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We often find ourselves seeking new ways to interact with our target audiences. If you’re running a brand and want to showcase it to your customers, then investing your budget in video advertising is a great chance to attract traffic instantly. We live in a time where video marketing is at the top of everything. People like to interact with brands that are more stable and can provide a better insight into what’s happening on the inside. Videos provide the true essence of marketing by leveraging powerful audiovisuals. Now, who doesn’t prefer to invest their budgets in the right marketing strategy? But before we consider making such investments, we all want to become fully satisfied. 

To help you make the right decision, we will discuss key advantages to help you understand advertising. 

Do You Know Your Customers Are Watching More Videos? 

Do you know that more than 85% of the United States audience is watching videos every month? Without a doubt, we live in a world where social media is the norm. People like to consume content in video format more than they prefer to consume content in any other way. More than 88% of small & medium scale businesses are fully satisfied with the ROI which they receive through effective video marketing. 


To give you a brief insight on the video marketing statistics, 



Such statistics provide a clear picture that video advertising is at the heart of everything. If you’re a business that is failing to capitalize on video advertising, then you’re missing out a great deal on profits. 


Video Ads Bring More Conversions  

Do you know that product giants like Amazon and eBay claim that merchants who put up videos to market their product through their platforms get a massive 35% increased sales compared to businesses that do not leverage the power of video advertising? The power of video goes beyond just creating brand awareness or consideration. It is now massively used by e-commerce store owners to convert users into potential customers. 


If you want to convert your audience and make them your loyal customer, a video is just about everything you need to bring investments your way. 


Do You Know Search Engines Love Videos? 

Videos are very much search engine friendly. Search engines like Google are now making changes in their algorithms where they give priority to video content more than certain other types of content in their respective rankings in Google SERP. Certain sites are now ranking higher than others if they have a particular video describing or promoting their brand products & services on their specific site. 


It shows that active bloggers who have been embedding videos in their blogs have been right all along. It increases the likelihood of your target audience coming to your site and favor your content more.


Video Ads Get Massively Shared by People on Social Media 

Believe it or not, but there are many social media influencers who consider sharing video ads with their followers. Whether they are active on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, if your video ad has powerful messaging, it gets massive shares in various groups and profiles on social media channels. 

There are several examples that I can quote here, but I would like you to visit any of the marketing & advertising groups where you’re an active member. Go around and check how many users have shared content across multiple channels. On an estimate, we found that more than 700 videos are shared by Twitter users on average. Such numbers indicate that videos have the lion’s share in marketing. 


A Video Can Tell Your Brand Story Better Than Anyone Else 

If you really want to create an emotional impact on your target audience, then telling your brand story through a video is the best thing ever. A video surely helps brands to create everlasting relationships with customers. No wonder, sight & sound can have an incredibly profound effect on the mind of their audiences and with the perfect storytelling, a video can easily convey the right emotions. Connect with the viewers and educate the audience with your product and service. Make them live up by telling them an incredible story. Who knows, what video element may engage your audience effectively. 

Telling your brand story through a video ad is one of the best forms of video advertising. 

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It, Check Your Analytics To Be Sure 

Now you must be thinking that we are simply capitalizing on our business, but don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to integrate analytics at the back-end of your website and check the results for yourself. Do you find video marketing of great benefit? Share with us what you have learned. 

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