Videos have earned a top spot in the world of marketing. 

They are not anymore a tool of entertainment for new online visitors. Instead, videos have become a treasure trove for businesses to capitalize on. Almost every B2B and B2C company around the world is leveraging videos as part of its marketing strategy. Just go around and pick any SMB or enterprise, search up their brands on Google or YouTube and you will eventually find a marketing video or two.  

Are you running a business with a full-fledged online presence? 

Just in case you’re, then here are four solid reasons why you need to invest in a video marketing strategy. 

Videos Help with Search Engine Optimization 

A recent poll performed by video marketing strategists showed evident signs that most marketers believe high-quality videos can pique customer’s interest and boost online engagement. Both factors play a significant role in increasing the click-through rate (CTR) and the incoming traffic. These two are important metrics when it comes to addressing Google’s Ranking factors. Because videos have high engagement, they are more likely to convince the target audience to click on the link provided. Therefore, brands can observe a significant increase in their search engine optimization practices. 

Google’s algorithm is becoming more & more refined with the passage of time. So its capability of machine learning is also enabling the platform to quickly read thousands of frames per second & analyze what type of content the video is showing. As a result, Google gets better insight on the content. By knowing what the content is about, Google finds itself easily ranking it up on SERP. To make it all happen, Google leverages a powerful API called Google’s Video Intelligence (API). 


Videos Help in Building Trust Among Audience 

Trust is at the center of every marketing department. If your brand is capable of winning your audience’s trust, then it can easily help in convincing them to make a purchase. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, believe it or not, but there’s no better way to attract organic traffic to your website than to invest in winning their trust. 

Many brands have previously tried countless strategies to win their audience’s trust but have immensely failed. But what exactly are they doing wrong, and others who are successful are doing correctly? 

Well, the answer is simple, they are investing in Videos. 

So how exactly does video content help in winning the target audience’s trust? 

While selling a product continuously with the same pitch isn’t going to land you a sale, that’s certainly for sure! But what happens when you add value to your customer’s lives? They instantly make a purchase. 

Videos are a great way to explain to your target audience how you can add value to their lives. 

Videos Help in Leaving Your Brand’s Impression 

Winning trust is just one part of the ball game, what about keeping your audience hooked so they may continuously choose you for doing business? Your target market will only feel obliged to do that if they are aware of your brand’s presence. To build your brand presence, there are countless methodologies. 

You can choose to optimize your content so it can start appearing on top searches, or you can conduct surveys and see how you can add more value to your customer’s lives; or you can create user-generated content, or simply put, you can put up testimonials on your website. All of these factors are clear indicators that your brand can leave an everlasting impression on your audience’s mind. 

But is that just about everything you can do? Think. 

Do you know videos can perform 300% much better than all of the above-discussed strategies combined? Videos are traffic-generating bombs! Just post one in the right place and BOOM! Traffic starts flowing into your domain as you’ve never seen before. All you need is a good animation. 

To get one, you can always hire a professional animator from a recognized animation studio. 

Videos Increase Conversions 

Last but not the least, if people feel attracted to your content, if they dig what you’re selling and they feel convinced that you’re the right guy, then there’s definitely nothing stopping them from purchasing. 

But before they may conclude that you’re the right guy, they would outweigh your benefits and the pricing. The competition out there is pretty much selling the same thing as you are but what makes them stand a class apart from your brand is their pricing packages and their quality of service. However, the sad reality of today’s world is that people have shorter attention spans. In fact, the average attention span of a person has diluted to somewhere around 3 to 5 seconds. And as a brand investing in video marketing, it’s your job to capture it. There are plenty of ways, but the fastest by far is investing in videos. 

So here are all the reasons why I believe you should get a corporate brand video for your business. 

Still, feeling skeptical? How about you talk to one of our customer representatives. 

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