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Mobile App Development in Manchester

Suppose you are searching for app developers in Manchester to build a mobile app for you. In that case, Prolific Studio offers cutting-edge mobile app development services in Manchester and across the UK.

Building Cutting-Edge Android and IOS Mobile Apps

We specialize in building IOS and Android mobile applications at our studios for mobile app development in Manchester. We have worked on several app development projects and delivered mobile applications with striking UI, bug-free backend, and secure mobile app coding.

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Mobile App Development Services

Mobile E-Commerce App Development Services

The apps we develop at the mobile e-commerce app development studio in Manchester not only boost your mobile conversion but also customer satisfaction. We can provide mobile app solutions that you can successfully integrate on your website, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many other e-commerce platforms.

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Building a Mobile E-commerce App in Manchester: Our Process

Our app development process has four phases. Here is a quick insight into how we take you through the entire journey.

Consultation and Business

Phase #1: Consultation and Business Analysis

The first phase is to offer a free no-obligation consultation to all interested clients. During this phase, we engage in a detailed conversation for in-depth business analysis for the feasibility of the project. We will also discuss a details concept of why you want a mobile app and what you expect the app to deliver.

Mobile UI/UX

Phase #2: Mobile UI and UX Design

The second phase of our scope is to design an immersive, interactive, and conversion-driven mobile application. Our designs are vivid and highly intuitive to match your brand’s web app solution.

Mobile App Development

Phase #3: Mobile App Development and Testing

We specialize in native as well as cross-platform mobile app development. During the development phase, we indulge in rigorous testing and ensure to build an app that offers seamless integration.

Mobile App Maintenance

Phase #4: App Delivery, Maintenance, and On-going Support

Once we have delivered the app, we will continue to offer improvements and maintenance. If you wish to enable the iterative evolution of your mobile e-commerce app with time, we can provide ongoing support services as per your needs.

Mobile App Development UK: Industries we Serve

Whether you want to hire us for android app development UK or IOS app development UK, we can produce a flawless, dynamic and modern app as per your requirements in record time. We have partnered with numerous businesses in Manchester and across England and delivered top-notch mobile applications.

The sectors/industries we work with (but are not limited to) are as follows:

  • Corporate Sector
  • Education Industry
  • Technology start-ups
  • Training and tutorial programs/centers
  • Retails industry
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant Industry
  • Construction and Architecture Industry
  • Start-ups and fintech companies
  • E-commerce
  • dvertisement
  • Entertainment Business
  • Animated Commercial Ads
  • Mobile applications
  • Gaming industry
  • Booking and ticketing app

In simpler terms, we can build a mobile app according to your nature of business. Our android mobile app and IOS mobile apps are compatible with all forms of devices available on your desired operating systems. We also offer exclusive mobile apps as well as mobile apps with web app solutions as well.

Mobile App Development

e-Commerce Mobile Apps in Manchester: Areas We Excel In

If you are thinking which what types of mobile e-commerce apps Prolific Studio can build for you, here is a detailed list of mobile app development services we can provide.


Marketplaces and Stores Mobile Apps

We can build a mobile application in Manchester that will drive conversion for your business. The app can also complement your brand's web store on all major marketplaces, including the Apple App store, Google Play Store, and other web e-commerce stores and platforms.


Showrooms and Catalogues

With our high-definition visuals, we can showcase your products in 360° preview. We can also integrate AR elements to offer an immersive consumer experience.


Loyalty Mobile App Solutions

With our mobile app development services, you can retain loyal customers by integrating a reward system. This allows you to offer digital coupons, bonus points, and other in-house discounts.


Post-Purchase Support

We can build an app that can guide your customers through audio/visual installation guides or AR features. We can also integrate chatbots and messaging services within your mobile application.

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Mobile Application Development: Our Promise

We offer hassle-free and stable mobile application delivery with ongoing post-delivery support. We aim to ensure 100% satisfaction for all our clients.


Data Security

We are aware that your e-commerce mobile application will be dealing with sensitive customer information and payment data. Therefore, we implement ISO 27001-approved data security protocols to ensure full data integrity and protection.


Mobile and Web Solution

Prolific Studio ensures that your mobile application can fully integrate with any existing web solution. Do not have a web solution? We can develop that for you from scratch.


Seamless Integration

If you wish us to create a web app solution, we will ensure that both platforms can integrate and operate in a synchronized manner. We excel in building robust APIs for fast and smooth data exchange between both ecosystems.

Prolific Studio offers unparalleled web design services at an affordable price. Our team of mobile app developers will be happy to learn what you have in mind and bring your idea to life! If you wish to create modern-looking, performance-based, and visually pleasing mobile applications and web apps, speak to our app development team today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of mobile app development in Manchester depends on the functionalities and features you wish to add to your application. However, the price to build a native mobile app with medium complexity may cost you between £25,000 to £70,000. At Prolific Studio, we can minimize your mobile app costs using cutting-edge cross-platform tools and an agile approach.

The duration to develop your mobile application in Manchester depends on various factors such as tech stack and scope of work. That said, typically, mobile app development may take between 3 and 10 months. If you wish to build a complementing web app solution, add at least 2 to 4 months on top of the above-mentioned time frame. In order to reduce your time to market, Prolific Studio focuses on core features first. We can roll out your MVP app within 3 months while continuing to enhance its functionality and relativity.

Prolific Studio offers a mature mobile app development system of KPIs. These include budget required, budget remaining, team activity, and cycle time. We use these KPIs to manage your mobile app-building project. We will also be sending you regular KPI updates. In the beginning, we will give you access to all of the internal progress of your mobile app development and the phase we are in. you can always ask us any questions or share your concerns.

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