So you’re the kind of guy who performed effective research before publishing a video on your website? You have tried your level best in meeting all the SEO points which are available in the optimization checklist, yet you’re unable to see your video content appear on top of Google Searches. 

While your SEO specialist must’ve invested a great deal to rank your website on top of Google Searches, he might’ve missed out on some important checkpoints when it comes to optimizing videos. 

Video SEO is not the same as website SEO and that’s why today we are going to shed some light on the common SEO pitfalls which many video marketing experts encounter and they should avoid. 


Don’t Post Multiple Videos Per Website Page 

We all fall under the impression that when one video is great for website rankings, then why shouldn’t we invest in more? However, what they fail to realize is that having multiple videos on a page is not a great way to attract more organic traffic to your website. In fact, more videos can often have adverse effects on your website rankings. As a matter of fact, search engines will only highlight the first video on your website page while the rest will not assist in your website ranking.

If the videos you’re posting hold some relevance to your brand, then it might turn out to be worthwhile. Otherwise posting multiple videos on your website solely for ranking is ineffectual. 


Don’t Invest in Creating Low-Quality Videos 

Although adding a video for SEO purposes is a plus for your SEO checklist, if the video you’re adding is not of satisfactory quality, then you’re not making the right investments. Getting quality videos does not mean that you invest a fortune of your video production budget on a single great video. In fact, you can create a very compelling video without making much of an investment. 

Have you heard about video animations? Feel free to reach out to a reasonably priced video animation company like Prolific Studio to help you create a high-quality video in your budget. 

Now coming back to square one, what it really means to have a low-quality video is when you spend a great deal of time coming up with a brand message which does not correlate with your audience. 

When your video has vague answers to customer pain points, it is considered low-quality content. Google is all about relevance and if your video can’t provide relevant information, it’s not good for SEO. 


Avoid Creating Similar Video Content for All Pages 

We all are fond of selling one service through our website more than the rest because we are actually great at it. However, it does not mean that you should discuss that one particular thing in just about every video which you’re posting on your website pages. 

If it were up to Google, every page of your website should have a single clear purpose. 

So when creating video content for your website, we recommend that you proceed in the same manner. Every video which you create and publish on your website should have a narrow focus on answering specific questions. The more you focus on your video, the much better will be the overall results.

Do you know if your content overlaps your own, you suffer from competing against yourself for backlinks & shares? These are both crucial factors that play an important role in making your pages rank.


Failing to Promote Your Content Adequately Across Channels 

One of the best things about investing your budget in organic traffic is it grows on its own. It won’t take much of your cost and your website will automatically start acquiring more traffic without anyone’s intervention. But to reach that sweet spot, you will have to make some investments initially. 

One of the things you need to do is make sure you’re successful in promoting your content. Marketers take multiple approaches in order to make sure their website content gets maximum shares. 

Outreach is a famous way how many experts effectively engage with thought leaders. They share their brand, their values, and other things with them so they can feel inspired and share your content. Just continuously making efforts in building backlinks isn’t going to provide you maximum exposure. 

You will have to go the extra mile to reach that point. 


Not Making the Video the Central Focus of Your Website Page 

Many business owners often fail to put the video as the central point of their website. You may often find video somewhere hidden inside a fold or at the bottom of the website page where the user has almost lost his/her interest. As Margot Whiney in her piece on WordStream states, 

“Search crawlers also are unlikely to go out of their way to index a hidden video.”

As a result, your video seldom gets the attention it deserves and hence altogether less play-time. Eventually, your website ranking starts to drop and before you know it, you’re not coming up on the top ranking positions on Google. As a business whose opting to introduce video in their landing page designs, you should be wary of such mistakes. Don’t let your video be concealed or you will rank low in the searches. The best way to increase Google’s crawl ability factor is to make the video the central point. 

SEO is a gift to ensure the long-term success of your brand in the online landscape. The above discussed are a few ways how you can optimize your video and maximize the effect of organic reach. 

Do you have some other valuable points? Feel free to drop your comments in the section below. 

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