We can’t deny the fact that video is a powerful source of marketing all on its own. Brands that are utilizing videos as an integral part of their marketing strategy are churning some good leads. Those who are not leveraging the power of video marketing are indeed experiencing a setback, especially in the modern digital era. Videos are a great source of attracting, engaging and converting visitors into potential leads. Marketers who are using it differently in their other marketing strategies are delighted with the overwhelming response which they are getting through such marketing practices. Just like well-written content can spice up your website or social media posts, a well-crafted video can do the same. 

In today’s article, we are going to discuss how brands can merge video marketing with other marketing practices. We will shed light on their benefits and how they can help you score better customers. 

So without further ado, let’s initiate. 

Merging videos with content marketing – It brings massive appeal 

Do you want to instill the element of absolute trust within your audience? Content marketing is one of the major ways you can find loyal customers. We all want to stop with the traditional marketing jargon to ensure our products get sales & conversions. That time is long gone, how many of us feel inclined at buying stuff off online when there’s a traditional marketing pitch used to sell something? 

I am sure the answer is, Nah not me. Well, if you’re among the naysayers then you want better quality content for your digital product. Unless you don’t educate the audience properly on the benefits of what you’re selling, then you’re failing to create the appeal your product/service/brand deserves. 

Content marketing is not all about using words to convince and educate. You can also use videos. With videos, you can fulfill both the aims of an effective content marketing strategy: educate & attract. 

The right combination of visuals, sound design, information delivery, and a piece offering an immersive experience is all it takes to convince your audience that you’re the right place to purchase. 

Merging videos with email marketing – Create everlasting connections 

There’s no denying how the combination of email marketing and video marketing is generating some popular results. It’s definitely one of the most reliable ways to connect with your online leads and prospects. Well-crafted emails and videos mutually take benefit from each other. While emails are one of the best ways to distribute video content, whereas videos make emails massively appealing for customers. They feel more inclined to watch what you have posted, and they also learn a great deal about your product/services. Do you know just adding the word video to email improves its open rate! 

By introducing a video in your email, your entire email message becomes more impactful & engaging. 

However, here’s the downside of using a video in your email. Many major email service providers such as Google, Yahoo, and Live WebMail do not allow video embedding directly. Instead, if you want to ensure your marketing strategy works, you need to embed a video thumbnail or a GIF that redirects the user. 

In this way, you won’t fall short of expectations and deliver your valuable content to your audience. 

Social Media Marketing + Video = Combination to Drive Engagements 

Social media is the safe haven where many businesses are individually making investments to put their business in front of not thousands but millions of customers. It’s a place that is predominantly governed by the people for the people. One of the ways how businesses are reaping great profit margins is through publishing video content on various channels. 

While audiences are now tired of seeing the same old pitch masterfully being presented by brands after brands, including videos, is definitely breaking new grounds. 

Are you trying to find ways to gain more followers and turn them into loyal customers? 

Then it’s time you introduce video marketing into your social marketing strategy. When crafting social videos, don’t forget that they are done differently than traditional videos. They are meant to be short, concise, and to the point. They should send the message to your audience in a compelling way. 

After all, your end goal here is engagement.  

Video Marketing & Its Implementation in Search Engine Optimization 

Today, search engine optimization is considered one of the massive ways how businesses rank their digital presence up on search engines. Most likely 95% of the entire world’s population consider Google as the go-to search engine when they have a query. And to make sure your content is appearing at the top of this particular search engine, you need to invest a great deal in hiring SEO specialists to work on the site content and HTML sitemaps. This, in turn, ensures your content starts ranking in the online space & as a result, your digital presence starts appearing in front of your relevant target audience.

Now you must be wondering how video marketing comes into play with SEO practices? Using a video in your marketing practices increases your chance of securing more click-through rates. At the same time, a video on your web page ensures users stay longer than usual. In turn, it decreases the overall bounce rate of your website and you eventually score your precious first-page result. All of these facts are sure-fire proof that video marketing is the top-notch marketing strategy that you should consider in SEO. 

So there you go, here are the four major avenues through which brands capitalize on video marketing. Do you want to get a video done for your own precious brand/service in the online space? In order to get maximum exposure, you need to install a video that can profoundly engage your audience. 

Prolific Studio is an animation studio that can help you create dynamic videos to engage your target audience effectively. Pitch us your idea and let us put together a highly engaging animation. 


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