As technology progresses, so does its implementation. It has given rise to new areas of expertise. It’s not limited to social media or web-based software, but it has grown into something more. With the advent of AI and ML, things are taking a dramatic turn in the online stratosphere and people are now digging in deep into how they can fit in. Among the many facets of marketing, video animation is one area that is coming to a gradual rise and must not be ignored. Are you an animation enthusiast? In case you’re then here’s a post that will help you overcome the burning question, “How exactly can I become an animator?” easily. 

So without further ado, let’s educate you on how you can also become one & add to this digital ecosystem.

To Become an Animator, You Don’t Need a Degree 

So first things first, if you’re wondering whether you would require graduating from a reputable university to become a professional animator, then here’s some good news for you. You don’t! Now ain’t that interesting? Well, that’s because animation video making is a completely skilled base job. Here you don’t require a paper or a document to assure the world that you have the creativity in you to create a marvelous animation. What you only need is a certain level of command on using animation software and create the mumbo jumbos your client wants you to create and publish. Now ain’t that interesting? 

One can find countless cheap courses on Udemy which can help you get acquainted with software for animations. Some of these common animation tools are Animaker, Blender & Adobe After Effects. 

See which animation tool you can easily get savvy with and start creating magical experiences. 

Dedicate Yourself to Polishing Up Your Animation Skills 

Now if you’re already familiar with how one of the chosen animation tools works, the next step is to dedicate yourself and master it. No animator can produce profound results unless he or she has enough command in creating the most spectacular characters and a breathtaking storyline behind the whole thing. Well even if you have visualizers and brand management teams working with you, you will still have to take the wheels and create the gorgeous animations. Also, it is well-advised that you must have some level of experience in acting. Why is it important? To add emotions in your characters, duh! 

Keen observation and consistent effort will enable you to produce profound animations which will help you reach out to a greater audience in just a mere few seconds. Now, who wouldn’t want that? 

To achieve that level, work hard on polishing up your animation skills. 

Time to Build Your Portfolio

Have you finally perfected the art of creating interactive characters and breathtaking storylines? Are you a good enough team player now? Well if you already have developed a talent, time to step into the real world. Well, how about scoring some small projects through freelancing platforms? If you’re not much of a fan of freelancing, then you can always join an animation studio on an internship to get acquainted. 

One way or the other, take up plenty of projects and start building your very own portfolio. 

Portfolios are important. They will communicate with your clients on your behalf. When pitching up a major project, you will require showcasing your work. After all, the only way you can nail a project is by letting the world know about your talent! A portfolio will talk to your customers on your behalf. 

Create a Demo Reel

Demo reels are short videos where you put together all of your best works in a small reel video. The reel video works wonderfully when you want to show everything you have done in a short span of time. 

Usually, demo reels are watched by entrepreneurs, business owners & other similar personnel. 

When you create a demo reel, it’s up to you to choose which of your projects were worth the attention and how you can put them in the spotlight. They are highly significant if you want to score a place in one of the animation studios or acquire individual clients. Work on one so perfectly so you deliver the best. 

So there you go, here’s precisely everything you need to do to get hired at an animation studio. Now isn’t that great! No more hassles of going through a 4-year degree program or wondering about how you’re going to master yourself! Everything is easily available on platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, and YouTube. Just log into your profiles and start exploring. Who knew learning animations is so easy and the best part about video animation is, with bare minimum investments, you earn enough to become filthy rich. 

Need an animation expert? Prolific Studio has got you covered. We have some of the best animators. Get in touch and we can help you create the perfect animation for your social media & explainer videos. 

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