Do you know that animated video is a powerful tool that can help tell your story in the most comprehensive manner?

The global market landscape is overly saturated with various advertising methods. With obvious advertising becoming a thing of the past, businesses are now moving towards new and better ways to engage with their target audiences.

Believe it or not, more than 65% of the world’s audience learns through visual stimulation. It’s one of the reasons why watching videos has become one of the fastest avenues to help people consume information in an effective manner. Today, brands (big or small) are consuming data abundantly, and video marketing is at the heart of it all.

Facts About Video Animations

 According to John Medina, a microbiologist, vision is the most dominant sense in our brain for consuming information. Almost half of our understanding capability derives from what we consume through our visual sense.

It’s one of the reasons why some of the best brands use video marketing to connect with their audiences. They capitalize on merging emotions with information to create powerful results.

As Medina states, a brain that absorbs information visually tends to retain information much better than information consumed in any other way, whether verbal or listening. As Medina concludes, visual information is processed 60,000x faster than other formats

One of the places where videos dominate the marketing grounds is none other than social media. So how exactly are brands spicing up the whole thing with cartoon animations? Let’s take a deeper look.

5 Benefits of Animated Videos in Social Media

1.    Animations Can Win Audience’s Attention 

People have shorter attention spans. Do you know that our attention span has become as small as that of a goldfish? It’s hardly 5 seconds or even less. So just in case your content is boring, nobody would prefer to consume that. However, when brands use animations, it sparks viewers’ attention.

How exactly does it happen? A cartoon animation video enables your audience to follow a story. People are now more prone to intrusive marketing ads. Their minds are now well-trained to see through the white noise or clutter the ad creates.

On the bright side, animation grabs the audience’s attention and hooks it where necessary. It is entertaining and mentally stimulating, and above everything, it keeps the cuteness alive. When you watch cute animations, you just can’t resist poking around.

Just think about visiting Google one fine morning and seeing a Google Doodle. What is your first step? You will always click on the middle “play” button and watch the cute animations workout. 

2.    Animation Can Simplify Complexities

One of the leading benefits of watching animated videos is that they can bring complex ideologies to life. Imagine a person who wants to fly or go for a swim, or does many things in quick succession. Will you be able to communicate its value to your audience through words?

Animation makes complex methods easy to understand. Is there a complex mechanism or a process that you want to explain? Use animations. 

TED-Ed is a great example showing how animations can work wonderfully. It’s a YouTube channel that has more than 3 million subscribers who cover educational topics. They simplify processes like how the food you consume affects your thinking capabilities or some other anatomical physics.

Watching a simple animation, you can quickly understand some of the most complex processes.

3.    Animations Bring Back Deep Memories 

Watching animations makes us nostalgic. We find ourselves gripped in powerful positive emotions. The best thing about nostalgia is that it has the power to filter out all types of negative emotions. Watching videos that can trigger nostalgia creates negative emotions & combat depressions.

Videos that have cartoony elements can take the viewer back to a time when they were most lively. Imagine using that same essence of nostalgia to bring back memories for your target audience. It’s how many brands are using the element of nostalgia by triggering memory through animations. 

4.    Animations are Entertaining 

Whether it’s business or education, if the information is communicated in a fun & entertaining way, people will consume it. When videos published on YouTube aren’t entertaining, do you consider rewatching them? Of course not.

It’s the same with animations. However, even the most boring animations have some form of allure.  It’s because we all grew up watching cartoons as a source of entertainment, so when we watch something in a cartoony form, it automatically sends our brain signals of excitement.

5.    Animations Can Go Viral

All it takes for a video animation to grow viral is the entertaining factor. If you can make it look sweet & funny, you can make it spread like wildfire across the entire landscape of social media. 

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