Cartoon ads, when executed the right way, can boost brand advertising in the same way and quality as live-action ads do. If you want to pique the curiosity in your audience and stand out from the crowd, animated ads should be your priority because that’s the kind of content people want to see. It all makes sense because animated videos are beautiful to look at, they are entertaining, and, most importantly, they help deliver all the required information in a very creative and engaging way. 

The thing with animated ads is that you have to give your best input to hit the right spot for your target audience. As content creation requires a lot of time, effort, and creativity, most businesses hire companies for it. For example, if you want an explainer video for your product, you can hire an animation service provider to create the best product animation video for your business. 

Here are some amazing inspirational animation ad examples that can serve as a guide to creating something exceptional; 



When talking about cartoon ads, we can’t help but mention Slack. Slack is a great communication platform with options like chat rooms, private groups and direct messaging, etc. Without a doubt, the service is great but what’s even more appealing about Slack is that they produce some of the most creative and entertaining animated ads. 

Our most favorite one is this particular ad cartoon with the title “Traffic”. It’s a funny and cute 3D animation that highlights each cartoon character to convey the message in a very entertaining way. What’s best is that when you see the ad, you’ll notice that the only colors they have used in the entire video are the ones used in Slack’s logo. Yes, the storyline isn’t something awe-inspiring but the way they’ve delivered their message is great!


2-MasterCard: By The Numbers 

MasterCard “By The Numbers” from Antfood on Vimeo.

Almost everyone out there has a MasterCard, and chances are that even you already have one in your wallet. For something this vast, the purpose of MasterCard’s animated video is to show their impact on our society and how they have a vast network spread almost all around the globe. The most inspiring thing about this video is how they combined two concepts-technology and numbers to create something so intelligent and beautiful. 

First, they started with powerful stats showing the number of people using MasterCard and the ways this card brings convenience to their lives. Then they moved on to how MasterCard can help with multiple transactions, food deliveries, transportation, and even cross-border transactions. As far as the visuals are concerned, they’ve kept it all simple and short. The best part about their video is that they’ve highlighted multiple characters showing that MasterCard is being used by everyone no matter what color, race, or nationality they have. For essence, they’ve used this light music with a very chirpy voice to prevent any disturbance with the video’s flow. 


3-Volkswagen: The Place You Want To Be 

Volkswagen made a bold move to highlight the benefits of the Volkswagen car service through an animated video. They used a green beetle in their animation and told the story from its perspective. Honestly-they couldn’t have made a better choice. 

Also, they’ve perfectly explained their car service process and how it can make your car get back to its original form. The video just highlights the quality and luxury of their car service and for a viewer, it’s quite easy to immerse in the story and understand how the service works. 

As far as the visuals are concerned, everything is exceptional, especially because of the way they used different cars and the expressions they used to add a little fun touch to the video. In a nutshell, this ad is an example of a smooth, short, to the point, and enticing video that easily conveys the message to the audience. 


4- MailChimp: Anthem 

MailChimp specializes in the “entrepreneurship” niche and their animated ad titled “Anthem” is a perfect ode to entrepreneurs not just because it has a great script but because it’s aesthetically pleasing too. What’s interesting about this ad is that the script is more focused on the users than the brand itself. 

MailChimp hasn’t even once mentioned what their service is about in the video or given any sales touch. They’ve produced a piece that shows how much they care about their users and what impact they make in their lives. This is the kind of advertisement that can help a business get close to its customers and show how much they care. 


5-Airbnb: Cycling Experiences 

Airbnb Cycling Experiences from ILLO on Vimeo.

When Airbnb had to launch their cycling experiences and make it look all inspiring, they came up with this 90-second animated ad titled “Cycling Experiences”.

It’s a powerful video and what’s best is that Airbnb hasn’t made the video all about “what is and how it works” instead they’ve simply relied on stats. In other words, they haven’t used any text or visuals to force the users to try the experience. Instead, they just simply showcased some statistics that’d inspire people or motivate them to try the cycling experience. Overall, the transitions, the illustrations of different countries, and the music, all make this add smooth and easy-to-understand.


Overall Verdict 

These are some great inspirational animation ads that you must watch at least once before getting started with your own. The one common thing in these ads is that none of them have given the impression of a sale and they’ve made sure that the audience knows how much they care about them. This is the kind of approach businesses should use when creating any type of content for marketing! 


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