Motion Graphics

Are you trying to publish content with a strong message? Do you want to clarify your audience with a message that’s not easily digestible? Motion graphics is your way in. In simple words, motion graphics is a sophisticated method of using moving graphic elements represented in a form of animated infographics. While other forms of animations require software such as Autodesk Maya, Unity, or Adobe Animate, motion graphics primarily depend on graphics and their dynamic counterparts. 

Motion Graphics became a rising trend back in the 50s where motion designers such as Saul Bass created some of the most iconic opening titles for movies like Vertigo. Other examples include Hitchcock’s Psycho, from the early days. Fast forward to today, motion graphics is now abundantly used by enterprises around the world to establish effective communication with the target audience. 

How Does Motion Graphics Engage Audience? 

Motion graphics help businesses to represent their ideologies and thoughts in a more sophisticated manner. When an idea is complicated to express through words or through images, motion graphics are the best way to educate your target audience and engage them effectively with your brand. It helps you to streamline the concept and visualization making your graphics aesthetically pleasing. The right motion graphics will help you connect the dots and identify the invigorating story behind the concept. 

More than 92% of shoppers are influenced to make their final purchase decisions through online videos. In order to click with them positively, you need to find a better way to express your brand message. 

You can easily engage audiences with motion graphics by publishing them on social media. 

Why is Motion Graphics Great for Our Present Low-Attention Audience? 

Motion graphics are the perfect element to grasp a user’s attention in just a mere few seconds. Not only are they great for attraction, but they also hold the user for a long period of time in comparison to a more static image or simple written text. While reading text online or viewing a single image can be eye-straining and can take up a lot of your viewer’s time, motion graphics keep the interest of your audiences increasing. The information transmitted through motion graphics is more easily absorbed by viewers.

More than 90% of the audience have an attention span as small as that of a goldfish which is merely just a few seconds. How exactly can you win their attention? With motion graphics, you can hold them back. 

What are the Core Elements of a Motion Graphic? 

As the name suggests, motion graphics need to represent something that is in constant motion on the screen. May it is a text or a visual image where the camera requires to pan in or zoom in, movement is the key. While the movement is one thing, the piece should express a certain story. From people to abstractions, anything or everything can work. Relevancy is another important aspect. If there’s a motion graphic which you’re publishing about nature, then the elements in your motion graphic must involve nature. From music to screen elements, everything must be in coherence with the agenda. 

Cohesiveness is critical when it comes to motion graphics. 

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What are Some Unique Trends Which Are Exciting in Motion Graphics? 

One of the biggest trends in motion graphics is the seamless integration between 3D elements in 2D spaces. Many graphics which we are using commonly these days aren’t completely 3D and neither are they fully 2D. Illustrators have debunked the myth of creating 3D elements in 2D environments very perfectly. From cartoon effects to scratch marks, from squiggle vision to actual films, and so on. There’s a wide range of stylistic enhancements which many motion graphic developers are using in their simple artworks. Because of such practices, many character animations are now emerging. 

How Businesses Are Using Motion Graphics? 

Since motion graphics have become a rising trend in the market, their applications have now become exceedingly common in a variety of different businesses. We can now find motion graphics appearing in a range of video and brand designs. Some of its leading applications in the industry are stated below: 

  • Movie & Video Titles 
  • Logo Graphics 
  • Expressing Brand Messages 
  • Social Media Postings 
  • Digital Marketing 

Whenever there exists a gap in the information or a certain business requires better communication, motion graphics can help establish that essence for the brand and help businesses grow exponentially. 

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