Animation is a vast field and there are countless animators who are taking the lion’s share within the industry. However, if you are one among such individuals seeking to land a job as a professional animator, then one of the things which you can do to score an animation job at an animation studio is to learn how to create creature animations. Yes, you heard me right, creature animations, and here’s why they are important. 

Imagine you want to become a mechanical engineer and the only thing you’re good at is putting together cars. In the wake of becoming an auto mechanic, you put aside all the basics such as thermodynamics or fluid mechanics and other mechanical engineering subjects which can help you become a better mechanical engineer. So what happens when you step into the market to find a suitable job for yourself? Well, if all the auto mechanic jobs are taken in top industries, the only place you may find yourself working is an auto garage. And you certainly didn’t join engineering because you wanted to end up in a garage, right? 

The same is the case with animations. Animations aren’t just about creating explainer videos for businesses. You need to grow beyond that, and one of the ways is to invest your time in creature animations. 

Are you eager to learn why creature animations play such a massive role in creating a demo reel? 

Well here are three reasons why you should invest in creature animations. 

Nowadays, Studios Are Seeking Variety in Animations 

Simply add up every animation type in which you’ve invested yourself. They may contain commercial animations, TV animations, animation for video games, cartoon animations, and many more. The list can go on and on but it still doesn’t match anywhere near the demand of having a creature animation in your animated production. You simply can’t imagine how many game studios are eager to hire such animators who have a skilled hand in creating creature animations. There are several animation studios that are abundantly hiring creature animators, so jump right in. Do you have the skillset? Invest in putting together a well-rounded portfolio and market yourself.  

The Industry Need More Creature Animators 

We are living in a fast-paced environment where everything is abundantly growing. As much as other digital fields are evolving, so is the world of animation. Animation has moved from a simple desk job to a broader perspective with multiple branches. One can easily find a variety of different animators with a wide range of skillsets where creature animation is quite possibly at the heart of everything nowadays. The animators have made creature animations an integral part of many commercial and television reels. Ask any VFX house that deals in creating realistic animations and they will highlight the importance of having a creature animation. Many studios such as Light & Magic, Blizzard, and Mentor are promoting it. 

Creature Animations Look Hot in the Sci-Fi & Fantasy World 

Creature animations are becoming a fad in animation houses, leveraging on creating sci-fi and fantasy world experiences. Today, we have several games such as the League of Legends (LoL) and Dota (Defence of the Ancients) which hold the power of creating massively appealing creature characters. They play an integral role as the main character in such games and appeal to millions of online gamers. Several other games such as Brawlhalla, Paladins, and Minion Masters are also introducing such powerful characters. With such avid developments taking place, there’s simply no chance that these games are going to become dead. Even if you’re not the best creature animator, there are several MMORPG game animation studios that might always be willing to take upon animators who are capable of creating something. 

For a creature animator, it’s without a doubt that the beacons are always lit. 

Are you an animator seeking to build the perfect animation for your demo reel? Do you run a business and would like to add a creature animation to appeal to your customers? 

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