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Believe it or not, but when it comes to marketing, motion graphics can make or break the deal in the online world. Are you one such brand looking for your big breakthrough? Are you thinking about hiring a video animation company to help you with putting together a well-designed motion graphic for your businesses? Do you want to get better brand exposure or earn better recognition in the online space? Here’s an article that will help you learn how brands can best use motion graphics in all marketing activities. With the right motion graphics, you can reach out to your potential customers and create brand stories that can perfectly resonate with your audiences. 

So without further ado, let’s delve into how motion graphics can help you with your marketing practices. 

What Makes Motion Graphics Beneficial for Marketers? 

Motion Graphics are Emotionally Mind Captivating 

One of the greatest benefits of having motion graphics in your marketing material is their capability to trigger human emotion. It isn’t only attention-grabbing but it can also respond to biological responses such as making you happy or excited. It also helps the reader to empathize with the brand and mirror the exact emotions dictated within the motion graphics. For example, when you watch a horror movie, you feel fear or when you find something funny, you giggle and laugh. You have a somewhat similar experience when you watch motion graphics. 

Motion graphics is a great tool that almost every marketing company is abundantly using to help communicate with their audiences in a much effective manner. A combination of powerful voiceover with music and stunning visuals is all it takes for brands to conquer their audience’s attention. With motion graphics, brands feel more enabled to tell a compelling story to audiences. In some cases, they have a much more profound effect than other video formats, live-action productions with actual sets & actors. So try checking a few motion graphics done by editors. 


Here’s an amazing motion graphic highlighting a very serious issue that needs to be addressed.


Motion Graphics Offer Passive Experience 

Remember the good old school days? Learning lessons from textbooks or attending lectures could be a brain-draining session. But as soon as the teacher said, we are about to watch an animated video or a video session on a particular subject, how do we really go into a relaxed mental state?! 


That’s exactly how you feel when you’re viewing motion graphics. With motion graphics, viewers don’t have to go around reading tons of information or investing a great deal of their mental energy in exploring new things. Watching a motion graphic video allows the audience to easily sit back, relax and consume the message the brand is trying to communicate. 


We live in a time where a majority of individuals now consume information by watching videos rather than reading lengthy pages. Do you want to market your product or service values? Do you want to teach your audience who you are as a brand? Motion graphics can make things a whole lot easier for your audience to consume. 


Motion Graphics Can Be Repurposed 

With the advent of social media and other video-sharing platforms such as YouTube or DailyMotion, spreading your video content has become an incredibly easy task. In just a few clicks, you can share a video piece on any one of these platforms. Your content readily becomes accessible for billions of online users across the planet. And the best part about distributing video content across all such platforms is, you can always repurpose it by taking it down and adding more value to it. 


For instance, you made investments in creating a motion graphic that addressed common SEO tips & tricks back in 2019. Fast forward to today, SEO has incredibly changed. Unlike other content formats, you won’t have to take down the entire video and then create a brand new one and launch it. Instead, you simply add more value to your existing video which you published back in 2019 and send it to live again on the same platform. It won’t affect your rankings and will help you promote better. 


Motion Graphics Work Wonders When You’re Short on Time 

The average length of a motion graphic video is somewhere around 30 seconds to 3 minutes. So if you want to make an impact on your audience spot-on, a motion graphic video can be the best option. It can create just the impact which you’re seeking to leave behind among your audience. Facebook surveyed and presented a report half a decade ago where they educated the masses on how only 10 seconds take to leave a lasting impact on your viewers. 


Motion graphics combine audio & visuals to make the most out of human information processing capabilities. It directly targets the user’s intent and helps them quickly make decisions. 


So there you go, here are some of the reasons why motion graphics can be a great tool for marketing. Are you searching for the right video animation company to help put together the perfect motion graphics? 


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