Are you planning to make investments in getting a whiteboard animation for your business? 

In case you’re wondering why I am asking you this question, it’s because I want to help you get the most out of your video animation. Many people blindly invest in animation studios without getting the gist of what they are getting on their investments. The right whiteboard animation can only convert visitors into potential customers if it has the power to win over your audience. Are you someone seeking that power? 

Do you want to find the right way to get maximum views on your animation in a fairly short span of time? 

Here’s how to effectively create a whiteboard animation and engage audiences in the best possible way. 

Tip # 1: Keep the Writing Pen Animation Consistent

Many whiteboard animation videos suffer a setback just because they are unable to display enough pen animation. A successful whiteboard animation only becomes a success when the hand moving the pen appears constantly. Breaks longer than a few seconds are bad for your whiteboard animation. 

If you’re wondering why? It’s because of losing momentum. People tend to easily get bored when there’s less momentum in your whiteboard animation. So it’s up to you to keep them engaged, and the only way to do that is when you keep the hand holding the pen alive in your whiteboard animations. 

Most animation specialists keep the pen alive by slowing down the pen movement creating the objects. Others simply leverage the voiceover artist and keep on drawing things based on the narration. 


Tip # 2: Make Sure Your Animation Imitates a Real Whiteboard 

Believe it or not, but we all want our whiteboard animations to appear as someone who’s watching them in the real world. The only way you can set that tone is when your whiteboard animation includes the elements which any whiteboard can display in reality. So first thing first, use props that can offer similar thickness in the drawing. It will appear very odd if the thickness of the lines is uneven in your drawings. 

It’s best to choose a prop that offers the exact same thickness on multiple drawing levels. 

Tip # 3: Stick to Whiteboard Drawings! Don’t Import Pictures or Characters. 

Many individuals make the sound mistake of introducing images, pictures, or characters in whiteboard animation. Firstly, it’s disregarded because the animation tools used in creating these whiteboard animations can’t handle them. They can’t create an animated path for these pictures exactly how they are created, and subsequently, they use a random animated path for creating characters & photographs. It will appear as random scrapping over a picture which will not look suitable for your animation. 


It would be best if you stuck with the objects which are present in your software. Your software will provide complete support for creating the animated path for these objects in a commendable way. 


Tip # 4: Your Voice-Over Artist Must Speak Constantly 

Voice over is an integral part of any whiteboard animation. 


Without a compelling voice-over, you can’t create the perfect whiteboard animation video for your business. The voice-over dictates while the hand in the whiteboard animation draws the object on the whiteboard canvas. When they are both incoherent, you will keep the whiteboard animation alive, encouraging them to stick around and watch the complete animation. Let the voice-over take the lead and design just the perfect whiteboard animation for your business, making your entire experience non-boring. 


Tip # 5: Cut Down Unnecessary Things from Your Content 

There are so many things that you would want to include in your whiteboard animation once you begin. For instance, background sound effects, fancy transitions, cool animation effects, and much more. 

However, here’s the big question? Do you actually need all of those to be a part of your video content? 

It’s best that you cut down on the unnecessary elements if you want to get the most out of your whiteboard animations. Introduce the right features to create the perfect path and get maximum views. 

Stick to the hand which draws you to the perfect scene, and you will fulfill the requirements perfectly. 


Tip # 6: Change the Background Sound Animation with Something from YouTube 

Lastly, people are tired of listening to the same background sound effects repeatedly within their respective content. If you’re planning to introduce it one more time in your whiteboard animation, then may I suggest you not do that. Instead, visit the YouTube or Wistia official page and do some sound hunting. There are so many interesting background music that you can add to your content and make the most out of your videos. Adding something from YouTube can be of the best benefit and can positively impact your audience. Change the sound effects according to your story and get the best in return. 

The right music can add the perfect allure to your whiteboard animation, so make sure to get them right. 

So there you go. Here are my six tips on how you can create a whiteboard animation that can bring maximum views to your digital platform. Are you also interested in creating a powerful animation? Feel free to get in touch with Prolific Studio. We excel in creating whiteboard animation which can engage the audience and bring more profitability to your businesses. Need whiteboard animations? Let’s have a chat. 

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