Video Animations

Traditional marketing used to be simple, but that doesn’t work in the online world. The world around us changed significantly in the past few decades and with it, so has marketing. Businesses now can’t just throw a video together and hope it brings traffic to your brand, you have to be creative with your videos. 

One of the most creative ways to create interesting, impactful videos is by making video animations. Today, there are several different types of video animations and not all of them might work for everyone. You will have to decide on the one that works perfectly with your brand to make sure that you don’t miss the mark with the video overall. To make your choice easier, we’ve created a list of 5 different types of video animations and how you can use them in your business.

1Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short videos, used for marketing or sales purposes that highlight a company’s product, service, or business idea in a compelling & efficient way. These videos are super short, about 2 minutes or so and in it, you can talk about your products, how they have performed in the market so far, their potential, and anything else that could get your audience’s attention. These videos should have animations that capture the essence of the whole script and deliver it in a way that retains the viewers’ interest. There should be a call to action at the end to encourage the audience so they can learn more about your brand or product. The end goal is to lead them to conversion! These videos also work well as a feature videos on your landing pages.

2. Animated Storytelling videos

Who doesn’t love a good story? Animated storytelling videos are great if you want to retain your viewers’ attention for as long as possible. Once the story begins and they’ve heard how it starts, even if the product isn’t 100% something they’d buy, they might still watch the video all the way through to know how the story ends! Stories connect with people, in a way that stats can’t. If your brand or product is one that you can create a touching story around, an animated storytelling video would be best for you!

3. Whiteboard Animations

Digital animations work well, but they can get a little expensive. If you’re looking to make a similar impact, but don’t have a massive budget, you can try a whiteboard animation video instead! These feature an artist that just draws on the whiteboard in the classic “Draw My Life” video style. Even though they might not be the usual animations you might be used to, they’re still impactful. They’re one of the most popular types of animated videos with a strong storytelling attribute. Squeeze your brand or product in the story and it will be introduced to people without them even realizing they watched an entire ad! Such videos are great for companies seeking to engage audiences in an educational manner. As long as the story behind your whiteboard animation is powerful, it will definitely create a lasting impact!

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4. Animated Product Demos

Ever been totally mesmerized by the insanely quick, animated product demos that Apple releases every year for their newest iPhone? If you want to create a similar impact for your product as well, then animated product demos are the best videos for you.  Animated product demos can be a perfect way to show your potential customers everything your product is about. Unlike regular, live-action videos, animation videos give you the freedom of creating your own virtual world. You can create characters, environments, graphics and none of them have to be “realistic”, they can be whatever you want them to be! The demo would be enough to get people interested enough to go to your website to learn more or order the product itself! As long as it is interesting and engaging enough for people to go from the video to the website, it’s successful. After that, you can let your product do the rest of the work!

5. Animated Tutorials

Animated tutorials are great to get people interested in your product or service. You can create an entire animated world around your brand and show them what it does and how it works. These types of animated videos work best for companies that either has a slightly newer, complicated product that people don’t fully understand on their own or the companies that provide a unique service. In the tutorial, you could show them exactly how to place an order, what happens after they place the order and a short demo of the service itself. This will put an image to the invisible aspect of ordering the service and they will learn how everything works – all in one go!



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