What is a Cel Animation Service?

Cel animation is known as a process of animating figures with the help of drawing and painting on cels (short for celluloid). You can place the animated figures over a background and photograph frame by frame.

How Does Cel Animation Work?

Our cel animation production team will use Cel to paint any animated object or character based on the animation artist's initial pencil sketch. In the next phase, the animation artist will put the cels over the desired background and shoot it to bring your animation to life via the illusion of motion.

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Cel Animation: An Impactful Marketing Medium

If you are a company thinking about digitalizing your marketing campaign, Cel animation is one of the most effective mediums. That said, here are three reasons why you should incorporate Cel animation into your digital marketing campaign.

Create Your Own Brand Story

Create Your Own Brand Story

A well thought Cel animation would allow you to create an audio/visual story about your company. It is one of the most appealing ways to attract modern-day customers.

It is Pocket-friendly

It is Pocket-friendly

If you want the best for money, 2D and 3D Cel animation videos are more cost-efficient than any other animation video production.

Higher ROI

Higher ROI

If you want your company’s conversion ratio and sales volumes to boost quickly, Cel animation services will allow you to capture your target audience.

Why Brands Choose Prolific Studio, a Trustworthy Cel Animation Studio?

With thousands of satisfied clients and brands around the world, Prolific Studio enjoys the status of the most reliable and award-winning Cel animation video production company.
Here is why:

Our Multi-purpose Cel Animation Services

We at Prolific Studio can create Cel animated videos for your company per your objectives and goals. Here is a list of corporate applications for our cel video animations.

  • Advertisement And Marketing
  • Cartoons
  • Healthcare Training And Educational Programs
  • Interactive Magazines And Publishing
  • Employee Training Programs
  • Games
  • Educational Courses

Benefits of Hiring Our Cel Animation Agency

Our Cel animation service can empower your company in myriad ways. Here are three main benefits you can reap by hiring our cel animation studio.

  • A cost-effective animation technique than a 2D animation to mimic any hand-drawn/sketched surroundings, objects, and figures.
  • It appears to be a 2D animation but moves like a 3D animated video creating a wow factor for your target audience.
  • Hiring a professional Cel Animation company will help produce a warm, appealing, and imagination-capturing piece of animated video for any purpose.

What is Prolific Studio’s Cel Animation Process?

Here is a quick overview of how we create cel animation videos.

Creation of a Storyboard

Creation of a Storyboard

We handover your cel animation script to an artist to create a storyboard.

Drawing Phase

Drawing Phase

Our lead cel animation expert will create drawings for each character, object, and background on dope sheets with a record of time. Later, the animation artist will also draw in-between motion illustrations to complete the pose movements between each frame.

Creating Cel Animation

Creating Cel Animation

Once the pencil sketches are complete, the dope sheets go to the inker to transfer the artwork on a cel.

Where Can You Use Cel Animations

If you want to deliver an impactful brand message, cel animation service can elevate your company to new heights and give your business a competitive edge in the target niche. Some of the most popular uses of Cel animated videos are:

For Impeccable Marketing

Our cel animation videos allow you to present your brand to prospective audiences and clients with better and more memorable audio/visual messaging and presentation.

For Educational Purposes

Now you can train your employees and educate your students, customers, clients, business partners, and vendors via a seamless, engaging, and entertaining learning experience.

Informative Videos

Provide your brand information to the customers in the most amusing and compelling way with our high-definition cel animated videos.

For Promotional Purposes

Our cel animation videos allow you to present your brand to prospective audiences and clients with better and more memorable audio/visual messaging and presentation.

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