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In branding & advertising, a successful video evokes emotions in your audience. 

For the past few decades, animations have been successfully nailing it in the entertainment industry. May it is Toy Story, Despicable Me, Mr. Incredible, or South Park, cartoon animations have always worked wonders in creating the perfect cartoon human emotions. It may appear a bit silly when you verbally communicate its value, but you will realize how they have been dictating it if you look throughout history. 

But is it possible to introduce such a cartoon human approach when you are building your brand? 

If you have such doubts, then this article will help you clear them once and for all. Believe it or not, but the mechanisms behind the animated films you love so much, and the marketing animations you use to promote your brand are more or less working the same way. So without further ado, let’s begin. 

People Feel Connected to the Characters 

Take a step back from the marketing realm, and let’s ponder. How’s it possible for something virtually animated to create a strong reaction? Do you ever wonder why the beginning or end of a movie such as Up or Toy Story or Despicable Me offers a strong punch overwhelming us with excitement or sadness or happiness? How is something like Simpsons successful in making a careless guy so engaging? At one point or another, we feel more connected with the characters. 

Characters play a vital role in engaging the audience because we see a fraction of ourselves in them one way or the other. It introduces the problems we face and help us connect better. When we feel connected with the characters, we give more of ourselves into the stories they tell. Now, let’s take the same principle and apply it to animated marketing videos. How about that? Unlike animation productions for entertainment, we are talking about videos that can generate leads! 

Wouldn’t that actually work in favor of your brand? 

By crafting characters who are facing the same problems as you’re and providing them solutions through them, you’re evoking their trust and compelling them to purchase from you. 


Animations Bring Flexibility for Your Message to Work 

What if you have once identified the existing pain point of your customers? What’s your next step if you want to create an impact on them through a video? Will you go out searching for the right actors and find the best location to shoot a compelling video? Or would you prefer to create your perfect characters and design your locations to perfectly meet your audience’s attention? 

I think the latter is the better option here. 

Flexibility is the main advantage when it comes to cartoon animated videos or live-action videos. Unlike other video content, you’re not bound by any limits. You can create the characters you want, and you can design the locations you desire. You can create a fictitious world that can work precisely with your brand story. From brand colors to illustrations, from character emotions to all kinds of elements, you can custom tailor your animation design as per your requirement. With animations, you can work without limitations. 


Video Animations Give Your Brand a Fresh Aesthetic Appeal

Now, if you’re creating an animation for your brand or product, then you’re definitely working from scratch. You have the ultimate liberty to draw out your characters and create your own fictitious world as per choice. People will actually pay attention to your animation because of how fresh and original it will appear. When you’re working towards something unique, you’re creating something different from what everyone else is doing. The following approach establishes a professional attitude from a brand perspective. 

As a brand, you truly want to offer the best to your customers. With innovation, you can do just that. People love to experience new things, and when you can offer it to them, there’s nothing quite as valuable. 


Using Cartoon Human Characters Establishes the Perfect Trust

One of the most challenging things to do is establish customer trust when selling through the Internet. If you’re opting for animated videos, the only way to develop that human relationship with the customer is to create an animated explainer video. Introduce a friendly character into your video which can communicate with your audiences in the most efficient manner. When animated characters explain something, they use visual queues and use a confident tone to convince. 

Higher the trust, better will be your business productivity. If you want to build a better relationship with the visitors, use animated characters within an explainer video and establish the right trust factor. 

So there you go. Here are some of the ways how human characters can form the perfect trust with your target audience. Are you struggling with creating such a connection with your audience in the online world? Prolific Studio can help you make the perfect animated video that can get your message through & through. Invest in a powerful animation and see the results for yourself. 

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