Become An Animator

Animation is an incredible career option especially if you are creative and like to think out of the box. Moreover, the demand for animators is increasing with each passing day so there’s pretty much a lot of scope for you here to earn some good money. With time animation has got a pretty good hold over advertising industries, movies, television, and even the digital marketing industry. If you consider yourself a talented artist, you shouldn’t think twice and jump into this career right away because it has a lot to offer! 

Freelance animators make an average of $73000 per year which is way more than what you get in other careers. Furthermore, you can work as an animator in diverse fields like law, healthcare, film, education, and television, etc. In a nutshell, if you want to make the best use of your creativity, you should definitely opt for animation as your career. 

Here are some tips that can help you break this exciting and action-packed field;

1-Opt For An Animation Course Or A Program 

The very first step to becoming an animator is to get a proper degree for it. Or at least get yourself enrolled in a program or some animation course because for all animation positions and multimedia artists a bachelor’s degree is a must. There’s a lot you can do here, like going for non-degree programs (diplomas or certifications), bachelor’s degree programs, or associates. Your education will serve you as a building block for your career in animation. 

2-Develop Skills 

It’s a simple formula, the more skills you develop, the better position you attain as an animator. Your instructors can just push you to learn different skills but they can’t push you to be creative or work hard because that’s all on you. Other than learning animation, editing software and foundational art skills, you should also work on your acting skills and your observation. These two things can work a long way for you in your career as you’ll know different body languages and movements. It further will help you recreate emotions and deliver your message through your animated characters.

3-Create A Stellar Portfolio 

When it comes to any artists out there, a portfolio is a must. You need to have something at your backend to show your skills and display your creativity so that people can hire you. This specifically is important for animators. You need to work really hard on creating a stellar portfolio that speaks for your work and talent. Moreover, don’t ever forget to add a contact section to your portfolio as it will make it a lot easier for you to land clients. 

4-Get As Much Experience As You Can 

Experience is always critical no matter what career you are opting for. The same goes for animation. Animation is a versatile field with different types, different technologies and there are hundreds of different tools that can make your work stand out. No matter how talented you think you are, you should never stop learning. Use different editing software, use different tools to add special effects to your animated content. All this learning and practicing will take you right where you want to be. 

5-Look At Other Great Animator’s Work 

The most useful tip to become an exceptional animator is that you should never stop learning. There are some fine animators out there who have done extraordinary work. Just look at their work, study it and observe it. Mastering the art of animation requires a lot of observances. For example, if you come across a jaw-dropping effect in someone’s animation that really inspired you, just try to learn how they did it. Once you know the tools and software to use, practice that particular effect and then later use it in other projects. 

6-Mingle With The Community 

There’s a whole network of animators out there. Thanks to the internet, now it’s easier for you to interact with people related to your field. Use social media platforms to connect with different animators, discuss things with them and LEARN from them. Networking won’t just help you develop new skills but it will also help you land clients. People talk especially if they see something really inspiring and full-of-talent. Who knows when someone in your network finds your work extraordinary and spreads the word about it? 

Final Word 

The key to capitalize on your creativity and become a successful animator is consistency. You have to be consistent with your efforts and develop as many skills as you can because it all pays back one day. If you aren’t getting a proper position at some company, start freelancing! Freelance animators can make a huge sum of money only if they are willing to show some dedication. 

The internet is your best friend in this career option. Use it to learn, use it to interact, use it to polish your skills, get new ideas and ultimately get the attention you want from the world. Most importantly, don’t just think about making money through animation in the initial stage. Your first step should all be about developing skills and bringing out the best of your creative self. Once you master it all, you’ll start getting projects effortlessly. 

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