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Optimize Social Media Campaigns with the Top Quality Animations

Social media has become an essential part of the overall marketing puzzle. Are you capitalizing your investment on creating breathtaking and inspiring social media campaigns? If not, then you’re missing out your chance to gain followership better than the magazines or TV channels.

Do you want to appear on the top searches on the six social media giants on the Internet? Then it’s about time to leverage success with the best social media animations in the online space.

  • Announcement Videos
  • Facebook Ads GIF
  • YouTube Intros
  • Instagram Stories

Communicate More Effectively with Social Media Animations

At Prolific Studio, we take pleasure in effectively collaborating with your in-house marketing teams to custom create the perfect animation for your social media channels. Whether you want a video to engage audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, our professional animators can create perfect visual illustrations to breathe life in your advertising and promotional campaigns once and for all.

Now promote your company, product, service or brand using our engaging social media videos.

Why Opt-In for Social Media Animations?

People crave watching videos and this trend has become quite common on social media nowadays. In fact, social media giants like Facebook have separate video live feed sections now available to help their audience get acquainted with their products and consume online content more effectively. Today explainer videos are playing a much critical role and more shorter form content has become increasingly common helping brands achieve higher levels of success. In a marketing strategy, videos have become the Holy Grail.

Why do we believe you must consider investing budget in social media animations?

  • They increase user-interaction
  • They are fun & engaging
  • They bring perfect clarity in detailing
  • They are cost-effective

Do you know social media videos receive 8 billion views a day? Join the club & promote your brand too.

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Why Do Animations Work So Incredibly in Social Media?

Video animations can make moments memorable. They are fun and cute, and the human brain finds animations more digestible than long-form technical content videos. When it comes to social media, it’s all about gaining attention from the larger masses. The only way you can do that is when you strike the right chords with your audience. It’s where animations can do a marvelous job on social media.

Social media animations are highly successful because,

  • It gives purpose to your content
  • It connects with your customers
  • It is shareable against every platform
  • It is memorable, fun and creative

While there are plenty of videos online, none has a more everlasting impact as a social media animation.

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Let our friendly writers work on your video script where we analyze and find the best way to represent your idea to the world.



Let’s strategize by breaking your animation into several steps & phases. Let’s create dialogues, designs, audios, effects, and other aspects.


Animation & Rendering

It’s time to animate and put your animation in front of the world. Here we use some of the best tools & software to render your animated video.

Let’s conceptualize and design your idea with creative professionals. Discuss With Our Strategists

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