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Explainer videos are an incredibly effective way to introduce the world to any idea, product, or service. This is due to their high production value and ability to capture viewers’ attention quickly. Animated Explainer videos do not only serve as a source of information; they also convey tone and emotion while helping audiences understand what they are being sold. With how impactful they can be, it is crucial to ensure that the music accompanying the video is complementary and not distracting.

Explainer videos are typically created for business or personal use. This means that any music used should make sense in association with the type of business or individual producing the content. It’s important to note that some music is more upbeat and exciting, while other tracks are more relaxing or somber.

Why Background Music is Important For Explainer Videos?

Music brings more color & vibrancy. It sets the tone of the explainer video and helps to convey the brand personality (if it fits in). It also adds an emotional context that complements the video message. Keep in mind that background scores should always be in sync with the voiceover and dialogue to provide a cohesive experience for viewers.

Bad music can ruin even the best explainer videos! Remember, there are no set rules when it comes to music selection. There are, however, guidelines that can help you to find the right background music for your videos.

Step 1: Determine the Type of Music That’s Right For You

Explainer videos are typically built around information, so it makes sense that any accompanying music should be informational as well. Try thinking about how the music you are considering makes you feel, or how it relates to your business or product.

Step 2: Experiment & Listen to Different Types of Music

The Internet is a major source for any kind of music you can think of, so try using different search engines and other types of online searches to find the perfect track for your video. Keep in mind that your search may also turn up remixes or remakes of songs that were suggested by the initial search.

Step 3: Consider and Select Different Genres & Tracks

Look for multiple options within the same genre, as music preferences tend to vary. Once you find a track you like, look at other similar pieces and see whether or not they inspire the same feelings. If not, look to other styles and genres for more options.

Step 4: Make Sure the Music You Choose is Royalty-Free

This is particularly important if you plan on using the background track for commercial use. Rights to use individual tracks vary, and many artists won’t authorize their music for such uses as a result. This could prove problematic as the rights to monetize videos containing copyrighted songs aren’t usually part of any agreement.

Step 5: Check Out Music From Different Artists & Tastes

Just because you find a track that resonates with you doesn’t mean it will work for your video. Music from different artists and genres play by different rules, so take the time to look at all of your options before making any final decisions. It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to choose just one song either. There are plenty of artists who create multiple tracks based on the same concept or genre, so you could combine them all for an incredible result.

Music selection is certainly not an exact science, but these steps can help to narrow down your options and produce great results.The Internet is a valuable resource when it comes to finding the perfect backdrop for your explainer videos. There are endless tracks out there that can help express different emotions and tones, so keep looking until you find something that fits!

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