Digital Marketing Trends

There once was a time when data-driven marketing, voice search optimization, and artificial intelligence were considered some ambitious concepts that people overlooked. However, today as times have changed, these three concepts are the top priorities of every business out there. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that businesses basically rely on these trends because they have to stay competitive considering today’s online landscape. 

For a successful business, marketers need to adapt rapidly to the changing trends especially in digital marketing. It’s challenging because marketing trends change and move fast and on the other hand, predicting consumer behavior is becoming more and more difficult. But this challenge is what you have to fight in order to meet your business objectives and goals. 

Here are 5 digital marketing trends that you need to be aware of in the coming year:

1-Artificial Intelligence 

AI is the talk of the town and it’s not just the digital world, in fact, this technology has taken over almost all the industries including education and healthcare. For businesses, this is something very critical to adapt to because Artificial intelligence can help predict your consumer’s behavior and it can even come up with search patterns, deliver you real-time user data of different social media platforms. In a nutshell, with AI incorporation, you can get to know your consumers better and help them find your products and services. One of the best examples here is that of chatbots. These chatbots respond to your customers within seconds as if it was a real person waiting for the customer to ask a query or approach the business. 

2-Conversational Marketing 

One word that describes modern marketing in the best way is ‘conversational”. People nowadays want conversational marketing more than anything else and that’s what marketers are focusing on creating right now. Conversational marketing, just as the name says, is all about having a direct, one on one conversation with your customers. More than 82% of customers online want businesses to respond immediately. As this percentage will grow in the upcoming years, marketers will have to put more effort into initiating a conversation with their customers and designing some strategy where they can give an immediate response when a customer approaches them. It helps businesses get better feedback and develop this bond with their customers that lead to greater loyalty. 

3-Video Marketing 

Yes, people preferred reading blogs and long texts earlier but now as things have changed the new trend in digital marketing is video marketing. In video marketing, you have a wide range of options to go for. For example, animation production can really help entice your customers and make them aware of what your business is about. If done the right way, an animated video or any other informational video can attract more audience to a business that can then turn into loyal customers. As per research, around 93% of marketers have landed a new customer every time they put a video on some social media platform. 

4-Browser Push Notifications

If you’ve ever been to an eCommerce site, you’ll definitely know about push notifications because as per stats around 85% of online stores use them. As compared to newsletters, you can expect more sign-ins just because of browser push notifications but at the same time, you have to be aware of not annoying your customers with too many of them. Your notifications need to be triggered by user behavior in order to re-engage those people who showed some interest in your business but then failed to convert. It also helps businesses recover their revenue from those shopping carts that have been abandoned by customers. Marketers can use anything as a push notification, like an appealing CTA or some images that include the CTA. Such efforts then lead to higher conversion rates. 

5- Content Marketing Dominating SEO 

SEO is a major part of digital marketing and just like these marketing trends change, SEO changes too. As of now and in the upcoming years, it’s predicted that content marketing will be dominating SEO and this is what marketers out there are preparing for. Content is the king when it comes to spreading the word about your business so the more visually appealing, relevant, and informational it is, the better the results will be. You need the right content, the right strategy to implement it and the right platforms to market it. When it’s all done, monitoring the results and making the required changes will help you get to your target audience and grow your business. 

Final Word 

These 5 digital marketing trends are to dominate the online world in the upcoming year. For your business to grow by leaps and bounds, you’ll have to start making early preparations and start adapting to these trends as soon as possible. It might sound like a lot to do but as said earlier, to stay ahead of your competitors, you’ll need to put as much effort as you can to win this digital marketing race because in the end, it will be worth it! 


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