Video content is one of the favored choices for content creators in the online world. 

Why do marketers love video? It’s because video content has the power to engage audiences quickly. A video is not only great at attracting an audience, but the right video format used in the right place can leave a powerful impact on your audience. It is an excellent tool for increasing conversions and boosting your online engagements. However, to get the best results of what you seek, you need to follow specific guidelines. In our present post, we will discuss some of the basic video formats that businesses use to attract their audiences. At the same time, we will shed light on which of them are great for engaging audiences and bringing maximum people to the circle. So are you ready? Then let’s begin. 

Videos Which People Love to Promote Online 

One of the leading benefits of having a video on your website is that it increases online visibility. Do you want to get more brand awareness? Do you wish to perform better SEO or need more conversions? Well, video can help you achieve all that without asking you to put in much effort. 

Many savvy marketers are leveraging the power of video marketing nowadays. 

80% of the brands in the online space are already capitalizing on video marketing. Some of the common video types which quickly get promoted in the online space includes: 

Educational Videos 

Is there a specific problem your target audience has? Educational videos can help you get acquainted with the problem in the most befitting manner. It can help your audience learn about the issue and, at the same time, find solutions to their respective problems. Educational videos have useful content that limits a brand marketing their product/service and goes beyond helping a great many people learn about new things. It offers valuable information which encourages others to share content in different places. Before you know it, your brand starts appearing in places as an informed business. 

What people consider helpful for themselves, they will consider it useful for others. And in the wake of usefulness, your brand will find the limelight which it well deserves. 

Humor-Filled Videos 

Having fun and engaging elements within your video content will grasp the attention of your audience more effectively. People love to consume entertaining content, making them laugh or put a smile on their faces. Any media which helps the brain release oxytocin and dopamine are good media. There’s no harm as a marketer to introduce that dose of entertainment within your video content to capitalize on profit margins. If people enjoy watching your content, they will definitely feel the inclination to spread the word. Videos that capitalize on humor easily get distributed across channels. 

How-To Videos 

Similar to educational videos, how-to videos can give you a chance to gain added benefit as well. The How-To videos offer a resolution to specific problems and provide valuable content on-demand. People love to find quick solutions to their minor issues. Whether it’s how to create a thumbnail or replace content in your video by snipping it away, a how-to video can quickly help your audience. Depending on the type of business you’re running, a how-to video relevant to your niche’s problem will help you find better solutions. Your audience will find answers to their problems, and they will prefer sharing it on their pages and profiles as well. In this way, your brand will start getting more exposure. 

Explainer Videos 

Does your website resolve a complicated or technical problem for others? Well, how about you use animation to capitalize on your value. Explainer animations can help you combine the effects of stunning animations, super-cool imagery, powerful voice-over, catchy soundtrack, interesting resources & much more to create highly engaging animation videos for your audiences. Explainer animations have amazing benefits, they can easily get distributed across multiple channels, and their shareability is what makes them unique. They are quick-bite-sized animation chunks that are easily digestible. 

Therefore, they are more reliable and can get quick exposure in the online world. 

Whiteboard Animations 

Last but not least on our list for the day are whiteboard animations. We have all seen one of those videos where a hand draws different characters, and a voice-over artist dictates everything to the audience? Well, that’s what whiteboard animations are, and they have indeed moved out from just being a dormant animation video on YouTube. Now brands are capitalizing on whiteboard animations to explain how they are helping the world become a better place. If you’re the kind of brand focusing on sustainability, you can also do the same. Get a whiteboard animation and market your product/brand values to the world in a clean and greenway. It’s a trend that earned its place somewhat a couple of years back, so why not capitalize on its value?

So there you go. Here are some of the different video formats which I believe brands are leveraging to promote themselves in the online space. Want any of the above-discussed video formats done for your brand as well? How about you get in touch with Prolific Studio. Let us help create the perfect 2D/3D animations for your businesses. We would be more than delighted to help you promote your businesses. 

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