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Mobile Game Development Company

Empowering our Clients and Gaming Community with Immersive mobile game development services. Prolific Studio is an innovative game developer company developing mobile games for companies across the USA, UK, and Canada.

We excel as app games developers and video game development company. While you may come across myriads of video game development companies, we are experts in game developer app services in Android, iOS, and the web.

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We believe that providing game-developing app services can be rewarding as well as stimulating for their gaming audience.

Envision, Design, and Develop a Game App

Game developing app service entails certain pathway to successful app game development. This includes brainstorming, coming up with an idea, and bringing that idea to life. When creating games, you have to keep in mind what the gaming community can expect from the game.

During this gaming app development journey, you will have to scrutinize your strategy and look at it critically. This will help your gaming app development process and create mobile games built for popularity, success, and guaranteed revenue generation for the clients.

Our mobile gaming studio leverage cutting-edge game app development technologies. We are a one-of-a-kind game app development company with a team of expert and veteran mobile game developers.

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Develop Game App with an Engaging UX and UI

Prolific Studio game design company builds gaming apps to engage and entertain our mobile gamers. For this, we are going to use a seamless and immersive interface for the game design app.

Have you been searching for game app development companies to create state-of-the-art game development services? In that case, you must choose our mobile gaming app development studio to build top-notch mobile games for all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Your search for app game development companies ends here. Speak to our top mobile games developers today.

Hiring Cutting-Edge Mobile Gaming App Development Agency

With Prolific Studio, you can leverage the expertise of the best mobile game developers using the latest and most innovative game development app technologies. Thrill games harness the power and features of mobile gaming app development software solutions.

We can build interactive features via the latest APIs to provide customized game development service compatible with various game development platforms.

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Launching Your Mobile Gaming App with Prolific Studio

Apart from how to create a gaming app, we are a mobile game apps development company that can help launch your mobile game to the gaming fraternity for both Android and iOS gamers. Let our mobile gaming app development team help build an intuitive mobile game app.

Furthermore, we will also help your mobile gaming app reach a large crowd within the gaming fraternity. Prolific Studio is one of the most credible and award-winning game dev companies with a presence across the USA, UK, and Canada.

Types of Mobile Game Apps We Build

With robust programming, expert mobile app game developers, and the latest game app development technology, we can build mobile game apps for seven different platforms for you.


3D Mobile Gaming Apps

We can help you attract gamers by launching 3D mobile games using cutting-edge 3D solutions. We excel in developing immersive visual effects, motion graphics, and 3D gaming interfaces.


Augmented Reality Mobile Gaming Apps

Augmented reality or AR mobile games are the future of gaming. Thanks to the rise of Metaverse, which combines the elements of the real world with augmented reality. This will help you enter a new niche of gaming and entice gamers from all around the world for a more immersive gaming experience.


Buildbox Mobile Gaming Apps

We can build mobile games using a no-code gaming app development solution. This will not only ensure to build a powerful game but also do so without needing any script, coding, or programming. Prolific Studio uses Buildbox gaming technology to develop beautiful games.


Cross-Platform Mobile Gaming Apps

Why build a mobile game for a single platform when you can enjoy the benefits of a cross-platform game app development service? Robust solution, flawless gaming experience, and cutting-edge software. At Prolific Studio, we spare no expense in building mobile games for Android, iOS, and the web.


Unity Mobile Gaming Apps

If you are all about 3D mobile games, why not explore the power and diversity of features offered by Unity? This solution helps you build the best mobile game apps and video game apps. Furthermore, we leverage this solution to build web plugins for console games.
In simpler terms, unity will help broaden your outreach to a wide range of gaming fraternities. We have expert Unity mobile game app developers to build robust 3D games compatible with multiple platforms.


Unreal Mobile Gaming Apps

Wish to build interactive mobile games for virtual reality interaction? If yes, Prolific Studio mobile app game development studio has the solution that is just perfect for you. The Unreal gaming engine allows us to create mobile games with VR integration. We can build highly robust, responsive, HD gaming apps for you.


Virtual Reality Gaming Apps

Attract gamers by offering multiplayer mobile games with the VR gaming experience. Prolific Studio can create real-time multiplayer mobile games as per your needs. Our VR games for mobile phones are compatible with both Android and IOS phones. Most importantly, your gaming audience can experience and play our mobile games on a wide range of VR headsets.

Design, Test and Launch Your Mobile Gaming App

From the designing to the testing phase of game app development to launching your mobile game on both Android and iOS platforms, our mobile gaming app development company can do it all for you. In simpler terms, our game app development team will work with you from consultation to launch and more.

Prolific Studio's mobile app game development division can build a mobile game as per your needs and budget with a personalized strategy. We put your mobile app game through rigorous testing to ensure that the final game is bug-free and offers a flawless gaming experience.

However, our responsibility does not end there. Partnering with Prolific Studio gives you a surety that we will be there to offer ongoing support to keep your mobile game app running error-free at all times.

Mobile App Game Development Services We Offer

Prolific Studio has been serving the gaming fraternity for over a decade when it comes to mobile gaming apps. Our comprehensive mobile app game development package includes the following services.

  • Complete Consultation with Analysis of your Game’s Requirement
  • Designing the framework and analysis report of the game app development
  • Game Development phase
  • Rigorous mobile app game testing
  • Launching your game
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Developing a mobile gaming app is a process in which you build a game based on an idea; however, the game is solely for mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile-based platforms. There are several stages involved in game development for mobiles. This includes ideation, designing, production, testing, launching, and maintenance. If you are interested in building a mobile phone app on a budget, speak to the Prolific Studio mobile app development agency today.

Yes, mobile gaming apps usually leverage the power of Java, a versatile programming language commonly used by mobile app game development companies. This programming language has already produced some of the best mobile games for both Android and IOS-based mobile phones and tablets. Some of the most well-known games include Mission Impossible III and Minecraft. The best part about Java is that it is a programming language that you can use on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Developing a 3D mobile gaming app may cost you anything between $20,000 to $250,000. However, it depends on the complexity of the game, gameplay duration, and other features you wish to be a part of your mobile game. The more complex the game concept is, the higher it will cost you. Furthermore, the cost may vary based on whether you wish to create a 2D mobile gaming app or a 3D mobile game app.

The total time it may take to build and launch your mobile game app may vary based on various elements. These include the complexity of the game, gameplay duration, and other features you wish to be a part of your mobile game. The more complex the game concept is, the longer it will take to build your mobile gaming app. Typically, it will take between 3 and 9 months for a mobile app game development company to design, develop and launch your game.

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