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Is your staff performance failing to live up to your expectations? It’s time you pay attention to their internal communication strategy. Internal communication is essential for any particular business to survive and thrive in the digital world. Organizations only live up to client/customer expectations when they are meeting the needs of their customers effectively. This can only be achieved when internal teams are properly communicating. Effective communication can streamline processes and help organizations work in tandem towards achieving the same goal. With internal videos, you can give your employees a clear idea of how things work and how they can simply capitalize on the organization’s mission & vision. 

Ask an HR specialist or an organization culture manager and he will easily point out a few different types of internal videos. To cut the long story short for you, we have put together this list just for you. 

Here are 5 different types of internal videos which can help steer your organization in the right direction. 

Recruitment Videos 

Are you seeking to attract like-minded people to your business fold? In case you’re then what you need is a recruitment video for your business. While some managers may not consider recruitment videos as part of an internal communication strategy, they have gained a spot in our list because they allow employees to better understand the process and the potential staff which exists within the company. The beauty in such videos is that they dictate the work culture to the new person in the most commendable way. 

Recruitment videos help employees to get along with the company’s work culture and understand the business values. With such videos, applicants are already on the page with what’s happening in the company before they even become a part of the system. Once they are onboarded, they don’t take much time to blend in with the existing audience and get acquainted with the internal operations efficiently. Thanks to the incredible teams in recruitment, they are familiar with all the crucial aspects of the company. 


On-Boarding Videos 

The onboarding videos are part of the internal communication strategy where businesses use such video types to onboard a new person. Just like recruitment videos, they also connect the user with the organization by educating them on the values and bringing them on pace with the organization’s internal culture. Certain on-boarding videos also feature a small tour where they take the audience throughout the organization showing them different areas. They get more acquainted with the internal structures. 


Instead of an HR person, taking the candidates around and showing them different departments, an on-boarding video is good enough to show the audience everything around from a single room. On-boarding videos help the audience to quickly connect with the organizational settings and before you know it, they are well-connected with all the processes. Once they are done watching, they will be well aware of all the processes of the organization just as much as any old-school employee would. 


Corporate Training Videos 

Gone are the days when your staff had to go through a bunch of pages to get acquainted with the processes. Back then, employees would have to carry training material or long handbooks to learn about different aspects. Fast forward to today, things have dramatically changed. Now employees aren’t required to carry hours’ worth of reading material on them. They can simply connect with the new implementations and learn about everything by watching 10-20 minute corporate training videos. 

The best part about videos is that employees can listen to them in a session. If they aren’t quite well connected, the teams can later receive them in their emails and watch them during their free time. These corporate training videos are less time-consuming and more educational. They use an audio-visual approach to educate people on newly adapted processes. The next time an employee finds themselves in a fix, they can easily refresh their memories on any subject by watching one of them. 

It’s one of the best practices to establish internal communication as it cuts down on unnecessary labor cost, training cost, and saves up a lot of time. 

Announcement Videos 

Are there any important announcements which you want to make within your organization? An announcement video is one of the best options for you. You can easily address the entire organization by sending out a single announcement video where you can cumulatively educate the masses on important matters. Now you don’t need to gather each and everyone around in a big conference hall so you can get them all connected under a big umbrella. Instead, you can record a big update like the United States President and send the announcement company-wide in a single email. 

Verbal emails can’t make the kind of emotional impact which an announcement video easily could. As long as your message has a human character, you will certainly leave an impact. 


FAQ Videos 

Last but certainly not least on our list for the day are FAQ videos. We all know what’s the purpose behind FAQs. As new employees, we have plenty of questions regarding the operations and how things are happening. To feel connected and empowered, the new bunch require answers to all the brimming questions they have in their minds. An FAQ video can help you with that. It can provide all the answers to important questions. Companies invest a lot in FAQ videos because they want their employees to perform better at their jobs. Their performance will help them to grow exponentially. Hence, when a company offers FAQ videos, it helps them to get internally connected with the best practices. 

FAQ videos can clear up common doubts, relay important information, and provide much more in question and answer format. They can engage the audience (employees) on many different topics. No matter how many questions you have, FAQ videos can help you get connected easily. 

So here are the different types of internal videos to help you establish better internal communication in your offices. Let us know if there’s some other way how you have ace your organizational communication? We would love to hear from you. 


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