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The American population simply loves to watch videos. May it be Netflix or HBO NOW, their love for video watching just incredibly keeps growing with the passage of time. There’s always one of their favorite show episodes or something else that they are too eager to watch. With so much immense love for video watching, it is pretty evident that brands around the world won’t make the most out of their situation if they fail to invest in video marketing. Don’t just buy my word for it, it’s how video marketing is evolving in the digital landscape. 

Just in 2020, it was estimated that more than 69 percent of online traffic will account for traffic incoming through mobile devices. This is because smartphones have become the new norm and are largely used to communicate. Today, many social media platforms including some of the highly renowned ones such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook have become key to effective communication. Brands that do not invest in such growing platforms will lag behind in the coming time. 

Today, if the video isn’t an integral part of your overall marketing strategy, then you’re falling behind in the rat’s race. But what type of video marketing can seamlessly complement our content marketing strategy? 

Let’s find out.

The Problem Solving Videos 

Whether you’ve launched a product or service, one way or the other your product/service is solving a problem. What if you can dictate that value in your videos? A video that focuses on a customer’s pain point and provides a probable solution is called the problem solvers. This type of video content is one of the first approaches that many content marketers take when providing value to their customers. 

The video can be anything. It can be a tutorial walkthrough showing how the audience can use the product or service. It can be a compilation of interviews where people talk about their problems concerning your product/service. It can be something relevant to saving money or streamlining product features or something similar. The purpose of a problem solver is to give away information for free. 


The Insider Videos 

Believe it or not, but Insider videos are in trend and are helping brands around the world to capitalize on profitability. Do you have a manufacturing facility or in-house place where everyone is working together to provide you with the services you’re offering? An Insider video can offer a sneak peek to your customers so they can see what’s happening on the inside. Let your target audience check out how you do things. 

One of the best examples which I can quote right now is of The School of Visual Arts in New York. They put together a small highlight reel where alumni and students provided short video profiles on what life’s like on campus. Here take a look at an Insider video done by The School of Visual Arts in New York. 



The Recap Video 

Have you recently hosted a successful fundraiser campaign or crowdsourcing campaign? Did you organize a conference or your organization volunteered for a cause? Or was there a big event that took place at your organization and you want the world to know about it? If you want to capitalize on such events through content marketing, then why not invest in creating a recap video.

A recap video is a short video that assembles all the fun and entertaining moments of the past event and puts them in one place. The video shows every potential moment in a short reel of a few minutes. You can cover an entire event or multiple events showing what happened at the event and how your brand made a significant contribution. These are some of the easiest ways to engage customers. 

Here’s a recap video was done by The Dynamic Women in Business Conference held every year at Harvard. 



The Heart-Warming Ones 

As the name suggests, the heartwarming reels are the ones that have an emotional appeal to them. You don’t certainly need to discuss the organizational values or highlight any cause your brand supports. Instead, a heartwarming video only requires marvelous story-telling which can engage people. 

Whether you want your video to share a few dialogues or compel your target audience to have a few laughs, a heartwarming video is everything you ever need to capitalize on content marketing. 

Here’s one for you to check out: 



So there you go, here are the 4 types of content marketing videos which can help your organization to benefit from publishing a video in the online world. Are you also searching for a profitable video option for your brand? Then how about you get in touch with Prolific Studio where we can help you create noteworthy 2D/3D animations. Let us know about the details and we will help you with video marketing. 


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