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Our social media strategy becomes successful when it's propagated in three steps.

  • We initially work closely with our customers so they can help us understand their product. Through gathered information and knowledge, we create brand awareness to increase the followership of brands.
  • The next step involves building engagements. Strong engagements promise real-time purchasers. Our social media specialists create your business an entourage for your audience so they can engage better.
  • Lastly, we focus on influencing incoming website traffic to directly influence leads and generate sales. We pair it with our social media advertising where our teams focus on generating a large amount of traffic.
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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

How Can Social Media Marketing Help My Business?

Just imagine how many individuals are currently online on social media? The numbers could be in millions or infact billions. Social media has immensely grown over the passage of time & is incredibly growing with each passing day. Back in the day, there was only Facebook but now we have Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, TikTok and many similar platforms. Today, social media marketing practices allow you to place your business in front of (not thousands) but millions of individuals. With the right marketing practices, your business gets well deserved exposure, extensive growth & maximum conversions.

Why Is Having a Social Media Presence Important?

Have you been on social media for a while now? What happens when you come across a post or an ad coming from a business presence that you like? You feel inclined to click on it and in most cases, you actually do click on the ad to interact with your favorite brand. Same is the case with your target audience. Your customers prefer to engage with brands which they favor or trust. But here’s the big question, how do you create that bond of consumer-brand trust among your target audience? Social media is the perfect tool which allows you to do just that. SMM is a particular digital marketing strategy which allows marketers to create trust and loyalty among their target audience. Whether you are starting out with a service or you have a pre-established product, either way, social media can give your brand the exposure it needs. Still not convinced why you should be investing your marketing budget in social media?

  • 66% of people on Facebook claim they prefer to follow their favorite brands on the social platform.
  • 90% of Instagrammers show inclination & keenness towards interacting with brands on Instagram.
  • 77% of individuals claim that they feel more positive when brands respond to their tweets.
  • 83% of people using Pinterest say they prefer to make a purchase from a brand because they saw a pin.
  • More than 90% of individuals claim that Instagram has been a great platform for influencing.

Above stated statistics show that SMM plays a significant role in today’s expansive world in winning audiences.

Standard consultation and reporting plans (Monthly)

Number of Posts per Month Up to 15 Up to 30 Up to 45 Up to 60 Up to 75
Number of Custom Images per Month Included with Posts 6 8 10 12 14
Number of Boosted Posts Up to 2 Up to 4 Up to 6 Up to 8 Up to 10
Number of Custom Contests Included per Year 0 0 0 1 1
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Competitive Analysis
Social Media Brand Reputation Analysis
Social Media Audit + Recommendations
Dedicated Social Media Account Manager
Daily Monitoring of Included Social Assets
Monitoring of Boosted Post Comments $125/month Mon., Wed., Fri. Daily Daily Daily
48 Business Hour or Less Customer Response Time
Up to 1 personal social media consultations per month
Access to WebFX editorial calendar & content publishing tools
Access to WebFX social media contest tools
Standard Monthly Reporting and Analysis
Access to MarketingCloudFX
Network Setup & Optimization
Cover Photo & Profile Photo Design/Optimization
300+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Weekly Call or Campaign Status Update (optional) $400/month $400/month $400/month $400/month $400/month
Ongoing Monthly Campaign Investment
(Standard Consultation and Reporting)
$1,400 $1,800 $2,000 $2,300 $2,600
Required Boosted Posts Ad Spend
(Standard Consultation and Reporting)
$100 - $200 $200 - $400 $300 - $600 $400 - $800 $500 - $1,000
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What are the Benefits of Investing in Social Media with Us?

We are one of those animation companies that has got everything in their cards according to a pre-defined process to bring the best results out.


Builds Brand Credibility

Having a social media presence of your brand gives your business a well deserving credibility in the online world. What if you are running a brick and mortar store and it does not have foot traffic or visiting customers. It certainly does not leave a promising image of your business in front of your target audience. A brand which doesn’t leave a good impression is nothing more than a failure. At Prolific Studio, our social media marketing specialists can give your brand the credibility it deserves. Just having an online presence can give your brand the credibility it needs. With the right marketing strategy, you can amplify the presence and gain massive growth and profit returns.


Attract Targeted Audience

Social media is a massive platform where engagement and interactions are taking place almost every second. With so many individuals using the platform, finding the right people to compliment your product or service can be a bit of a tricky task. However, with social media marketing, you don’t have to worry about such hassles. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram Ad managers allow you to accurately choose your target market from the dashboard. Our experts can provide you with complete audience setting & campaign build-ups to massively outreach a great deal of customers.


Get Direct Customer Access

While other marketing channels take an indirect approach towards winning your target audience, social media marketing allows you to directly connect with your customers. If you have a social media presence online, you can communicate with your customers in real-time and understand their needs and wants correctly. It will help you to interact with them in a more sophisticated manner and assist them accurately. By adding posts and tracking likes, comments and shares, you will be able to track what products/services are working in your brand’s favor. You can then capitalize on them to increase sales.


Maximize Your Business ROI

When you have a well thought-out social media marketing plan in place, it promises to increase your conversions one way or the other. Increased conversions mean more direct sales and more awareness of your brand. In turn, it all sums up to increasing your entire business ROI. While some people shy away from investing too much of a marketing budget in social ad campaigns, we encourage our clients to start small and reap the benefits early on. When they develop trust in our social media practices, they can then increase their budgeting accordingly.

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