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What is a blockchain game app development service?

Blockchain is a secure technology you can use for blockchain game development with a transparent and efficient process. A blockchain gaming platform will help you keep your gamers and data safe from any intruders, imposters, or unauthorized access.

Our expert blockchain game developers can help build blockchain mobile games per your requirement. We are a users’ crypto gaming company that can create games with exceptional functionalities and features.

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Why a Blockchain Mobile Gaming App?

Developing mobile gaming apps on blockchain comes with many benefits, such as:


Unparallel Assets Management

You can modify or even improve the process of managing your in-game assets. This includes managing the collectibles you earn while playing the game, such as collectibles, videos, items, etc.


Allows Game Migration

Working with blockchain gaming companies will allow you to launch your existing game on a blockchain platform with high security.


Reliable Payments

Prolific Studio can build a secure payment gateway on a blockchain that will offer your players a safe and reliable gaming experience.


Crafting NFTs and Earning Cryptos

Our blockchain mobile games will allow your gamers to create NFTS and earn crypto coins for transactions.

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Blockchain Games Development: Services We Offer

We can offer the following services when it comes to blockchain gaming.

Wide Array of Blockchain Games

We can offer an elite blockchain game development service that will empower us to build any genre of blockchain games for you.

Customizable Blockchain Gaming is Real

We can help develop customizable games in blockchain with unique digital assets that a blockchain-based gaming platform can quickly identify.

Conceptualization of Blockchain Games

We will sit down with you to ideate your blockchain game concept. However, rest assured that we are going to understand each and every aspect of your game. This will ensure the creation of a blockchain game and allow you to stay on top of the rest of the competition.

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Blockchain Game Development Studio

Always opt for a peerless service when it comes to blockchain game development. Prolific Studio can produce seamless blockchain games. We know the trends, technologies, and benchmarks used in the blockchain gaming industry. Therefore, we will only use the latest and most innovative gaming tools and technologies to create blockchain gaming apps.

How to Make a Blockchain Game: Our Process

At Prolific Studio, we will transform your game idea into reality and deliver the final blockchain game packed with entertainment. Market your new blockchain mobile game app with confidence and excitement.


Planning Your Blockchain Game

We are going to run a business analysis on your blockchain game-building project. The next step will be to document all specifications and prepare wireframes. Once you give us the go-ahead for the project, we will start building your blockchain game application.


Creating UX/UI

We will craft a prototype for your blockchain gaming app and make changes as per your feedback.


Developing Blockchain Game

Our development strategy also entails rigorous testing throughout product development. Once we are 100% sure that blockchain gameplay is smooth and flawless, we are going to release the blockchain game for you.

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Reliability: Our Core Objective

Prolific Studio has best known in android game development due to our reliability. We can create precise, lightweight games on blockchain platforms. Let us help create a game that will leave a distinctive mark on your gamers.

We are well-versed in android gameplay and know how to tune them precisely for a lively and enjoyable gaming experience.

We only recruit the based android mobile game developers. This guarantees that we create the best android games for our clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Developing a blockchain gaming app may cost between $20,000 to $250,000. However, it depends on the complexity of the game, gameplay duration, and other features you wish to be a part of your mobile game. The more complex the game concept is, the higher it will cost you. Furthermore, the cost may vary based on whether you wish to create a blockchain game app.

The total time it may take to build and launch your blockchain game app may vary based on various elements. These include the complexity of the game, gameplay duration, and other features you wish to be a part of your blockchain game. The more complex the game concept is, the longer it will take to build your blockchain gaming app. Typically, it will take 3 to 9 months for a blockchain game development company to design, develop and launch your NFT game.

Typically, NFTs in a game refer to fungible tokens. This actually allows gamers to use the NFTS to buy, sell or exchange items and digital assets with each other. However, the NFTS exchanged has to be of the same value. Non-fungible tokens, commonly known as NFTs, are all unique, and you cannot use them in the same way. You will be unable to exchange certain NFTs due to their unique identifications and restrictions on replicating them.

Blockchain games are basically decentralized. This allows gamers to leverage an opportunity to use their digital game assets outside the gaming world as NFTs. Let us suppose you are a gamer and owner of an NFT. In that case, you will be able to sell your NFT in a blockchain marketplace. In simpler terms, whatever you gain in gameplay, you can turn into an absolute value asset. You will be able to actually make money by selling those digital assets for a price.

NFT games allow you to not only create realistic gameplay for your avid gamers but also enable them to buy and sell virtual/digital assets. The NFTs are the digital assets and currency that gamers will be able to use in blockchain games for sales, purchases, and trading.

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