Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a type of video in which the artist draws pictures and text in real-time using a whiteboard or similar surface. It’s like seeing someone draw on paper, but it’s much easier to see because you’re looking at an entire page at once. Whiteboard animations are typically used for business presentations and other professional purposes, such as training videos.

Whiteboard animations can be done without including the artist’s hand by drawing with one continuous line that moves from left to right across the screen while simultaneously writing words and illustrating objects below it so they appear to move their way across the page.

However, there may come a point when adding hand gestures will make your presentation clearer and more interesting than without them.

Here are all the reasons why your whiteboard animation should include a hand.

Reason # 1:  Hand Gestures Enhance Understandability

Adding hand gestures to your whiteboard animation can make it easier for your audience to understand what you are trying to communicate. Even if you’re just describing something in the whiteboard animation, like a car, for example, hand gestures can make it easier to understand because there will be no doubt which part of the car you are depicting.

The more clearly your audience understands your message, the less likely they will be to engage in multitasking while watching your video. That’s the key to success with internet marketing videos because people are just scrolling through their Facebook newsfeeds.

Reason # 2: Hand Gestures Can Add Comedy

Adding hand gestures can also help to add comedic value to your whiteboard animation, which is good for entertainment purposes and business presentations alike. For example, if you’re describing how a character in your animation is supposed to look sad, hand gestures can make it even funnier because it could be difficult to tell without them.

Reason # 3: Hand Gestures Can Make the Animation Feel More Realistic

Adding hand gestures can also help to make your whiteboard animation feel more realistic for the same reason above. If you’re trying to show someone in your animation doing something, like playing pool, for example, you can add believable movement to the game by including hand gestures.

Reason # 4: Hand Gestures Can Make Your Animation More Personal

With a hand, your animation is instantly more personal. It makes the viewer feel like they’re watching an expert at work.

There’s a subtle power to the human touch. If you want to create a connection with viewers and help them understand your message better, using hands can be a great option.

Reason # 5: There Are No Restrictions On Hands

Every other element on your whiteboard animation is limited by size and shape, but not hands. You can draw them however you want. Use them to express emotions or create some visual metaphors in your story. There are no rules here, so be creative!

Reason # 6: A Hand Can Take an Animation From “Fine” to “Fantastic”

You’ve probably seen two-dimensional drawings where the artist didn’t use hands. It’s not a pretty sight! Hilariously bad hand designs can ruin an otherwise good-looking animation.

Reason # 7: People Love Animated Hands

Not only are animated hands mesmerizing, they also help your whiteboard animation seem more real and more professional. This is especially true when you animate the hand so it appears to move naturally instead of drawing a cartoonish hand that simply slides from one side to the other.

Reason # 8: A Hand is a Great Way to Move the Story Along

Here’s a tip for all you directors out there – hands are great ways to move the story along. For example, if you’re animating someone playing pool or conducting an orchestra, hands are the most natural way to show that movement.

If you’re animating something in which you don’t want people to see someone’s entire body moving, like playing the drums for example, hands would be the easiest solution because they can obscure parts of your animation while still helping you tell your story.

Reason # 9: A Hand Can Add Movement

Finally, adding motion with a hand is an easy way to add extra value to your animation. People love things that move and eyes are naturally drawn towards them. This is true even if it’s just something subtle like drawing lines near where a finger is pointing at or making one of the fingers on that same hand move. The more alive your whiteboard animations look, the better!

In Conclusion

Hands can be a great, inexpensive way to enhance your whiteboard animation. They will make it unique and fun to watch. Plus, they can drive your message home in a memorable way that audiences won’t soon forget.

Well, the answer is YES, it is a good idea to include hand gestures in whiteboard animations. At Prolific Animation Studio, we create whiteboard animations with our hands in many of our projects.

If you’re in need of professional whiteboard animation, contact us at Prolific Animation Studio today!

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