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3d Animation

3D Animation Services Spellbinding 3D Animation Videos for Your Brand

Prolific Studio is a 3D animation production company. We have a team of talented, creative, and certified 3D animation experts working in our studios across the United States. Our 3D animators can create highly immersive 3D backgrounds, environments, characters, and props for businesses, startups, entertainment, and the gaming industry. No matter how complex your animation idea is, we can produce customized 3D animation videos per your desire.

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Why Companies Hire Prolific Studio 3D Animation Services?

Prolific Studio has a proven track record of producing highly interactive 3D animations to engage and entice your target audience. Regardless of the niche and complexity of the idea, we can create 3D animated visuals with a sense of realism to strike an emotional chord with your existing and prospective customers.

We have the latest 3D animation software and tools for animated creatures and characters. Furthermore, we excel in creating bewitching environments and backgrounds based on your needs and desires.

We can also add exceptional VFX, background score, and music to your 3D video animations. Simply put, Prolific Studio is your most-trusted one-stop 3D animation service provider in LA and across the USA.

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Our 3D Animation Squad

We pride ourselves in producing mesmerizing 3D animation videos and employ an in-house team of certified 3D animation artists in the industry.


Project Managers

We will assign you a project manager to ensure that every 3D animation project adheres to mutually agreed-upon ideas and terms.


Dedicated Art Director

We are industry experts in 3D animations. Our dedicated 3D animation director will ensure to bring your idea to life. We will use a variety of visual animation styles to animate your concept.


3D Animation Team Lead

Our qualified and dedicated 3D animation team lead will supervise your project from start to finish. Our lead 3D animator is responsible for following your instructions and delivering the final animated video you desire.


3D Artist

Our in-house team of creative 3D animation artists will design and develop animated characters, environments, creatures, and props with 100% uniqueness. The 3D artist will ensure to produce artwork with a sense of realism.


3D Animators

At Prolific Studio, we guarantee 100% satisfaction when it comes to delivering creative, imaginative, and entertaining 3D animation services. From expressions to actions, visual effects to background music, we will offer a comprehensive 3D animation service at a highly customizable and affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use 3D animation for education, entertainment, training, advertisement, product modeling, and more. From equipment manufacturers to retailers, product sellers to service providers, teachers to architects, anyone can leverage 3D animation videos to deliver an impactful message.

You can create a 3D animated character using a 5-step process. Here is how we do it.

  • Using powerful and state-of-the-art cartoon animation software
  • Choosing your template for the 3D animation cartoon video
  • Initiating the animation creation phase and synchronizing all elements
  • Adding voiceover and/or music to the completed 3D animated cartoon video
  • Publish and share the animation video cartoon

You can hire an in-house team of 3D animators for this job. However, this will be an expensive approach. Therefore, hiring a 3D animation company is the most cost-effective option. Speak to our 3D animation experts today.

The duration of such a project will depend on the complexity and length of each episode. Therefore, discuss your cartoon series idea with one of our animators.

Hiring a 3D animation production company will give you instant access to experts with prior knowledge of your industry’s demands. You can be from any industry with any nature of business; we can build an animated video for you.

The answer is ‘yes.’ We will not move to production until you are fully satisfied with the final draft.

An animation can cost you between $5,000 to $150,000. However, the actual will depend on the actual needs of your project.

You can use a 3D animation for corporate purposes as well. This may be to train your staff, educate customers or provide information.

You can create 3D animations for social media posting and marketing. You can use these animations for audience engagement or run them as paid ads.

According to national statistics, the employment opportunities for animators will grow by 16% between 2020-2030.

This is a service that produces animations to be used as commercials. You can also use such animated videos to capture the target audience and direct them to your website or landing page.

A whiteboard animation allows you to animate hand sketching on the screen to explain an idea via drawing and voice-over. Any business can hire it to train, educate or explain stuff.

The following industries can benefit from our 3D product animations.

  • Education
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Retail
  • Fashion

Gaming companies can create game animations to add to the games. You can also use animations to create a game trailer before the actual launch of the game. This will allow you to attract gamers and generate hype around your upcoming game.

The complexity of the game animation, its length, and its concept will determine the exact cost of your project. Therefore, consult for free with our animator team to know the estimated cost.

The process of producing 3D animation is all about drawing three-dimensional objects, figures, backdrops, and characters. The next stage is to add motion and combine all the elements and add voiceovers and visual effects. Once the final draft is ready, it is time to render and deliver the file to the client.

The frame-by-frame 3D animation process can help produce superior videos with mesmerizing visual effects. We can help produce high-quality HD animations in 3D to boost your customer engagement, digital marketing campaigns, and return on investment.

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