Prolific Studio is an experienced team of creative minds that provide businesses with unique, distinctive, and top-notch animation services. Since 2010, we’ve been working closely with our clients to deliver the highest caliber of video production solutions with a focus on creative flair and exciting visuals.

 As a dedicated partner when it comes to achieving animation success, we’re honored to have been recognized as one of the leading companies on Clutch in 2021.  

With that said, let’s take a quick look at what we’ve accomplished this year through Clutch’s 2021 Rewind.

Service providers understand the value that feedback brings to the table. Through client evaluation, companies learn how to shape their services to fit the bill. Of course, quality will always be a top priority when delivering creative solutions. For this reason, we’re proud to have collected a total of eight reviews through Clutch.

The ratings that we get from our partners perfectly summarize the relationship between our team and theirs. This year, we’re delighted to have acquired a beyond satisfaction rating of 4.7 stars on the B2B platform.

These verified reviews point out the strengths and weaknesses of our work. They also determine the level of satisfaction that our partners acquired after we provided them with the deliverables. While we appreciate each feedback, negative or positive, we’re thrilled to say that more than half of our reviewers have confirmed that they are willing to recommend our services to their colleagues.

Take a look at these reviews from one of our clients in 2021:

“We were extremely happy with the overall process and final result.”

— Gary Ras, Principal, Wireless Concepts International LLC

Finally, we thank everyone for sharing this journey with us. We’re excited to see what 2022 has in store for our team and our partners!

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