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Are you an enthusiastic learner and have been exploring different fields so you can become a cartoon animator? Have you always been fond of creating cartoons for people? Do you have some serious drawing skills? Then following a career path in animation is the best choice you can or will ever make. 

Cartoon Network is one of the world’s most popular cartoon channels which somehow we all grew up watching. I am talking about most of the millennials and almost every Generation Z-er. 

Believe it or not, one way or the other, we are all very fond of cartoons. But following a career path in creating cartoons sounds like a dream job, doesn’t it? However, to score that dream job, one must be well qualified in the art of making cartoons. But how exactly can one achieve that? Here are some prerequisites to consider. 

What Educational Background Does One Require to Pursue Career as a Cartoon Animator? 

To create cartoons that can engage an audience, an animator must have an educational background in creating art styles & cartoon sketches. He should at least have a degree in animation, graphic design, or fine arts to initiate his career. These are the basic building blocks that will enable him to follow his dream career path and achieve what he wishes to create & fulfill duties as a cartoon animator.

Most cartoon animators commonly work in the entertainment industry. Cartoon animators develop the skills of drawing & artistic designs where they combine both the techniques to create funny & attractive cartoons for their target audiences. To become a full-time employee as an animator, they must possess a professional portfolio & a bachelor’s degree which will allow them to score a cartoon network job. 


What are the Education Requirements for a Cartoon Animator? 

There are three areas in which a cartoon animator can excel their skillset. These three areas are generally bachelor’s degrees in graphic design, fine arts, or animation. Anyone with an academic degree will be enough to provide a breakthrough to the applicant in the world of cartoon animation. To get admission to a renowned institute helping students learn animation, students are required to submit their prior portfolios with the admission department. This portfolio should encompass some of the best works of the animator because, through this portfolio, the animator is going to win a place at the institute. 

Certain schools are strict about portfolio reviewing so they will provide the details of what they expect in the portfolio. While other schools are lenient and offer the animators to choose what they want to showcase. A few of such schools also have specific requirements to what must be included.  

They have separate formats and specific criteria which an animator must follow before submission. 


How Does an Animator Gain Command in Cartoon Animation? 

Animation schools in general initiate their courses by covering classes in color theory, drawing techniques & thematic design which sets the very basic foundation. As the student progresses, he or she gains more command in additional areas of learning such as character movement & motion. They develop skills in tools like flipbooks and more. No animation course is complete unless the students aren’t aware of the historical development of animations. 

The animation history covers several topics on how animation was originated or what propagandas were raised throughout its development & its respective politics. Teachers encourage students to host discussions on such topics so they can feel more motivated in creating masterpieces for the world in the coming future. They get more aware of what’s going to trend in the market, and what won’t. 

There are advanced courses that cover important topics of illustration, computer animation & conception. Programs then further diversify into stop-motion animation, mastering digital tools, computer graphics & animation design conceptualization, personal style development, and much more. 

The end of term closes with a final year project where a student is supposed to submit a short cartoon film. The committee reviews their project and grades them accordingly. Upon completion, the peer panel then awards the student a completion certificate which ensures they have successfully become a cartoon animator. 


Is There Some Form of an Internship in Animation? 

Yes. After completing the certification, a student must join a particular animation studio to polish up their animation skills. It serves as a learning experience for the animator & provides them exposure in the corporate world. They work side by side with some of the best animators and they also get a mentor during the process to assist them. Students can work with magazines, animation studios, art studios & other graphic businesses. Most interns work on modifying and polishing up 3D characters

They are also tasked with studying how the computer codes work at the backend. Do they learn how the codes can be more refined? And how users can create more powerful effects in the animations?


How Much Does a Cartoon Animator Make? 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) puts together multimedia artists & animators in the same career statistics. The study indicates an animator can easily earn as much as up to $78000 as per 2018 stats. Zip Recruiter is observing a salary as high as $13,000 per month to as low as $2,500 per month across the United States. Those who can score a job in cartoon networks or places like Disney or Nickelodeon get a much amazing package. 

So there you go, here’s just about everything important to know if you’re seeking a career path in cartoon animation. Are you eager to learn about animation? Or want a corporate animation video for your business? Then feel free to reach us out on Prolific Studio at any time. Our professionals can provide you with the best animation services all across the United States. Get in touch with our experts now. 


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