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Hire Promotional Video Animation Services in Toronto, Ontario

Animations effectively explain complex subjects, vividly depict the intangible, and captivate audiences with compelling stories.

In a nutshell, a promotional video animation agency in Brampton, Ontario, is the marketing solution provider your company requires. And our animators are waiting for you.

Make Your Brand's Promotional Video Animated: Right away

Everyone has something to say, Yours is far more powerful than you realize.

We breathe life into your brand and make the intangible tangible. Do you find it difficult to explain your product? Do you need to demonstrate a complex piece of software? Do you want your target audience to remember your brand?

Our professional motion graphics animators have extensive experience in creating promotional video animation services in Oakville, Ontario for various industries and have a ticket to an expansive display of tools to fuel their creativity.

That means it's time to bring your brand to life.

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Promotional Video Animation Production Company in Mississauga, Ontario: ROI

The promotional video animation agency in Toronto, Ontario increases the engagement and interactivity of your brand. This versatility allows them to be shared on social media, distributed via email, featured internally, and hosted on your website. More than 75% of all online traffic is now accounted for by video.

The word "video" in subject lines can increase open rates. According to 81% of video marketers, video embeds keep people on landing pages longer.

84% of consumers say a brand's promotional video animation service in Toronto, Ontario persuaded them to purchase a product or service. These are the figures you need to pay attention to. Prolific Studio provides both creativity and ROI.

Creativity Scripting

The animation process is tailored to your specifications. The narration, which typically ranges from 72 to 290 words, is written by your dedicated writer. If you stick to these guidelines, your last video will be between 30 and 120 beats long.

Our editorial team is skilled at the type of short-form writing required to structure animations that explain complex ideas in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

Success in Storyboarding

We move into storyboarding after your team approves the script, where ideas come to life.

The storyboard shows you everything shot by shot, so you can get a good idea of the final promotional video animation studio in Toronto, Ontario. Colors, adding backgrounds and video cues, sound effects, narration, characters, and movements, are all included in the storyboarding proces based on the type of animation,

Excellence in Production

We fully animate and produce your video using the Adobe Creative Suite and other software. This step entails the visual creation of all animated characters and assets. We also ensure perfect voiceover work, background music, and adding your branding elements.

Your image's specific elements and size will be determined by the sort and size of your animation, with the whole process taking 4-6 weeks.

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3D Animation Production That Drives Results!

From developing exceptional scripts to creating amazing 2D/3D cartoon animation videos and adding voiceovers, we offer all animation services under one hood. Our process involves the following steps.

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You can and should promote your promotional video animation in Toronto, Ontario, in various places. Genuine social media: Publish your animation on your own branded channels like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Some studies have found that because people dislike actors, they are more interested in a promotional video animation firm in Oakville, Ontario. Furthermore, the use of an animated character is more likely to entice a viewer. Animated characters will aid in the telling of a video's story.

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Let's Work On Your Project Together

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