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Considering Live Action Videos for Your Brand? Choose Whiteboard Animations with Us.

Become the winners in the online space with our perfectly storyboarded whiteboard animations for your brands and services. Bring your brand to life with our top-of-the-line whiteboard animations.

Whiteboard Animation

What Are Whiteboard Animations?

Have you come across a video where a hand holding a marker or a pen draws static images on a white screen with a voice over artist educating the masses in the background, such a video is called whiteboard animation. These are typical structured narrative based videos which educates your target audience on certain online aspects. It tells a complete story with many engaging elements and the cartoon characters which it creates sets the hypnotic tone of the animation for customers. Whiteboard animations have become powerful and effective tools for explaining some of the most complicated concepts in the most easiest ways. It can be leveraged by any business and have some number crunching results.

Are you searching for a company to provide you with the perfect whiteboard animation for your business?

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Why Consider Prolific Studio for Your Whiteboard Animations?

Allow us to create compelling whiteboard animations which dictates your brand story in the most perfect manner to your audience. We can help you communicate your brand’s most complex ideas in a subtle manner. Let us help you redesign your brand’s story in a whiteboard animation format so you can effectively put your brand’s story in front of your target audience. Let us help you send the right message forward.

What do you get when you hire Prolific Studio for your whiteboard animation service?

  • A team of expert animators
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Latest animation technologies
  • Affordable pricing for all animations


We learn about what values and services your brand provides. We reverse engineer your brand to understand the messaging behind it.


Concept & Storyboard

Our animators and brand visualizers create the concept behind your whiteboard animation. Our professionals then convert their creativity into storyboards.


Script Writing

We work on the script and choose the right audio-visual queues that will compliment your brand story or narrative. We select voice-overs for you.



We create the first prototype of your whiteboard animation and discuss the details with you. It helps us know if we are moving in the right direction.


Sound Effects

We choose the sound-effects, we bring onboard the right voice-over artist & we select the best music to work well with your whiteboard animation.


Music & Foley

A video with no background music might turn out to be a dead one. To make it engaging, we choose sound effects which can adjust with whiteboard animation characters.


Organizing Animatics

We create coherence between voice overs and the drawing art, and create a final product for your feedback. Feast your eyes with our animation.

We Create Profit-Reaping Whiteboard Animations For You

Checkout some of our custom-tailored whiteboard animations for our clients & customers

Whiteboard Animation Production: Our Process

From developing exceptional scripts, creating amazing 2D/3D whiteboard animation videos, and adding voiceovers. We are one of the top-tier whiteboard animation companies offering whiteboard-style animation services under one hood. Get in touch with our whiteboard animation company near you.

Our process involves the following steps.


Initial Consultation

Discuss the ideas with you and ask you some questions to understand your brand and the purpose of a 2D/3D whiteboard animation video.


Development Phase Begins

Once we have gathered all the information we need, our 3D whiteboard animation videos team will start working on creating a strong storyboard.


The Visualization of Whiteboard Video

In this phase of our whiteboard video animation services, we will start working on creating captivating whiteboard-animated videos for visual effects.


Voice Over for Animated Whiteboard Videos

Once the whiteboard video is complete, we will add suitable voiceovers to add oomph to your whiteboard animated video.


Adding Special FX to Whiteboard Explainer Videos

If you are happy with the final product, it is time for us to add a special FX and make your whiteboard videos look even more spectacular and splendid.

Prolific Studio offers 3D whiteboard videos and whiteboard explainer videos at an affordable price. If you wish to discuss an idea you have in mind, feel free to contact us at +800-385-0449 by visiting our website. Our whiteboard animation studio will be happy to learn what you have in mind and bring your idea to life with the most immersive whiteboard video companies across the USA, UK, and Canada.

Checkout Our Customer Testimonials

Take a look at some of our previously successful whiteboard animations for your businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whiteboard animation videos are the ones where you see a digital hand or a pen drawing static images on digital paper on the screen. During these animated whiteboard videos, you will also hear a voiceover making it a whiteboard explainer video. You can use our animations on TV, mobile phones, apps, social media platforms, etc. Whiteboard animation videos are the best way to entice adverts of all ages. As a whiteboard animation studio, we deliver a message that your consumers can remember for a long time to come.

Thinking about creating animations for your business? Well, you do not need to worry about hiring an in-house team anymore. We at Prolific Studio are the best whiteboard animation production company. Speak to our expert whiteboard animators today.

This really depends on the length of the 3D whiteboard animation video and whether you want a single video or a series. Speak to our expert animators at our 3D whiteboard animation studio to get an exact time of completion.

The cost of hiring our whiteboard animation agency varies by your project's need, including the complexity, duration, and quality you want. Speak to one of the expert animators for an estimated timeline.

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