. Make sure they complement each other. 

Add Transcripts & Captions to Your Videos 

Transcripts are basically text files of everything that is said within the video. 


It is a file consisting of all the information. It helps in translating all the audiovisual content and increases your chances of indexing. Transcriptions ensure crawlers can easily identify your content and rank it up on YouTube Searches easily & effectively. Since they are available in written format, it increases your chances of adding more keywords which in turn, helps in optimizing the video content to rank up in searches. It appears that the keyword density & variety of your content eventually increases. 

Many content creators rely on automatic captioning of YouTube but it often fails in producing the correct results. To make a match of your video script, you can always edit those automatic transcriptions. 

Be strategic, see where you can better optimize keywords in the content. 


Concluding Thoughts 

So there you go, here’s just about everything valuable we have to offer you about YouTube video optimization. There’s no particular Harry Potter magic wand that can offer you a good place to rank on searches with a quick swish of a wand. The only way you can get your content to appear on top of searches is by investing your time and marketing budget in hiring credible resources to optimize your content. YouTube is a highly competitive space and might take a good chunk of your precious time when it comes to optimization. However, if done right, you can’t imagine the profitable outcomes you can receive in return. 

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Give us a brief insight into your requirements and let us create the perfect digital solution for you. 


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