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What makes an animation video stand apart from the rest of the other videos in the business world is its capability to attract and convert visitors instantly while communicating their business message in a fun and simple way. When we talk about animations, it’s not strange nowadays to consider making an animation video a part of your marketing strategy. Countless businesses (from SMBs to enterprise-level organizations) are now abundantly focusing on investing their hard-earned investments in putting together great animation for their business. 


But when you come to think of it, the first thing that comes to your mind will be, 


“How much does an animated video cost?” or “How much does an animated explainer video cost?” 


These are quite relevant questions and we understand how eager you’re to get the answers for them. Therefore today, we have put together this amazing article to help you learn about the true potential of animation videos. We are going to shed light on their costs per minute & give you a brief breakdown. It will surely help you find out in what price range it really falls.


So without further ado, let’s begin. 


The Key Factors to Be Addressed While Pricing Animation Videos 

When it comes to animations, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. When an animator is tasked with creating a pricing plan for a certain animation video, there are plenty of factors he needs to address. Some of these factors are listed below to give you a clear understanding. 


  • The Length of Videos: The first thing he needs to pay attention to is how long the video is going to be. For example, a 30-second video will be priced differently than a five-minute-long animation. 
  • The Style of Animation: There are countless different styles of animation including 2D motion graphics, whiteboard animations, 3D animations, stop motion pictures, and so on. 
  • Customization Elements: Customization also plays an important role. A piece of video built with premade templates wouldn’t cost as much as something that will require doing everything from scratch. 
  • The Expertise of Animators: A team of talented animators will definitely charge a hefty amount for a simple animation job; whereas an amateur freelancer will charge you a reasonable price. 


How Much Does Animation Cost Per Minute? 

Since we are now clear on what are the key factors which you need to address when analyzing the pricing plan for your animation, now it’s time to check what you can expect from whom when searching for the right animator for your business animation works. 

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Amateur Animator 0$ = $100 per minute 

You can actually put together an animation video without investing much other than your precious time and efforts. There are countless free animation tools out there that can help you put together an animation using existing templates & generic illustrations. However, the end result won’t be as good as you expect. We don’t underestimate your video-making skills but when you invest in cheap tools, then be prepared to get cheap results. As the notion goes, you get what you pay for so if you hire an amateur freelancer from a platform, then be ready to get similar results as well. 


Freelancer $100 = $3000 per minute

As you can notice that the price range in the freelancer’s range is quite broad. That’s because there are plenty of freelancers who are offering animation video production services through a multitude of online franchises. There is a massive pool of animation experts who are offering ample services in the online sphere and it’s one of the reasons why the range of animators is exceptionally broad. At the highest peak of the price range, you will find experts who can build you custom videos that meet the standard quality.  

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However, no matter what they charge you, the downside of hiring a freelancer from a freelancing platform is, they tend to do everything on their own which includes services like scriptwriting/voiceover talents, etc. Or they hire someone who is not as much of a professional as one who has ample years of experience in doing these tasks repetitively. It may turn out worthwhile once or twice, but if your business needs animation on the go, a freelancer may not be the best choice. 

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A Professional Animation Studio $1000 $8000 per minute

Now this may sound expensive but if you’re an ongoing business seeking a professional job done by a team of professional animators, then you need to pay a bit extra to get it done. Hiring an animation studio to get your animation done takes poor quality or even standard quality service out of the equation. You get something truly unique with an interesting perspective. They pay close attention to your brand’s voice and make sure your brand gets the exposure it needs through that animation service. You get an experienced staff with designated individuals doing a different set of tasks. You may find a separate voiceover artist, a visualizer, an animator, a scriptwriter, and many other useful individuals. Animation coming from a professional studio, even of a product animation, is not a one-man’s job but a combined effort. . 


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