Cost Per Second of a 3D Cartoon Animation

3D cartoon animation has been around for decades. Some cartoons are meant for entertainment, while others are used as a marketing tool. Not only are they made using pencil & sketchbooks but, 3D cartoons can also be created using 3-dimensional cartoon animation software to give them a more realistic appearance. When it comes to deciding how much an animation is going to cost, it is difficult to effectively estimate the cost of 3D cartoon animations, as the pricing depends on who produces them and what kind they are intended for. Some 3D animation is expensive while others can be cheaper.

3D animation cost per second can differ depending on your geographical location. It may be cheaper in 3rd world countries and more expensive in first-world countries. For example, if you want to get a 3D cartoon animation done in India, it might fall in the affordable range but you may end up risking the video quality. Whereas, 3D animation in the United States may fall on the higher end of 3rd world countries.

So there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to 3D cartoon animation.

The cost of a 3D animation can vary depending on a number of factors. For instance, it depends on the experience of the 3D animator, the 3D animation software used, and the length of your 3D cartoon.

Are you wondering about the factors one must consider when determining the cost per second of a 3D cartoon animation? Here are some of the factors that will give you an insight.

4 Factors Which Affects 3D Cartoon Animation Cost Per Second

The 3D Animators’ Work Experience

The 3D cartoon animation cost per second depends on the experience of your 3D animation team. If you are looking for an affordable price, it will work best to find 3D animators who still have a lot of room for growth and can offer lower rates. The more experienced 3-dimensional artists should be charging higher prices because they know what  they are doing.

The 3D Animation Software Used

What 3-dimensional software will your 3D animation be created with? There are many different 3d cartoon animation programs and this is where some of the cost variation comes in. The more complicated 3-dimensional cartoons may require a higher price per second to animate, but you’ll end up  with a 3-dimensional animation that is so lifelike it will look like the cartoon just jumped off of the screen.

However, if you are on a tight budget and need something affordable to get your message across, then there are plenty of 3D software programs out there which can produce 3d cartoons at a lower cost per second for 3D animation.

The 3d software used can also affect how long the 3-dimensional cartoons will be in terms of length. You may find that a 3D cartoon created with more complicated 3-dimensional software would take longer to animate than one made with simpler 3-dimensional software as you are paying for each second.

In addition, 3D software also affects the 3-dimensional animation price per second by how much 3d storage space is needed. 3D animations that are created using 3-dimensional file formats such as .mpg take up more memory and thus need a higher cost for each second.

If you have a lot of 3d content to store, then it would be in your best interest to hire 3D animators who are familiar with 3-dimensional formats and can meet the content storage needs of your 3d.

The complexity of 3D Models

The 3D cartoon animation cost per second is affected by the complexity of 3-dimensional models. 3D model compositing, which blends multiple 3d elements together to create a single 3-dimensional scene, can increase your animated video production costs.

To help you lower your cost of 3-dimensional animations and make it more affordable for you in terms of 3D animation cost, you might want to use 3-dimensional software that is simpler for 3d model compositing.

There are several 3D software programs in the market today which can produce a 3 dimensional cartoon with ease without costing too much per second of your time.

These 3-dimensional modeling and rendering skills may not be easy to find, but 3D animation companies that employ 3-dimensional modelers and renderers are some of the best 3d.

The more complex 3-dimensional models will require a higher cost per second for 3D cartoon animations as they take up more time to render.

However, if you have an idea or concept which can be done with 3-dimensional models that are not so complex, then you may be able to find 3D animators who specialize in such 3-dimensional work at a lower cost per second.

The Duration of the 3D Cartoon Animation

The 3D cartoon animation cost per second is also affected by the duration of your 3-dimensional cartoons. The longer your 3 dimensional animations are, then the higher your 3d animation costs will be due to more time and effort needed for 3d modeling and rendering.

If you want a simpler 3-dimensional animated video with lower rates, try to keep 3-dimensional cartoons to 3 minutes or less. This will help you save on 3d animation cost per second and make it more affordable for your budget. Going for anything longer,  such as 3-dimensional animations that are 3 minutes or more, will cost you more per second.

If your 3D animation is short and to the point, then 3-dimensional animation cost per second for 3d is much cheaper than if the 3D cartoon animations are longer.


If you’re looking for a professional 3D animation studio to create product animation videos with voice-over work and music, then this would cost around $800 per second. On the other hand, if you want just a three dimensional cartoon animation without any of those extras like sound or music, it will be cheaper at around $100-$200 per second depending on who you hire to do it. What’s your budget? Would you rather have more features in your 3D cartoon animation but pay more money for each second of that video? Or would you prefer less expensive but not as many bells and whistles? The choice is yours!


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