It’s a fact when companies invest in training their employees, they are often under the impression that their employees might decide to leave them in search of greener pastures. However, what they fail to realize is that these individuals can also greatly benefit the organization. Not only does invest in training your employees to add profitability to your business in the long run, but it also ensures your competition is reduced to a fickle. A more trained expert can bring higher returns and can help you gain an edge in business. 

So are you one such entrepreneur who is also seeking to invest in employee training and you are unsure if you should, or should not? Do you want to take a more creative approach in helping your employees learn & go beyond the competition? 

Then get animation-based training modules for your employees so they can advance better. 

Still skeptical? Well here are four ways you can invest in adopting animation-based training modules. Say goodbye to traditional training methods & invest in successfully tapping employees. 

Add Up Mascots & Brand Characters to Spice Everything Up 

If you’re of the mind that adding animations to your employee training program isn’t going to be worthwhile, then have you thought about introducing mascots to your brand videos? 

Adding Mascots and animated instructors to your animated video can clarify many concepts. Who doesn’t love a fun-loving character bobbing around on-screen describing complicated processes in a video? Make use of tailor-made animated characters & improve the learning process for your employees. Not only will it help in acquainting employees with the processes but will also create significant brand awareness. Next time, your employees are explaining the value of your brand, they will be able to describe the audience in a better way. 

Mascots and animated characters can also drive engagement among employees. It’s the single aspect that can help your organization minimize communication barriers. 

And so forth, you can have interesting results. 

You Get a Highly Knowledgeable Workforce 

Having partially trained employees or fully trained is a much better option than having an employee who is not at all trained. Animated videos hold significant power to keep the attention span of the viewers to where it belongs. It has a retention rate as high as 80 percent compared to videos which do not have an animated character explaining the processes. If you’re of the mind of creating highly trained employees, then having an animated video discussing the ins and outs of employee development can do the job perfectly. 

Paves the Path for a Successful Organization 

Do you want to be more engaged in your work and have better retention rates? If so, then animated videos are the way for you. Studies show that 75% of people who took a training course with an animation video found they were able to remember what was taught after just one week! What’s even sweeter is how engaging it makes learning because instead of reading through material or listening intently, all we do when watching animations is focus on them. We don’t need any other distractions like writing notes down or taking deep breaths – as long as our eyes stay focused on the screen everything will sink in perfectly fine!

They say knowledge isn’t powered until someone uses it; this statement couldn’t make more sense than right…

Establishing a Progressive Organization 

Training increases skills, which helps to increase productivity and output. Furthermore, training can help improve the morale of employees as they are more likely to feel recognized for their hard work if given appropriate training in a field that interests them.

With animation videos, organizations can create comprehensive training programs which in turn helps the employees to gain complete insight into internal systems. 

Companies with formalized policies on employee development have 218% higher income per employee than companies without comprehensive programs; not only does this generate greater financial prospects but it also boosts staff morale. 

In a Nutshell

Animation is a great way to make learning more interesting in the digital age. It also helps with training, which has traditionally been on-the-job and not enough for today’s workforce who are used to quick information online. Animation creates an interactive atmosphere that will keep you engaged and refreshed as well!

When was the last time you considered investing in animated video production for employee training? Get in touch with Prolific Studio and we can create a comprehensive training program for your employees in animations. 

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